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Excerpt from a letter from "reverend" Craig Martindale to the Way Corps concerning homosexuals. Print E-mail

Caution to the reader - If you are easily offended by bad language and explicit sexual terminology , and explicit descriptions of sex acts then do not read this excerpt!

This is a side to The Way International that the Trustees would like to keep within their inner circle of leaders. General attendees at a typical Sunday Service at The Way International or one of the Way fellowships run around the various parts of the country will hear Martindale yell and scream and use foul language, but he works hard to keep his darkest side hidden from public view.

Those on staff at one of the Way facilities and those in the Way Corps are constantly subjected to a side of Martindale that can only be described as extremely aggressive, intolerant, threatening and foul mouthed.

The following excerpt is a sample of one of his "insider" letters to the Way Corps. This document in its entirety and in its original form is available for download in Adobe PDF format at The Homosexual Purge - War Declared - the file size in 330Kb.

This excerpt ends with the veiled threat - "You should be thankful you're not in the Old Testament times, because there are some of us who would gladly execute you." - L. Craig Martindale

Addendum by GreaseSpot - the author Craig Martindale has been fired from his job at The Way International after being accused by two women of rape and sexual assault (among other things). 


Excerpt from letter in July 1994 to the Way Corps declaring war on homosexuals. The author is Loy Craig Martindale - President of The Way International.

I'd like to say to you "closet" homosexuals in the corps household that you'd better run, because you cannot hide! If I have to personally take on every Corps fellowship in this country and world to smoke this out, then I will. You will be exposed and embarrassed and flushed; so you might as well make up your mind to get out now. Even you who are genuinely convicted of your terrible behavior and finally and genuinely want help, you will probably still be dropped from the Corps household because you have lied to God and me and your Corps brothers and sisters for so many years to justify your insane thinking and sneaky behavior. However, that is not the end of the world if you genuinely want help.....we could still allow you to be a part of Way Ministry fellowships, although not in the Corps household; and perhaps somewhere down the road you could do the Corps again and do it clean and proper and pure in your thinking.

Remember, the Word says that homos are the "lowest of the people," and that is certainly true. You female fags, called lesbians, might as well have dogs lick your slimy twats as another woman! You wimp-ass fag men who still think that somehow you have the right to take the grace of God in vain might as well be corn-holing horses with your dung-infested dicks! That's the way I feel about you and your thoughts and your repugnancy. You are an abomination to God and the household of The Way Corps and The Way Ministry. You are detestable and despicable and repugnant and worthy of death. You are so far beyond saltiness that you are the ultimate illustration of being worthless and not even fit for the dunghill. You are liars to God and His Word and a total disgrace to everything God did in Jesus Christ to bring the Corps training to you. I want these fag-ass, lily-livered, rump-ranger, butt-pirate, turd-burglar, pillow-biter slime balls out of the Corps household! If you Corps on the field and in leadership responsibilities, starting with the clergy and our Limb coordinators, can't do it, then I will personally have to do it myself; but it will get done down to my last breath if that's what it takes! How dare you take the grace of God in vain, some of you, to think that you can continue to harbor homosexual fantasies and passions in your mind and soul. Do you think you're fooling God? Do you think you can keep fooling me? Eventually your thoughts will lead to your behavior, and have already. Some of us walk by the spirit of God, and if you give us time we will smoke your sorry asses out and bring degradation to your lives so that you can't hurt anybody in The Way Ministry again. You should be thankful you're not in the Old Testament times, because there are some of us who would gladly execute you.