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Guestbook entries 4/22/99 - 5/18/99 Print E-mail

Dennis Winters - 05/18/99 17:26:22
My Email:dwinters_04@hotmail.com

Thank you for this valuable service! Do you have a site update notification mailing list? If so, please add me.

Sally Mae - 05/18/99 04:13:20
My Email:nightrider@juno.com

Your site is well done. Will you ever put your name behind your information like Dr. John Juedes does? I appreciated your disclaimer about accuracy. Most people think a web site is as reliable as a newspaper or magazine. It was thoughtful of you to point out that you do not have to hold to that standard.

Pat - 05/17/99 11:04:56

I hate to say this but, is this going to turn into a trancechat junior, another bitching post, I certainly hope not.If so, see you.

Mary Riley - 05/17/99 04:01:40
My Email:maryriley@msn.com

Regarding the poverty wages, pregnancy policy and dismissals, etc, has anyone contacted the Ohio Attorney General's office employment law section? http://www.ag.ohio.gov/emplaw/emplaw.htm

Mark Harrison - 05/16/99 16:16:20
My Email:harrison@gloryroad.net

I can not get the audio files to work even though I have Realplayer. Any suggestions?

laurence - 05/16/99 00:51:38
My URL:http://members.delphi.com/laurencelaur/index.html
My Email:laurence.woods@which.net

great site keep on sounding out, and exposing the darkness laurence u.k

HUMOR1 - 05/14/99 23:52:48

Enjoyed reading these publications. Wished the indexed was dated or was in chronological order. Thanks. God Bless.

Peter Shaly - 05/14/99 21:31:08
My Email:pshaly@yahoo.com

My sister has been involved in The Way for two years and this site has really opened her eyes to what I've been saying all along. Thank you.

Susan Rice - 05/11/99 12:34:28
My Email:beenthere_2_98@yahoo.com

Read the one on homos--no biggie to me. I got out in June 1998, and you should have heard the filth from his mouth re:lesbians. And when you reacted with shock--because of his words and venom--aspersions were cast on you....either because you were to me k to hear such things and laughed at or..... Anyway, glad to be out of the way!!!!!!

Danny J. Hummel in Iowa - 05/10/99 17:34:54

L.C.M. has gotten rid of all the people who tried to trully help people, the way it should have been. Instead L.C.M. has taken the 'Word' and perverted it to fit his own goals and lifestyle. The day of the return will prove who has "Kept the faith."

M. Wolfe - 05/09/99 23:24:05

Great site. Hope it helps bring him down.

Chuck - 05/05/99 16:31:40
My Email:cknappiii@aol.com

I was involved with the Way from '77 to '83. While I don't regret taking PFAL, I also have some memories that weren't always pleasant. Thanks for this very informative website. Chuck

Mary Riley - 05/01/99 15:30:27
My Email:maryriley@msn.com

Great work. Keep it up. I have nothing to contribute because I have been out for 11 years, but I hope other more recent departees can add to the evidence of TWIs dangerous course.

- 04/28/99 01:17:19

Thanks Paul--nice work.

Garth Patterson - 04/25/99 01:55:03
My Email:gpatter2@bellsouth.net

hehehe. These documents and audio recordings just prove many of the valid complaints that good, Godly people had about the Way Intl. all along. A ministry that had its chance at delivering God's Word to people, but crashed and burned because of mans ego. Glad I'm out and am able to separate truth from error instead of goosestepping to a 3rd string quarterback flunkie. Cheers, Garth P.

Rendy - 04/24/99 11:22:47
My Email:ldh02@flash.net

Downloaded the G2 Real Player but all I get is garbage when I click on the link???? Any suggestions, or is there a problem

Can't Say - 04/24/99 04:02:00

I can't believe that I've been this naive all along. Thanks for the education! I can't support a man that writes letters like that. He is two - faced.

Scribby - 04/24/99 01:46:16
My Email:Scribby29@yahoo.com

Very interesting. No wondering so many ex Way people call people like me--who live communally and share fully with one another--witches and say we are possessed. They were taught to think this way. Now I feel sorry for them.

Sway International Author - 04/23/99 10:59:07
My URL:http://members.tripod.com/~jjbb/thesway.html
My Email:net56@iname.com

The truth about this cult is the most powerful tool for exposing it's deceit and treachery. Good work! For a more humorous view, stop by my site. It's important that we retain our sense of humor to balance the exposure of the dark reality.

Challenger - 04/23/99 03:23:43
My URL:http://www.geocities.com/athens/ithaca/8957/
My Email:wfz@iname.com

Good work. Thanks for posting my real audio files. The power behind this cult is their ability to operate in darkness. Let's shed some light on them.

Jerry Barrax - 04/23/99 02:33:38
My Email:Jerrybx@citynet.net

God Bless all you ex-way folk who had the courage and wisdom to walk with God and continue to love His word. Jerry Barrax Huntington, WV

Rendy - 04/22/99 23:28:49
My URL:http://www.delphi.com/larenda
My Email:ldh02@flash.net

Congratulations! You made it! You did it! Love ya, Rendy