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Conversations with Craig Martindale, 2004 - 2006

A Toledo, Ohio resident who goes by the name of Freud on GreaseSpot's forums and before never had any contact with The Way International, very recently found that he has been having conversations with The Way's former president, L. Craig Martindale for the previous three years.

Craig Martindale has not been seen by anyone, either by people in the ex-way community, or those still active within The Way International since he resigned his presidency in disgrace -- engulfed in multiple lawsuits alleging, among other things, sexual harassment and rape in 2000.  The Way's last official word on Craig Martindale was that the new president, Rosalie Rivenbark, and the other trustees were placing him on "spiritual probation" (a form of ex-communication), which has been his status for the last six years.

The Way's ex-minister gets 6 years for sexual assaults

Mark Naberschnig, 18th Way Corps, Convicted Pedophile
Quoted from CourierPost Online:

Saturday, December 18, 2004

Girl abused 9 years ago in Voorhees

Courier-Post Staff

A former Voorhees resident who was a minister with The Way International was sentenced Friday to six years in state prison for sexually assaulting a young girl nine years ago.

Mark Naberschnig, 46, of Duluth, Ga., will serve the term at the state's Adult Diagnostic and Treatment Center in Avenel, a facility for sex offenders.

The Way International is a nondenominational fellowship ministry that relies on biblical research, according to its Web site.

The Integrity of Your Word

It hardly seems like a big deal. Borrow a phrase here or a sentence there. As long as your goal is to make God’s Word known, what’s the problem? Is there a copyright on the Bible?

Some of the typical excuses for plagiarism center on the thought that no one is really hurt by it, and that everyone borrows thoughts and ideas. The book of Ecclesiastes reveals that there is nothing new under the sun: surely this includes expositions on reading and understanding the Bible, doesn’t it?

Actual Errors in Power For Abundant Living

Background: This list began as an attempt to refute the contention that the written works of Victor Paul Wierwille, founder of The Way International, are the "God-breathed" equivalent of Holy Scripture. In compiling this list, it was not my intention (or anyone else's) to demean Wierwille, judge him, or even question his motives. The only goal was to show that, by its own standards, PFAL disqualifies itself as the "God breathed Word."

Research Geek's Top Ten List of Doctrinal Errors

The following  "Top Ten List" was written by "Research Geek" a former Way International Research Department staff person and Way Corps graduate of twenty years. Research Geek's opinions, beliefs and conclusions do not necessarily represent those of the GreaseSpot Cafe.


I was in the Way Corps for 20 years, on the Research Team at International Headquarters for one year and was a top research advisor to lcm for quite a while. LCM used a lot of my material in Way Corps meetings, Sunday Night Services and Classes but usually did not indicate that it came from my research efforts. It probably would surprise you to learn how much of the "good stuff" that was taught came from me and my wife's input. I kept copies of everything I mailed or faxed in as well as my copy of Corps File which headquarters kept with LCM's written comments, plus his letters back to me even though my twi2-branch-discoordinator-lcm-croney demanded that I throw them all out. The stack is almost 1 foot thick. I also have kept as much additional material in word-for-word shorthand notes of Corps meetings throughout the 20 year period that I was in the Corps. 

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