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Craig Martindale, Research Coordinator???? Print E-mail
Written by Ex-Twi   

Despite allegations of serious sexual offenses, Martindale still retains an elevated position in The Way and still sets doctrine for all Way followers

In keeping with many other outrageously self serving actions on the part of Way trustees, it is now reported that Craig Martindale (former Way president who resigned amidst sex abuse allegations), has been assigned as The Way's "Biblical research coordinator."

This move is said to be angering many within the ranks of The Way because instead of being fired from staff, dropped from the Way Corps, dropped from the rolls of Way clergy , and ordered off the property, it appears that the new Way president, Rosalie Fox Rivenbark, is willing to turn a blind eye to the outrageous activities of the former president while at the same time allowing others be cast out and denounced for offenses far less serious than what Martindale has been accused of or even what he himself has admitted to.

Now the Way faces a second lawsuit and further allegations that Martindale has sexually victimized yet another woman and still the Way leadership see fit to house, feed and support this man in his exalted lifestyle 

It is believed that Martindale continues to live in a Way provided multi-million dollar log home (The President's Home), a "million dollar plus" private office suite, 4 - 6 full time servants at his home and many other benefits that Way follower's abundant sharing provides. The average Way staff family live and share a trailer with another family - oftentimes as many as eight permanent occupants per trailer.

Martindale (who has long taught Way followers to look for devil spirit influence and/or possession in anyone who continues in sin despite knowing that they are sinning) appears to be STILL at the helm of all Way doctrine. Perhaps this doctrine will be conveniently put aside for the moment?

Martindale has no formal training in any bible languages (Greek, Hebrew, Aramaic), and no formal training in any field of biblical research. He does however have a bachelors degree in psychology (which he has learned to put to good use).

If Martindale's past doctrines are anything to go by, The Way will likely depart even further into the field of highly speculative and controversial teachings than what were previously presented in Martindale's "Way of Abundance and Power" series.

Teachings such as "The Original Sin" in which Martindale plainly stated that Eve had a lesbian affair and had sex with the devil (who disguised himself as a beautiful woman) and Adam also sinned as he took part in it somehow.

Michelangelo's painting used to further illustrate the bizarre teaching that the devil took a female form to seduce and have sex with Eve.

Some have pointed out that this sex scenario (two women and one man - closely resembles a "ménage a trois, " a "three-some" sexual encounter), is more likely the favorite fantasy of the teacher, Craig Martindale, as opposed to biblical doctrine, as this "Eve had lesbian sex with the devil" doctrine appears not to be substantiated by the bible.  Time will tell.  

Last Updated ( Wednesday, 07 June 2006 )