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  1. Does anyone have any information on Garth's passing? I saw a mention of it on Facebook today, but all it says is that he died.
  2. Steve!


    Yes, indeed - if you block my wife, you block me.
  3. Sorry I missed it yesterday. I hope you had a great day!
  4. Steve!

    Shaving Cream

    I think it's time to introduce this to a new generation.
  5. I am so jealous! This morning when I left for work it was all of 5 degrees Fahrenheit. That's -15 C for you folks across the pond. It's at least 3 weeks until I can even use my seed starter kit, to start some tomatoes. So my garden is covered in white, and the ground is as hard as cement. I'll see in a couple of months if my newly planted grape vines survived the winter.
  6. That wouldn't be the DS9 episode that interfaced with The Trouble With Tribbles, would it?
  7. What else could it possibly be?
  8. Okay, I don't think anyone is going to get Cupid. So let's try another show - and I think this line may give it away - "Oh, there's just one more thing..."
  9. He who walks with Jehovah Java walks on holy grounds.
  10. I have a feeling I may have to switch shows, but here's more quotes. "Make a move! Get in the game! You gonna get hurt? Have a beautiful train wreck." "Coffee without caffeine is like sex without the spanking." "No idea what you just said, but it turns me on. We can agree on things if you just say things I like, just like that." "How is it we're always fighting, then?" "Well, you say something, I disagree, wittily, and then you retort with a modicum of disdain. Then you do a little thrust and parry, thrust, parry, parry, Matthew Perry, Gaylord Perry, Sheri Perry, Perry Mason, Luke Perry, William "The Refrigerator" Perry, parry...' "I mean WHY, Trevor!" Because we disagree fundamentally on everything and you do this great little turn with your mouth when you get angry. You go like this:" [pouts, smooches and babbles on and on in babytalk] "Can we just stop there while I'm still perceiving that a compliment?"
  11. Okay, this show was only on for one season, but a lot of people really enjoyed it and were very disappointed when it was cancelled. "I hardly ever do those midnight sacrifices of small animals. I can't get the otter blood out of my coffee table!" (spoken in Latin) "He who hesitates . . ." " . . .sleeps in an empty bed."
  12. Now you've made it obvious - Moonlighting
  13. Okay, let's have us an alternate picture for the first one . . .
  14. Hehehe, nope, not even close. Of course, when someone DOES get it, I may be ostracized for a while.
  15. Yep. Now splain to all the Gsers out there what you mean.
  16. "If you met a double of yourself, would you have difficulty interacting with him?" "I think so." "Why?" "I am not easy to get along with." "I have found that humans value their uniqueness - that sense that they are different from everyone else. The existence of a double would preclude that feeling. Could that be the source of the friction?" "Or perhaps it is more a matter of seeing something in your double...something you do not like in yourself."
  17. Since I'm pretty sure I'm right - Good luck, Gsers.
  18. Mae Groom Ford Add Dee Make Room for Daddy
  19. Or rather, How the Grinch Stole Christmas. Raf, you're up!
  20. Loner just wants to have a quiet holiday season with his dog, but the noisy neighbors down the hill make that impossible.
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