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What was the Original Sin? Print E-mail

Martindale (head of Way biblical research)

Craig Martindale is now reportedly head of The Way's bible research efforts and yet he has no formal training in any bible languages (Greek, Hebrew, Aramaic), and no formal training in any field of biblical research. He does however have a bachelors degree in psychology (which he has learned to put to good use).

If Martindale's past doctrines are anything to go by, The Way will likely depart even further into the field of highly speculative and controversial teachings than what were previously presented in Martindale's "Way of Abundance and Power" series.

Teachings such as "The Original Sin" in which Martindale plainly stated that Eve had a lesbian affair and had sex with the devil (who disguised himself as a beautiful woman) and Adam also sinned as he took part in it somehow.

Michelangelo's painting used to further illustrate the bizarre teaching that the devil took a female form to seduce and have sex with Eve.

Some have pointed out that this sex scenario (two women and one man - closely resembles a "ménage a trois, " a "three-some" sexual encounter), is more likely the favorite fantasy of the teacher, Craig Martindale, as opposed to biblical doctrine, as this "Eve had lesbian sex with the devil" doctrine appears not to be substantiated by the bible.  Time will tell.

A discussion on Martindale's "present truth" teaching that the Original Sin was homosexuality is currently underway in the WayDale's "Research Geek's Top Ten List" forum  - HERE

Last Updated ( Monday, 05 June 2006 )