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Written by Catcup   
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Driven to Suicide
Where is the concern?

Note of explanation: Tom Mitchell's widow is none other than recently remarried Ramona (Hannig) Bidon - a named defendant in the Allen lawsuit and sex partner of Craig Martindale for many years.

Tom Mitchell served on staff in the Safety Department at TWI HQ in 1995. Rather abruptly, Tom decided to leave staff and convinced his wife Ramona (Mitchell Bidon Hannig) to come with him.

Craig Martindale became aware during a leader's meeting he was conducting, that Tom and Ramona were leaving. Martindale reportedly became quite alarmed. In the middle of this meeting, in front of a room full of assembled top leadership who witnessed this, Martindale allegedly requested Bill Greene to immediately go out and STOP Ramona from leaving HQ with her husband. It is reported he said something to Greene to the effect of "Tell her I want to see her.. You make sure she doesn't go anywhere... You married her, you have entrée into her life, she will listen to you", basically, Martindale told Greene not to let her leave grounds.

Ramona did not leave HQ grounds that day. Tom left HQ alone.

Take it however you will, but it has been reported that Ramona confided to others that she spent that afternoon with Martindale having sex in his motor coach.

Within 12 - 24 hours of this incident (precise time frame uncertain), Tom Mitchell, obviously terribly horrified and distraught, went out into the back yard of his parents' home and shot himself in the head.

When Martindale was made aware that Mitchell had committed suicide, he was enraged. He went off on a group of in resident WC who reported that he was angrier than they had ever seen him - going so far as to threaten them physically and challenging any of them to take him on in a physical fight.

During a Corps meeting, Martindale bragged to the Way Corps that it was his intervention that probably saved Ramona's life, and slandered her dead husband by insinuating that had Ramona left HQ with her husband, that Tom would have shot her too.
I don't buy Martindale's "cover story". Not for a New York second.

I have a few questions.

What was it that caused Tom Mitchell to want to leave HQ so abruptly and beg his wife to accompany him?

Why was it so important to Martindale to keep Ramona and let her husband go?

What was Martindale's relationship with Ramona just prior to Tom wanting to leave?

Why was it sooooooo urgent that Ramona not leave HQ? 

What happened to Tom to so totally devastate and confuse him that he would take his own life?

Last Updated ( Thursday, 25 May 2006 )