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The Way Loses Even More Top Leaders - Tom & Barbara Lally Print E-mail

WayDale has received several independent communications reporting that Tom & Barbara Lally have (as of last week) ended their association with The Way International.

We do not know the specific reasons that led to their decision, but are of the opinion that this decision is related to the recent revelations about the personal conduct of certain Way trustees as alleged in the Allen lawsuit.

It is being reported that the Lallys have changed their telephone number since their departure and they appear to have "gone underground."

At time time of the filing of the Allen lawsuit, TWI had eleven (possibly twelve) Region coordinator couples situated through-out the USA whose responsibility was to direct the efforts of the state coordinators (Limb coordinators) and branch coordinators. Region coordinators are as high a position as one can attain in The Way's leadership hierarchy with the exception of the US trunk coordinator or Way trustee status.

As recent as 1½ years ago, Martindale presented the Lallys and other Region coordinators and called them the "finest leaders in the ministry." Today, at least 25% of those same region coordinators have chosen to walk away from Martindale and not support him and his actions.

Since April 2000, three sets of Region coordinator couples have now ceased their association with TWI. 

In addition to this high level departure, many other high ranking leaders have left TWI, including the Limb coordinators of Idaho, numerous branch coordinators and hundreds of rank and file Way followers. It is believed that The Way now numbers as few as 4000 followers nationwide.

Two months ago, it was reported that the Lallys had requested that their assignment be changed from Region coordinators to Branch coordinators for the Austin, TX. branch. It was reported that they wanted to establish secular careers and could not do so as Region coordinators. At the time, some in the ex-Way community speculated that this was a "moving towards the door" on the part of the Lallys in preparation for their total departure. 

The Austin, TX branch has approximately 35 followers.

Tom and Brenda Mullins have taken over as Region coordinators. The region is comprised of the states of Texas, Arkansas, Oklahoma, Louisiana, Mississippi.

Update - 09/02/2000

WayDale has received several reports concerning the Lally's departure from TWI. It seems (based on reports received) that the Lallys were planning on moving to a new residence and had enlisted the help of the Austin, TX Way followers in facilitating that move.

One day before the move was supposed to happen, the Austin Way followers received word from the Lallys that their help was not needed. When they went to the Lally's house to discover what was going on, they found that the residence was empty and that the Lallys were already gone.

Further, it was discovered that the house/apartment that the Lallys had planned on moving in to was also empty. It seems that Tom & Barbara have decided to "vanish" leaving TWI with no forwarding address or telephone number.

WayDale will report more on this story if and when we get more news.


Last Updated ( Tuesday, 06 June 2006 )