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The Way Entering the 21st Century Print E-mail
Roger Kuntz at his sound console

Another "your abundant sharing at work" (also known as tithes to the rest of the world).

The Way International has been featured in an article by Sound and Video Contractor Magazine.  Apparently The Way has decided to upgrade the sound consoles used in their auditorium and recording studios, going from analog to digital.  Of course, the article contains the standard promotional blurbs, most likely written by The Way themselves:

Tucked away within the heart of America's farmland, near the village of New Knoxville in northwestern Ohio, is The Way International, a worldwide, nondenominational biblical research, teaching, and fellowship ministry. Since 1942, the ministry has provided research for the study and practical application of the Bible.

Befitting its global focus, for 21 years The Way International has produced video and audiotapes of services recorded in its Victor Paul Wierwille Prevailing Word Auditorium. These are distributed to subscribers around the world. Within the auditorium, the 1,500-seat Teaching Center has full facilities for worship as well as musical and dramatic presentations.

The full article can be seen online at The Buzz: Installation Spotlight: The Way International, New Knoxville, Ohio.

What did they buy?

3 Yamaha PMD5D Digital Sound Reinforcement Consoles   Starts at $49,000 each
1  Yamaha DM2000 Digital Production Console  Starts at $18,000


The starting cost of the new equipment would then be about $175,000 before accessories are added on. Apparently The Way is not hurting for finances. The article also mentions they are preparing to upgrade their video equipment next.  The investments are already paying off by cutting down expenses related to perspiration:

“As our ministry band is rehearsing to perform a song, I can take time to dial in my levels and effects, and then store the scene on the PM5D,” says recording engineer Scott Froelich. “Then, when it's show time, I have a smile on my face instead of beads of sweat on my brow.” 

Rumor has it that The Way now makes video recordings of their Sunday teaching services available on DVD.  Welcome to the 21st century.


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Last Updated ( Saturday, 17 February 2007 )