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Idaho Way followers get ready for TWI Damage Control team Print E-mail

A valiant stand and a bold example

[The following article was posted in WayDale's Lawsuit Related forum by Paul Mosqueda (former region coordinator for TWI's Pacific Northwest region)]


Time for the Rest of us who say we stand for God to do the same. They were kind to the people but valiant and bold in their stand against the lion (the adversary i.e. we wrestle not against flesh and blood). They cast it right back in the adversary's teeth.

We hear that The Pacific Region Coordinator Matt Stiles is flying in on Friday to meet with the believers on Saturday. Sounds like more spin doctoring and damage control to me. Hopefully the believers in Idaho will take a valiant and bold stand also.

They should:
1. Boycott the meeting. What if Matt called a meeting and nobody showed up. You don't have to go. It is OK with God.

2. If you go to the meeting be prepared to stand up and be heard at all costs. Don't put up with one way dialogue. If you interrupt an ungodly presentation you are not sinning. Keep asking your questions till you get an answer. You are standing.

3. Have a thought through agenda in mind. Have your plan and stick to it. Do not allow yourself to get separated from each other. That is a TWI method. Divide and Conquer (Romans 16:17 mark those which cause [make or produce] divisions....
They first must separate you from any allegiance to the one true God and those who speak for Him. They will work on separating your marriages and families and friends. Stick to your plan. If they throw one person out, everyone leave in protest.

4. As part of your plan have a list of questions and don't allow him to weasel out of them. Keep asking them even though you will not get an answer. It will identify and isolate the unfruitful works of darkness (Ephesians 5:11-13). Don't let him intimidate you. Be ready for the critical eyebrow and the answering your question with a question. Stick to your plan.

5. Part of your plan should be the preparation to mark and avoid the ministry or at least put them on probation until they get their act together on the Word of God. It won't hurt to get a break from them (not the Word) and take care of you family. Give them a list of scriptures to work and assign them to write a letter to you once a month telling how they are correcting their thinking. In the mean time you can get together and work the word for yourself for a change! Isn't that why God gave you holy spirit and the tools to rightly divide it for yourself.

6. Make copies of the lists of the questions you asked the first time (back when you were told that Rev. Martindale's sin was only a one time occurrence and asked to forgive him) and give those questions out to everyone that will attend.

7. Be ready for a scrap. You may say I am promoting civil disobedience. You are right.. But it is civil disobedience in the name of the true God. They have stood with the threats of tyranny and bondage over you long enough. It is time to take a stand.
Martin Luther in his stand against the RC religion of his day said "I CANNOT AND I WILL NOT RECANT."

Jesus Christ disrupted things in the temple when he took action and overturned a few tables. Who got upset and who got inspired. Remember God's Word: "And his disciples remembered that it was written, The zeal of [or for] thine house hath eaten me up [given me courage]. It's your territory don't let them use it to violate God's Word.

8. Don't talk to them alone. They are especially adept at destroying individual souls with phone calls and in "Private counseling meetings." It is not your problem. It is theirs! Put an answering machine on your phone and don't let your wife or children talk to them alone.

Do not subject your children or young ones to their lengthy blatant and subtle verbal abuse. It may be brazenly obvious to you, but damaging to them. You will not want them to hear how they will attempt to destroy the good witness of the Wagners. The company line is it is improper to question anything.... except yourself.

Those are only a few of the things I thought of off the top of my head. But I exhort you to follow Bob and Cari Wagner's example and take a stand for the one true God. He has not limited himself to one shrinking organization. There are many other organizations large and small that still teach the rightly divided Word. Some of them even send Sunday teaching service tapes for free and allow you to buy your own set of class tapes to run when and how you choose. God is able to deliver you to the uttermost. He continues to honor the believing and prayers of over 96,000 who said enough is enough. He will not do less for the 4,200 still in the ministry.

You are in our prayers

PS: Be sure to call or e-mail Bob and Cari for their valiant stand and wonderful "tupos" example.