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The Way's Onion Free Zone Print E-mail
Written by Ex-Twi   

(This article first appeared on WayDale's Discussion Forums)

Craig Martindale does not like the smell of onions. THEREFORE, the TWI Food Services Department NEVER prepares food with onions as part of the recipe. NEVER.

What's the big deal you may ask? Well, why not ask a staffer who has lived in an onion free zone for 10 years how he or she feels about it. Don't you guys know how good onions taste???

Imagine having almost EVERY meal that you eat in an average month, cooked for you and served to you by TWI FOOD SERVICES. Now, further imagine that you will NEVER have onions be a part of that meal. Are you getting nervous yet? :-)

A few years ago I asked the Food Services Dept. coordinator about this *Onion Free Zone* that surrounds HQ.

He told me that as *Rev.* Martindale doesn't like the smell of onions, Food Services chooses not to prepare meals with onions in the recipes. Food Services was to do everything in its power to encourage *Rev.* Martindale to attend meals and nothing to discourage him.

It seems that if *Rev.* Martindale attends a lunch time meal, he will likely share the *word* with everyone. But he won't attend the meal if he can smell onions!

[Anyone who knows Martindale also know how sensitive he claims his sense of smell to be. Onions take him over the edge apparently.

At the Advanced Class Special in Dallas in the 1998/1999 year, Martindale was moved through the hotel via the *staff only* corridors. This way he didn't have to stop to greet people at every turn. Martindale claimed that it was so as not to cause a big commotion/distraction with the believers whenever he (LCM) moved about.

Way Corps made sure that these corridors had incense burning whenever Martindale was due to come through, in order to cover up the smells of cooking that would distract and upset LCM due to his *hyper-sensitive* sense of smell]

Martindale only attends the HQ noon time meal, Mondays through Fridays. His other meals are prepared for him privately by his own in-home staff, and yet, despite this, TWI Food Services Department NEVER cook with onions for the other meals. Why? you ask - Because. That's why!

Of course there's nothing to stop a staffer from sneaking an onion in the *privacy* of his or her Founder's Hall cell bedroom.

Can you imagine expecting more than 500 people to forego a basic food prep. item such as onions in order to *bless the man of God*??

Seems to me that LCM would rather inconvenience and deprive 500 people as opposed to inconveniencing himself a little.

Isn't this all backwards for a *servant* of men?

The *Onion Issue* is another of the TWI staffer's many sensitive issues that they try to look stoically at. After all, if the staff can help MOGFOT (Man of God for Our Time) stay blessed, won't that help in God's work?