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V.P. Wierwille's cancer and the doctrinal dilemma that his illness presented.... Print E-mail
Written by Ex-Twi   

The Way has long taught that cancer is "life of its own" and that devil spirits are present within the one who is taken with this horrible illness. 

On May 20 1985,  V.P. Wierwille (founding president of The Way) himself died of cancer and thus presented Way leadership with a difficult doctrinal dilemma -  either recant the teaching about devil spirits or hide the fact that (according to their own teaching) their founding president had devil spirits.

As of the date of this writing, it is believed that The Way have chosen to hold on to this hideous doctrine and instead hide the fact that their former president died as a result of cancer. 

Will The Way hang on to this doctrine which seems better suited for the middle ages? 

If a Way trustee or an emeritus trustee is diagnosed with cancer and is currently battling for his life, will Way leadership hide his failing health until a death announcement and then simply say "he was tired of living" or "he was tired of the fight."

Will Way leaders allow the prayers of their "household" followers before it's too late, or will protecting their "middle ages" doctrine mean allowing a man to die without the intercession and prayers of possibly thousands of people?

Are The Way so trapped into this vile doctrine that they feel they can't change it now?

Death certificate of V.P. Wierwille

This death certificate reproduced below is not displayed on WayDale for the purpose of being macabre or morbid, but rather to show Way followers what TWI have been hiding from them for years.


Isn't it time that The Way puts aside this horrible teaching? How many more Way trustees or emeritus trustees need to die of cancer before TWI turn back on this despicably evil teaching?


Addendum: Can you believe this???

Way president Craig Martindale told a group of approximately 50 Way Corps leaders that former Way trustee DON WIERWILLE (who is currently battling for his life against cancer), got his cancer because he continued to have contact with family members who had been designated as "mark and avoid."


For a more in-depth article on this topic go to the Messiah 7 web site HERE


Last Updated ( Monday, 05 June 2006 )