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Corps Morning 03/11/98


Martindale - Why all of a sudden do we have to make so many cuts? - 15K

Corps Morning 04/01/98


Harm Olthouse (pilot of the "Athletes" plane gets "busted back", dropped from the Corps and has his good reputation savagely ripped apart by Craig Martindale. Harm and Debra are now going back in the Corps training next year. - 19K

Corps Morning 04/08/98


Howard and Emogene Allen go "emeritus". This announcement was made just a couple of weeks after the "emergency financial measures" were announced. The wording in LCM's overall remarks made it clear that it was his (LCM's) decision to retire Howard. It did not appear to be something that Howard had initiated. - 17K

Corps Morning 05/27/98


Final Corps Morning before the infamous Summer Advanced Class at HQ. Mostly Martindale on financial emergency concerns and continued encouragement to the Corps to keep their belts tightened. - 13K

VP & Me

This might take a couple of minutes to open - it's worth it though.

Extensive notes taken during the private Way Corps only "VP & Me" class. Approx 17 hours of class. "VP & Me" is an unpublished tribute book that Martindale wrote for Victor Paul Wierwille. This class is required for all in-residence Corps. - 95K

Opening Corps Night 09-07-1994


Notes from - opening Corps Night on Sept 7th 1994 - This is the first Corps meeting after the infamous ROA where a homosexual witch-hunt in the ranks of Way followers was instigated. Homo purge theme dominates this meeting. An extremely angry tone prevailed throughout the hours long meeting. Sept 1994 - 46K

Corps Notes from 09-14-94


Notes from the Corps night meeting on 09-14-94.

More on Homosexual purges and startling new revelations from Martindale concerning teen sex that would provide an excuse to cancel the ROA festival.

The Rock of Ages is referred to as "Score Week" and "F**K Fest" -- Sept 1994 - 31K

Corps Notes from 09-28-94


More on the homo witch-hunt - details on the 94 ROA and teen sex orgies - 15K

Corps Notes from 10-05-94


Main theme - Preparation - 41K

Corps Notes from 10-12-94


Homos - The next step is that we cannot wait for them to admit it. - A genuine spiritual suspicion among leaders is enough. - Student Debt not allowed - Generally wrong to invest in the stock market... - 39K

Bribery transcription


Exact transcription of an audio tape that Martindale sent to the Way Corps. It was an angry follow up on the "bribery" letter. 1997 approx - 34K

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