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  1. Lots of bitterness here as I look about. I was cruising through some personal ancient history, reminiscing about life and my start into adulthood. I have my regrets for involvement in the Way at the scale that I participated, but I kept marching on after I decided to disassociate. It was impossible to totally escape long term influence. I am sorry to see that some statements made here are false or exaggerated. Hate, bitterness, jealousy? have preempted good thought. 41 years ago I took the class, stuck with it for 11 more and then had a bitter divorce from it all. But it still influences me , for better or for worse. I have never stopped to get all mad about it or try to generates some hate for someone else or cry in my beer about regrets. Life moves on. So there you go, just stopped by for a quick look.
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