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Sidney Daily News 04/27/00

Woman named Way president

L. Craig Martindale
L. Craig Martindale

NEW KNOXVILLE - The Rev. L. Craig Martindale has resigned as president of The Way International, the ministry announced today. The Way Board of Trustees accepted Martindale's resignation at a meeting last week and appointed the Rev. Rosalie F. Rivenbank as his replacement. Rivenbank has been vice president. The Rev. Harve Platig, a ministry regional coordinator, will become vice president.

Rosalie Rivenbark
Rosalie Rivenbark

Martindale resigned as a board member also. He had been The Way president since 1982, when he replaced the founder, Dr. Victor Paul Wierwille.

"The Board of Trustees deems these decisions as progressive for the overall Way International Ministry as well as personally for those trustee members so affected," a statement from The Way said. "Rev. L. Craig Martindale and his family will continue to be a vital part of The Way Ministry household. Rev. and Mrs. Martindale will serve in areas of responsibility as redefined by the Board of Trustees."

Martindale agreed to a leave of absence following a lawsuit filed by two former followers of The Way. Mrs. Allen and Mr. Allen filed the complaint in Shelby County Common Pleas Court earlier this month. They claimed they suffered humiliation, embarrassment, and alleged that The Way officials attempted to "coerce" Mrs. Allen into engaging in sexual activity with Martindale.

Along with other officials of The Way, Martindale and Rivenbank were named defendants in the lawsuit.

Responding to the allegations, Martindale said he and Mrs. Allen were involved in an affair and he apologized to his wife, Mr. Allen and The Way officials.

On an Internet site they maintain, the Allens said they would not comment about the case on the advice of attorneys. The Allens are seeking $2 million on a claim of breach of contract and other damages on other claims. They also claim The Way officials defrauded them of money, conspired against them and damaged their reputations. They claimed damages of $5 million in addition to the claim for breach of contract.

The Allens were employees of The Way for many years before resigning in March 1999. They maintain a site on the Internet called "WayDale," which they say offers "insider" information about operations of The Way.
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