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Corps Night #2


Congregational Songs: #57, 55

Way Productions: Push on Through it

God has Called us to Abundance

Live it up

Rico did an overview of the 9/7 Corps Night.

We are still continuing in the scrapbook of Rev. Martindale's heart.

Rev. and Mrs. Adams back here from UK for Corps Night, on their way to New Zealand. They had to do some cleaning out. A committed few can make it happen.

During Corps Nights the Interim and Practicum Corps are sitting behind the in-residence Corps. Rico and Robin are working now with the Interim and Practicum Corps.

Following are alternative names for the Preparations Checklist:

Provisionary ??

Anticipatory Inventory

Readiness Catalogue

Strategic Necessities

Dire Needs Index

What were the 7% of the Corps doing that were not hooked up for Corps Night?

First two PFAL classes run this year were by: Pat Bloom and Stephen Titsworth.

States read that had 100% participation for Corps Night. Michigan was the largest with 44 Way Corps. The three closest states indicated the worst attendance.

Joe Coulter commented to LCM that, "Doc Higgins was the original dial-in for the teaching of the Word." Her hunger for the Word is what the Corps ought to have.

The Trio are making a trip to Venezuela for their National Twig Coordinator meeting with about 500 people. The trio will visit Puerto La Cruz, Merida and Caracas. The will be home by Friday, September 23. Rev. Hitschfeld will go with them. This will be a great learning experience for the Trio and for Jorge.

The anniversary letter is now in the mail. It is the next level of attack on Operation Homo Purge. It is handled in writing now for the entire ministry. The fight is not over with. The Corps is taking it on.

Since the Rock, there have been over 100 homo situations smoked out. Last week two other Way Corps and two Twig Coordinators were smoked out. Presently there are 25 ongoing situations that are being dealt with. Most cases are with long-standing believers. That basis of lying is at so many of our Twigs.

Rev. Magnelli's summary was played back.

Mordecai and Ester were the ones, with permission from the king, that gave the mandate and privilege to the believers that they were to fight for their families.

Ro 1:31 talks of "without natural" or inordinate affection. Bullinger made a note that it means when parents don't love their children or the children don't love their parents from a natural point of view. There is no genuine love there.

Donna got a letter from one of the teenagers at the Rock. She was disturbed because in tent after tent the teens were having sex. We know of one situation where four of them were having sex together. That's reason enough to cancel the Rock right there.

Some teens referred to it as, "The Rock of Ages Fuck Fest" and "Score Week". This was among believer teens. Leah was aware of that going on in certain pockets.

Years ago LCM was aware of this going on to some degree. Once again it is up to: 1) the Corps; 2) the new PFAL class; and 3) the Parents. I am most angry with the parents in The Way Ministry.

The spirits involved in that kind of thing are animalistic spirits. Like an animal in heat; they don't care who is looking or who is around. They cause people to take on the characteristics of animals. It is rampant, unbridled lust, and everybody knows about it.

The parents of The Way ministry will answer to God for it. There is your reason for not having a Rock of Ages.

I will not allow the spirits to take the Rock over from a spiritual point of view.

The ROA is a pain in the ass for most of us. Sure it's worth it when we do it, but not if this kind of stuff is going to go on.

I should have John Linder (LCM's bodyguard) sit down with the Corps and tell you what I did to keep the Rock clean this year. He would have plenty to say. Prayer is not enough to watch over stuff.

God is absolutely disgusted with that going on. You parents don't have the balls or the endurance to stand.

If you can't take care of your teens, get help. I would. These teens are opening themselves up to devil spirits. There is plenty of the fornication stuff in the hetero field.

One woman was dropped from the Family Corps when her son ran away without her knowing it. She was not even aware of it until her son didn't show up for breakfast.

Some of your parents are arrogant and hard hearted.

If I have to I will stand at the Registration tent to discern spirits in the teens.

You Corps are supposed to have your people clean.

Or maybe I'll increase the price of the Rock to $200 dollars. Maybe then it won't be worth it for the teens to come in and find someone to screw; they can get it where they live.

These animal spirits take over and run them in other categories. It lays the groundwork for murder and rapists.

All the Children's Fellowship that the child goes to wouldn't correct it. Children's Fellowship is just dessert. You've got to live the Word and walk spiritually at home. Donna and I work hard to know where the hearts and minds of our children are.

The statement "that's just kids" won't work in this context. It's wrong. It's no wonder that the ROA exhausts some of us so much. Our people just hitschhike on our believing. Some of our people want to learn. That was evidenced by the response to LCM's confrontation at the beginning of the Rock.

Some people will have to get out of The Way before we are going to move this ministry.

Teens are still children--partially adults. We don't need people with that kind of attitude at the Rock.

I saw this in church youth camp before I came to The Way Ministry. We were in Falls Creek and we took a group of 100 teens up there. After two days, I got disgusted with the situation, but even then I still had the intensity of my conviction. . The teens would pair off in the evenings. LCM would have his group meet with him after lunch [which was almost sacreligious at the time]. He would take the kids witnessing. At one point after he instructed the kids to pair off and go share the Word with someone, Richard Howe, a famous preacher of the Bible, was standing behind LCM in awe. All he could do was congratulate him.

These are children of our Way ministry parents. I am thankful that over 1,100 of them showed up at our teen meetings.

Premarital sex:

There are no clear scriptures on how to deal with premarital sex. The greatest scripture you have is:

Ephesians 6:1:

Children, obey your parents in the Lord: for this is right.

Inordinate affections are involved when parents ignore or are indifferent to their children and teens, or you say "that's just kids, or teenagers. Basically you are turning over their children to the world and letting the devil raise them if you let this happen. Don't buy that lie. When they are under your jurisdiction, then you stay vigilant and on top of situations. Don't let them pressure you into letting them get away with something. "Tonight you sleep between me and Mom."

You get intimidated by the world and big-mouth believers that think they know what believing is. By letting your teens get away with that stuff, you are opening them to posession, disease and possible death. I know God could protect them, but we must obey Him to be able to expect that.

Makes me even more ready and willing to burn the tents down. We'll take a picture of it and put it in the Twig Planner--what it is not!

That's why several years ago I talked about no single Corps shacking up in the tents. It's indecorous and causes the ministry to be blamed.

You parents are letting the Rock of Ages become a spit in God's face. People's teens who are that out of order should be told they aren't welcome. They are to raise their children in the nurture and admonition of the Lord. The greatest sin is on the parents that don't do their job.

Heb 10:

Two people quit the ministry last week 'cause they don't like me cussing. That's a lie. They did the same thing with Dr. Wierwille--found something about him they didn't like so they could have an excuse not to do the Word. Just a bunch of smoke. It's either a cover for sin in their lives, or a lie. When people start picking on your flesh, it's just a smoke screen for a devil spirit.

Angie Hulslander has become just as treacherous as these other people. As far as I'm concerned, she is anathema [cursed]: backbiting me and the ministry. Her daughter wants to stand with us. It is available. She wrote me a great letter about how blessed she has been working on Staff.

I am not advocating that we eat this religious stuff [attacks from the adversary]. I abhor that which is evil. They called Jesus a winebibber and a glutton. It's like Dr. Wierwille's hooks and eyes illustration; we are not to be stumblingblocks in the household. That I'll work hard on.

Heb 10:29:

Of how much sorer punishment, suppose ye, shall he be thought worthy, who hath [spurned and] trodden under foot the Son of God, and hath counted the blood of the covenant, wherewith he was sanctified, an unholy thing, and hath done despite unto the Spirit of grace?

This is what they are doing to God. They have kicked him in the face; that's what God says about these our of control, animal acting people. They are calling the blood covenant filthy. They have done despite, slapped in the face or spit in the face the Son of God. Their god is their own belly. They have no concern for anyone else.

I'm glad that our new teen told us about it. Apparently nobody else knew what was going on to say something.

This stuff is in the same category of sexual perversion. Rape is not only a hetero situation either.

I Thessalonians says you are to possess your vessel in sanctification and honor. The body is to be subject to your reason, and the reason to the spirit.

We keep learning. This is still a scrapbook night.

Eph 6:1.

There could be specific scriptures to back this up with our teens, but the specific mandates that you set have to be right on.

The teaching on the tapes are to a broad audience, but there are certain things I could say to specific individuals that I cannot teach or legislate to a whole group in the same way.

Many things leadership have taught in the sexual categories have been wrong.

When you get emotional and hurt, you want to legislate something to the whole Twig and it's off the Word. People tried to push Dr. Wierwille in certain cases and he stood and withstood. Your first responsibility is to rightly divide the Word.

For example in some specific cases we said, "Keep your dick in your pants in a WOW family, otherwise you'll kill it." That's exactly what happened in some cases. But that guidance is not for the rest of their life.

Legalists will do that. It puts a yoke on someone that they cannot bear.

What you tell your 16-18 year old son, will it be the same thing you'll tell him at 25? If it is, I'd say you're off the ball to try putting a mandate on every case.

What are you going to do, cut it off? sew it up? God put those godly sexual drives [that sexual passion] in us when He made us.

The sex is not evil, but the thinking could be evil, the selfishness, the stumblingblock could be evil. When you think soundly in these fields, you can help people with specific guidance.

Teach the positive truths of these sex fields. I will not play these tapes on the Biblical and spiritual truths of a believer's family if people use them as a license to sin. I would like to see that people will listen with a mature heart.

You cannot go teaching in a Twig about sex and singles. Mind your business unless they make it your business.

I have no right to stand up in Twigs or in a Branch and try to handle sex and singles. All you can do is confuse people. Stay off their backs. If a problem develops, deal with it. Deal with spiritual stuff. Teach the positive greatness of the Word in Twig.

Sometimes I don't want to counsel people specifically cause they'll use that guidance in other situations that it does not apply to.

The greatest thing you can do in a public situation is talk about masturbation.

Teach that it is not a sin, and teach the women about it. With the men, they're usually aware of it--it's hanging out there.

Keep things as confidential as you can and keep moving. Some of these things have to go up the Way Tree because they aren't dealt with. You gotta get someone in there that knows about it if you haven't fixed it.  Ask for help if you need it.

I won't jump people if they ask for help [context leadership training]. I'll confront them if they have disobeyed or ignored the teaching that has been done.

Colossians 1:9:

For this cause we also, since the day we heard [it], do not cease to pray for you, and to desire that ye might be filled with the knowledge [Epiginosk- acquired by effort, exertion] of his will in all wisdom and spiritual understanding;

You gotta live the Word; that's the reason the Corps is seeing things in the Word, because they are in the fight. That's Epiginosk. Apply the Word and God will teach you. Understanding comes by faithful wisdom (doing the Word). SIT & Interpret--seek to excel. The more you do it, the more your understanding grows, the more valuable you are to God.

The Trio will come back with new learning. They will broaden their abilities, appreciation, scope and perspective. Jorge will be broadened in his understanding. You gotta get in the fight and see it through. You've gotta see it through before the learning is there, not 9/10ths to the wall. God's will is to solve and see it through.

Resolving a sitation:

Even when you are exhausted, you'll know spiritually when you need to see it through. Stand on what God tells you first. Don't let your kied go to bed mad at you. That's wrong. Do what it takes to work it out. It is not over until we are at peace again. If you don't see it through, that's slothful--sin. Many times I need to know spiritually if it is resolved. You gotta mean business. We'll bug each other 'til we get the answer, 'til I'm at peace. That's the kind of tenacity you need or God will not trust you with His Word.

Trust?? cannot be violated. A child could reject what you say--it happened with Samuel's children. You see it through on a daily basis.

I got another report from Rev. Fort on Operation Homo Purge.

The shit has just started flying because my anniversary letter just went out. So put a Yale lock on your zipper and be prepared!

Fag hags, fantasizers, drug users and chronic whiners have surfaced as a result of a genuine spiritual suspicion.

It's habits that is the key.

Drive your mind 'til it's your habit to do the Word. Things may look OK, yet you know spiritually there's more work to do; and viceversa. Things might look like they are on pins and needles and yet spiritually you are at peace. The Spirit of God will show you if you are listening.

God will never work in you if you don't have the resources to carry it out. Sometimes I've been exhausted and yet there's another situation I need to get involved with. If I make up my mind to just take one more step--boom--the energy I need is there. It quickens your mortal body. That's how you gain understanding--work!

Reporting back is so valuable. Many times God is waiting to tell me something else about a situation, and it depends upon reporting back, otherwise I might not think about it. Something is not there to stimulate my mind. That's part of full sharing.

Walking worthy of the Lord unto all pleasing includes: sex, raising children, making money. Those five principles are at work in that "all pleasing."

Colossians 1:10:

That ye might walk worthy of the Lord unto all pleasing, being fruitful [by knowledge and exertion] in every good work, and increasing in the knowledge of God;

Every good work includes:

- renewing your mind

- controlling your thinking and emotions

- making doubly sure you're on the Word

- reporting back to your Cabinet member

- when confronting somebody, asking one more question

- checking on your teenager

At the ROA you make sure you are overseeing; that you are ruling your house--not allowing your kids to shack up.

"increasing in the knowledge of God"--if you are not growing, there is no knowledge by exertion. You grow by that experiential knowledge of God. The renewed mind is freewill choice.

Lately we taped the phone operators at Switchboard and they listened to their own voice. They were instructed to get their voices pleasant. They got very blessed to do it. It's like when I am working on a teaching. I am always working on it. You push yourself. You are always looking to do it better once you know how to do something. Don't try to do something better when you are just learning how to do it.

If you are not exerting yourself to the scripture, you are not doing it. Put your nose into it--you're Corps.

Review: The Way Magazine--May/June '93 dealing with the homo field. Homos in history. July/August--more history. Question and Answer section.

Corps marry Corps:

The Corps men should see that our Corps women don't get picked off by non-Corps men. Shouldn't be any serious dating in residence. Interim Corps should be going out in groups of 4, 6 or 8. Otherwise it is counterproductive.

There is nothing evil about getting sweet on each other of itself; but it is best to keep it at a distance [in residence].

Put God first. Don't miss what you get trained for in the Corps. If it becomes an emotional soap-opera, you should leave.

You single grad men should be taking care of our unmarried women. It takes agressiveness and boldness; dating is multi-faceted. It is not simple.

Single men ought to want to marry a strong woman: one that will kick you in the butt if you need it.

I expect Donna to keep me from making a fool out of myself. She kept me alive during the fog years--made me yell retemories until I would believe them about myself.

You men should be the head in this dating stuff. Protect our women from getting picked off by mediocrity.

If you have been through a divorce, correct that weakness, but not to the end that you never get involved again with someone. Some of that healing will not happen until you get married wth a wonderful Corpsgrad woman. It is knowledge by exertion. You can work on things in the Word, but in certain categories you won't get healed until you get salted and moving as one flesh. You should believe God to marry a strong Miss Universe spiritually.

Develop godly patterns of going out together. Our teens that do the Word bless me. They go out as a group. That's a good pattern: it provides protection, good fellowship, fun. They learn to keep jealousies [he's mine stuff] and owner stamps from happening. It's counterproductive and icky.

I don't mind our girls asking some men out--get to know different people. It's not necessarily the "vice grip" on the first date. Figure out things to do together where you can talk; where you can fellowship. Not a movie--"Are your skittles OK? Are your feet stuck on the floor?" Talk to each other. Share hearts.

Dating Rule:

The rule is that you don't go to the extreme in any category. Men, protect and bless our women, whatever that means to you. Who else are you going to talk to? Stay careful of staying up late.

Rock of Ages Improvements:

ROA '93 ROA'94

Third aid 796 people 56 people

Camper's Supply sales down 13% $ 31,000 $ 27,000

Lost and Found--one third less items

These improvements, however, do not negate the need to address these things every year.

We need to change the policy on lost and found items here. Usually we try to restore people's lost goods to them. It's a lot of work. From now on, if you lose something at the Rock, you write to us when you know it's missing. Two weeks after the Rock it's gone; it's ours; finder's keepers. Exceptions will be with very valuable items. The junky stuff we will throw away or give to Good Will.

It was encouraging to see our people's response about our children. It shows they want to be told and instructe. It would be bettr if they nad no Bible than to have someone incapable of teaching the Word. There would be more rewards for them to use their common sense.

When we said that someone was always to be with the children, that they wwere to be supervised--they were on it the next day. Most people take better care of their dogs and cats than they do their kids. That's inordinate affection.

Movie: Walstreet--W.A.S.P.s love animals and hate people.

[JP does this include having one's mother? (I Co)]

People that just had the new advanced Class are getting in there and fighting spiritually.

In most cases the spiritual suspicion has been on the money.

"Effeminate" deals with spiritual characteristics. Don't get it mixed up with the physical. For example, in Europe it is considered OK for men to go arm in arm. A man might have an effeminate characteristic here and there, but that is not evil. That's one way you keep your people in check too. Effeminate is a mental weakness. With women, they at times have "masculine chaaracteristics". Men say they have their "feminine side"--that's the rap in culture to say they are tender. You cannot get wrapped up in worldly definitions.

Friday night of the ROA the ABS was higher than it has been at any ROA. You cannot tell me it's the WOW program that gets people to give. That's what helped me get the green light to write that anniversary letter.

With one of these homo folks, John Linder told him to act or leave; take a swing or get out. Basically he invited him to attack him. That intimidated the spirit. That is not necessarily a retemory you want to have when you are dealing with this devil spirit.