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Notes from Martindale's Resignation Announcement Meetings Print E-mail

04/25/00 - 04/27/00

LCM: It is my indispensable duty as president of TWI ministry that calls for me to make this difficult decision to resign from the Presidency and the Board of Trustees as of April 20, 2000.

1.        To ensure the survival and thriving of the TWI household now and to future generations.
2.        To maintain our good working relationships in society in terms of outreach and business.
3.        To best take care of my wife, my children and myself.

Also needs to change the perception and "job description" of the dual definition of the position of the President as head teacher, overseer or administrator. Needs to re-define the position to spread out responsibility and authority of leadership more suitably in perception and authority.

He is not relinquishing what God has called him to do and be when he was called to be a minister of Jesus Christ in his 1974 ordination as the "gifts and callings of God are without repentance". He is not transferring his abilities to another.

Donna and his functions as Corps ministers will need to be redefined and reconstructed in days ahead.

Change the perception that being a trustee is a lifetime position with the Emeritus status.

Feels that redefining will fit with God's word in our day and time. Properly emphasized, local leadership is vitally important in the day-by-day function with the disciples in the household. There should be ample abundance of practical and doctrinal teaching available.

Major consideration was taken as to who takes over corporately and spiritually. God led them in a plain path to Rosalie Rivenbark.

LCM said she was willing to any task God called her to do.

"Her ministry and abilities are better suited to serve the ministry in this position now than mine are."

After lengthy consideration and discussion and prayer the BOT unanimously decided on Harve Platig for VP. They also feel that it is best spiritually for others to continue where you are now.

God's Word offers much encouragement and direction to the possible for the future to LCM.

Paul, Peter, David, Moses, Joshua, even Adam and Eve had frailties and at times mis-stepped from God's Word but were allowed areas of service to bless God's people.

Has a peace in his heart regarding these decisions. Psalm 94:19

Thank you all for your one accord stand with us as we make all these transitions.
John Reynolds

In making these decisions, Craig and Donna Martindale have placed the needs of the Way Int'l household above their own.

As overseer of the Trustee cabinet, Rosalie Rivenbark has been the COO - Chief Operating Officer - of TWI. She has been virtually involved in every aspect of the ministry.

Harve Platig has been capable and valiant on the field and in root locals.

With the many capable ministers, household fellowship coordinators and disciples, the ministry has the potential to continue to excel in the perfecting of the saints and can provide strong and energized leadership at every level.

Harve Platig - sounded like a recording via telephone.

Total Wayspeak - all the buzz words:

Used "prevailing" 6 times.
"salted life"
"privilege to serve"
"fully persuaded"
"prevailing word in the Household"
"produce fruit"
"spiritual competition"
"defeat the opponent with prevailing strength"

Rosalie Rivenbark

The BOT did not make the decisions hastily. Considered each aspect of their decision with prayer and God's word, as well as the overall impact on the household in the future.

She accepted the presidency with a thankful heart knowing God is the source of our strength. The BOT are capable and committed to serving the household well.

She went on to recite all the ministry classes, functions, and products!

Said, "These are challenging times. We have a sound future. The Way Int'l Ministry is strong spiritually and as a corporation.

LCM's teachings have brought us through perilous times and brought us to the excellency of the household we have today.

Her love and prayers go out to the Martindale family, the Platigs, the Reynolds and to us.

Told there is an organized plan to have this heard by everyone. Please keep it in confidence until all have heard it. Then went on to give the schedule, starting with the staff at HQ's.