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The Way International Headquarters Leadership Structure 1999 Print E-mail

L. Craig Martindale--President

1.      Administrative Assistant--Donna Martindale

2.      Research Assistant-- None (with the departure of the last of the remaining trained biblical scholars in 1998, The Way no longer has research capabilities in either Greek or Hebrew - Martindale now resorts to reading from bible commentaries for new things to teach)

3.      Indiana Way Corps Training--Rev. Paul Mosqueda

4.      Camp Gunnison Way Corps Training--Rev. Paul Mosqueda

5.      Camp Gunnison (The Way HouseholdRanch) Campus Coordinator--Rev. Ed Horney


Rev. Bill Greene

1.      Conferences--Bill Greene

2.      U.S. Trunk Office--Bill Greene (Assistant Trunk Coordinator--John Rupp)

3.      Advanced Class--Angela Priester

4.      Disciples of the Way Outreach Program--John & Maria Rupp


Rev. Rico Magnelli

1.      Public Relations--Rico Magnelli

2.      Way Corps Director's Office--Rico Magnelli

3.      Library--Diane Maxson

4.      Permanent Records--Juanita Williams

5.      Children's Fellowship--Rosemary Jacks


Rosalie Rivenbark--Vice President

Rev. Nik Maxson

1.      Way Publications--Nik Maxson

2.      President's Publications--Polly Rotunda

3.      Way Magazine--Keith Jackson

Rev. Joe Coulter

1.      Audio/Video--Joe Coulter

2.      Tape Duplicating--Jerry Martinez

3.      Way Styles--T. Arico

Rev. Bill Coyle

1.      Warehousing/Event Support Services--Bill Coyle

2.      Food Services--Ira Berger

3.      Historian--None

Rev. Robert Mc Culloch

1.      Printing Services--Robert Mc Culloch

2.      Bookstore--Jerry Jacks

3.      Computer Services-Steve Longley

4.      Word Processing--Sandra Boesche


Rev. Greg Shaffer

1.      WOW Auditorium--Greg Shaffer

2.      House/Stage--Marty Taylor

3.      Way Productions--Mike Martin


John Reynolds--Secretary/Treasurer

Rev. Dean Sailer

1.      Multi-Services--Dean Sailer

2.      Design & Display--Wilson Whited

3.      Grounds/Landscaping--Todd Cencich

Rev. Jean-Yves De Lisle

1.      International Outreach--Jean-Yves De Lisle

Rev. Louie Lind

1.      Finance--Louie Lind

2.      Credit Union--Dennis Franklin

3.      Legal--Gary Frederick

4.      Purchasing--Lou Guigou

5.      Housing--Jane Lind


Rev. John Linder

1.      Transportation Services--John Linder

2.      Receptionist/Switchboard--Dawn Steel

3.      Safety/Telecommunications--Brooks Mason

Rev. Roger Mittler (Project Management Administrator)

1.      Interior Design--Roger Mittler

2.      Architecture/Engineering--David Crawley

Rev. Don Stout

1.      Building Services Administration--Don Stout

2.      Construction--Robert Padilla

3.      Maintenance--Gary Hovey

4.      Mechanicals--Joe Wood


Rev. Brad Thorp

1.      Personnel--Brad Thorp

2.      Housekeeping--Janet Myracle

3.      Shipping/Receiving/Mail­Rev. Ray Weidenhamer

Donald E, Wierwille--Vice President Emeritus

Indiana Campus (Administration/Physical Plant)

Special Projects

Howard R. Allen--Secretary Treasurer Emeritus

Camp Gunnison (Administration and Physical Plant)

Other Trustee-Household Members

Mrs. Victor Paul Wierwille--First Lady

Mrs. Donald E. Wierwille

Mrs. Ermal L. Owens

Mrs. H. E. Wierwille

Mrs. Howard Allen

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