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  1. actually it tastes quite alright. i threw in some fruit wood that i scavanged from an orchard i trimmed for an older retired orchardist. hed say take that whole branch off. i would and later cut it into small usable pieces. and mixed it in with the paper to have a longer cooking heat. its great. but the extra heat will take toll on the thin metal the newspaper grill is constructed of. dick butkus was the tv salesperson. if youll look around at rummage sales and auctions youll surely sooon find one. they are no longer made as far as i know and the infomercial was a good one. folks at the beac
  2. does anyone remember the newspaper grill the football player was spokesman for? all it takes is newspaper he said. no propane or charcoal he said. i have found two of these. both at auction usually with a big pile of other stuff. they were both never used. the first one i wore out. we named it the hobo grill. and used it for 4 or so years. it was great. we even started throwing selected fruit wood in with the paper which enabled us to cook other stuff besides hot dogs. we wore it out pretty much. the second i found in december. i used it yesterday. they were both round and square in s
  3. become eunichs. this is my advocacy. live it. love ti/. marywonni
  4. hay there. im happy i got lucky and never married any one but myself and my dogs. saved me a bundle in legal fees. no children either cause i used protection. i dont give a care what they call my ***. im happy and still happy go lucky too. marywonni
  5. id heard of this film being shown at the end of the cfs. i never did see it . im glad i didnt. i hold animals more highly valuable than many people i know and many i do not personally know. i would rather put to sleep many people and save the animals that are put to sleep annually throughout the world. man can take any beautiful thing and pervert it to his own pleasure. this is why i distance myself from most people. this way i have some privacy and am not subjected to more perversion like this weirwille fellow and his buddies. marywonni
  6. its too bad about that woman who committed suicide. ill bet shes not the only one we havnt heard about. seems they couldve done things a little different with her somehow. ya never know whats going on in someones heart. she evidently didnt fit into someones scheme at the way. she was an outcast i guess. outcast from the way. given over to the devil i guess kicked out of the corpse. i ran into some STALE CHRISTIANS to day and was happy that i wasnt like that any longer. kinda shallow was their talk, no personality and kinda ignorant too. no thanks. ill continue being happy being hedo
  7. after reading this sad story, i again am reminded how thankful i should be that i didnt, after being accepted into the corpse, go. the treatment i saw of many people in the way wasnt right . people in churches were treated better than this.im happy i ended up doing what i did and am doing. how much bondage we submitted ourselves to. marywonni
  8. what an interesting article. after reading it i am going to make it a practice to have even more sex. its fun anyway. i remember when i first lost my virginity years ago. i had an old station wagon i bought for 20 bucks and the first thing i did was to put a mattress in the back of it SO I COULD HAVE SEX IN COMFORT. THEN my mother discovered i had CONDOMS in the wagon. she was furious. (she was also catholic and u no how those animals bred! it was one after another baby. she may have been dissappointed that i didnt want 10babies to take care of. ) so late one night i came in
  10. ok greasetrappers, i know a movie you must see and know you will enjoy. it is DEAD ALIVE. DIRECTED BY THE GUY WHO DID LORD OF THE RINGS. this one you will absolutely LOVE.its date is about 1993. it plays some on the INDEPENDENT FILM CHANNEL and the way interntional would condemn it as the catholics did CLEOPATRA. it should be on some time soon again as HALLOWEEN is approaching. catch it, tape it. you will want to watch it time and again. itchley marywonni
  11. i want some of you lurking fakes of THE WAY INTERNATIONAL to bring your CHICKEN AND DOG#!@# A!@## RIGHT HERE and write down what you said about JOHN LENNON and why you said it. i know you BAST@!## lurk here and i want you to write it down, what you said about this man.ITCHLEY marywonni
  12. buddy, you did it. this is the doctrine TWI should have taught and simply thrown the bible away. this is it. rock on and live by it,.talk about living by observing and example ! for get all the !##! $###%! and ##$%$$ TWI taught and start studying this daily. AND GET SOME DOGS SO YOU CAN STUDY THE LIVING EXAMPLE. the reason you couldnt have any dogs while you were there at the HQ was because you would have imitated them instead of the corrupt leadership! F!#!# THE G#! D#!*#! WAY INTERNATIONAL and all its G#! D@#!* FULL OF S#!* LEADERSHIP A@!$#@!>. thanks for writing this to me. it very movi
  13. yes, it was a very good movie. i only wish i could have had vpw there to tell me it was all devil spirits doing this like he critiqued the exorcist. wha t a wonderful film critic he was. i remember when he saw the ex, he said some kids in front of him were somoking pot. he said something like"i hope that helped them get through the movie " or some !##$ like that. a real rednecked preacher type comment with much negative connotation. i saw the thing when it first came out. i saw hawks film when i was a child. it was great. but carpenters film went a bit deeper in the effects dept. which made it
  14. keep studying buddy. interesting subject and one i too have been interested in 4 a song while. dr strangelove is a good flick. i loved it when pickens was riding the bomb, whoooping it up and waving his hat was he? good flick. i should look at it again sometime. have you seen soldier in the rain with jackie gleason and steve mcqueen? marywonni
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