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  1. I actually googled it the other day, and thought it better to keep out of it. I'll take the free post. This was a cartoon, though there wasn't really any movement-unless you count the human lips talking. This applies to 2 cartoons-one is probably easy for someone-if you can name both of them it's worth a gold star.
  2. it was the Smothers Brothers-but I can see why'd you'd think Simon and Garfunkel. John Lennon berated Dick Smothers at a Hollywood concert, though he loved brother Tommy. I think it was too harsh-still-Tommy was the mover and shaker of the team, and the one most concerned with social issues. That Dick was the straight man had nothing to do with it.
  3. John Lennon once notoriously insulted one of the stars of this show while sitting in on a concert. Lennon had much respect for one of the team,and clearly non for the other.This was 'during Lennon's 'lost weekend' in the 70's when he spent time drugged and drunk out in LA. It was way out of line, but deep down I kind of agreed with him,though not the public display. I always wanted this guy to be better on the show in question,and felt the partner brought all the talent and drive to the act. In retrospect,I appreciate them both more as time goes on,and realize they were both vital to their success. So what's the show?
  4. Topo Gigio-the Ed Sullivan Show
  5. ok-due to time constraints, I can't drag it out any longer. It's Paul Winchell. the show was Winchell-Mahoney time. His puppets were Jerry Mahoney and Knucklehead Smiff. The artificial heart thing is a shocker, but 'Winch' was kind of a renaissance man as they say. He also became quite a curmudgeon in his old age, but I loved the guy in his prime.
  6. if no one gets this I'm going to have to reveal soon, as I'm tied up for a few days. The main show was on in the 60's, though they were around for much longer. The human was a voice actor, comedian, inventor, instantly recognizable. One of my favorite guest roles by him was on a Dick Van Dyke episode ,where he played a children's show host with a snail named Jellybean. I liked Jellybean more than his usual puppets.
  7. and the human in the show was even more well known than the wooden characters. He was everywhere once upon a time,with or without a dummy.
  8. speaking of Muppets-or their genus-this show had 2 puppets (I don't think there were more), and their creator also invented the first artificial heart (though I don't think it was good enough to stick in somene's chest)
  9. sounds like Charlie's Angels
  10. This is an example of a show that I've never actually seen-but know immediately what it is. I've been waiting for it to come out on dvd, but so far no dice-at least in a good package. I don't have another show in mind, so I'll let someone else guess the answer.
  11. right George. Sydney Fields played 'Mr Fields' the landlord, and they were always going to see Mr Fields brother-he had a lot of them.
  12. it's my turn ? I didn't get the answer, due to my not being able to read english. I'll take it though if you insist. this is an old show, but I'd wager most people have seen it. The 2 stars were a team in radio and the movies, but to me, the most interesting character played multiple parts-landlord, pharmacist, employment agent, whatever was needed in an episode.
  13. was that on before super friends ? I guess it was. I don't think Superman/Batman adventure hour teamed them up though. I remember se[erate cartoons, as well as Aquaman, and the surprise guest hero, Green Lantern, Atom, Flash, in a cartoon. I think I got thrown, thinking the 2 main heroes were partnered. I meant Aquaman was in his own cartoon, and the special hero had his own.
  14. Just saw this-I know I'll kick myself, but I can't think of the answer. Something tells me when I find out I'll remember 50 things about the show.
  15. ok-if no one knows it by now-I don't know any clues that would help. It was 'Truth or Consequences' hosted by Bob Barker for a loong time. The premise of the show when it started in radio was that if the contestant didn't answer a question truthfully, they would have to face a 'consequence', which was usually some kind of stunt. By the 60's on TV, it was more anything goes,with wacky stunts, and a lot of women being surprised by their husbands who were stationed far away in the military, but brought in to reunite with each other.
  16. it is Bob Barker, and he did the show before Price is Right for MANY years. It began on radio without him, but ran on TV at least in the 60's and 70's. It wasn't exactly a 'game' show, though that would be the category to classify it. I know it was still going in the early 70's and I know most everyone here is old enough to have been there, so it's not obscure.
  17. ok another clue-the host was and is into controlling the pet population-and the show in question is not the last game show he hosted, but one he did for many years beforehand.
  18. nope-not either of them-it's not on anymore-but the guy from that show, went on to host the longest running game show which is still on. The show in question was a game in the loosest sense of the word. and it's not Merv Griffin
  19. This show started in radio-was still going on TV into the 70's, and starred a host who became much more famous for another show-which is still on today-but not with him. There were games of sorts involved.
  20. wasn't that the show about Carla's ex' family? the Tortellis ? oh-and Paul Revere and the Raiders were co hosts of Where the Action Is, but Dick Clark was on it too, as main host-though his presence wasn't as great as on Bandstand.
  21. you actually got the right answer-but 'Where the Action Is' was a weekday afternoon show-syndicated 5 times a week-on at 4:30 in my area. I guess they could of shown it on Saturdays in your area.
  22. oh yeah-I had forgotten the SNL appearance-that was scary.. new one a music and dancing show starring Dick Clark- NOT American Bandstand used to watch it after school.
  23. I'm basing my Mary Hartman guess on the clue that the star had a meltdown, and another character was a country singer. I just don't recall a hit song from the show, or if Louise Lasser ever melted down on national TV-she melted everywhere else
  24. I'm going to make a guess that is probably wrong... Mary Hartman, Mary Hartman
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