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Newly appointed TWI vice president Harve Platig sent to Washington State to help with damage control Print E-mail

UPDATED 05/13/00 see additional info at bottom.

Reports are coming in that newly appointed TWI vice president Harve Platig and former Region coordinator Roman Steciw have arrived in Washington State to attempt to stem a rising tide of people who are deciding to no longer affiliate themselves with The Way.

Reportedly, when news of Martindale's conduct was made known, many Way followers in the Washington State (along with their region coordinators and Way Corps leadership)  compiled questions for the trustees which they wanted answers to. These questions were then sent Way HQ in New Knoxville, but answers were not forthcoming, instead, in the words of one Way Corps leader in Washington....

"...The questions have been asked, yet in the place of answers has come misguided reproof and outright accusation...."

Platig and Steciw are hosting a meeting tonight 05/11/00 where they will try to keep the Way following intact and in tow with TWI HQ.

UPDATE 05/12/00

(Disclaimer: We are not 100 percent certain of this news, but as best as we have been able to determine, we believe it to be accurate. Please feel free to e-mail WayDale with any additional news that you may have on this meeting, or any corrections.)

A meeting took place last night 05/11/00 for the Lake Washington fellowship coordinators. TWI sent in Harve Platig and Roman Steciw to help stem the tide of those leaving The Way in the area.

The "Word" was taught for two hours amidst several interruptions/questions from the audience (fellowship coordinators). Harve Platig told those who were "interrupting" that the meeting was still a Way meeting, and that all questions would be handled at the end of the meeting.

Many of the questions asked were said to be regarding the negatives that Harve was saying about the Mosquedas subsequent to their departure.

At the end of the teaching, Harve and Roman left WITHOUT answering any questions, but instead told people to ask their own area Way Corps for the answers.

One Corps Alumnus man (fellowship coordinator) stood up and pushed his Way Corps Alumnus nametag into Harve's hand and announced that he was out, finished.

As best as we can determine, it was a "hot meeting" with much unrest, angry questions and no adequate answers from the damage control team.

Most of the local fellowship coordinators are said to have now resigned their responsibilities and have left TWI.

Updated 05/13/2000

This following is a correction to an incident previously recounted concerning this meeting:

"The person who turned in his name tag at the end of the Washington meeting was an assistant fellowship coordinator.  He gave his name tag to Harve Platig and thanked him for the Word of God he  has learned over the years, but said that he could no longer stand the deception that was coming from HQ, that he was leaving the Way Ministry.  I am his wife.  I actually missed seeing this because I had already stood up and requested that could they please make me mark and avoid also? and left."


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