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  1. This has been talked to death more than once.   More than once, we've had discussions about large bodies of evidence and so on showing how the Holocaust happened.  We've also had a handful of people-  always very pro-vpw people, every time-   come forward, ignore any posted information from any scholarly source, and insist vpw was right and the Holocaust either didn't happen or was wildly exaggerated.   



    Myth of the Six Million:


    Was vpw a holocaust denier?


    vpw's connection to Nazi party?


    What gives Holocaust denial such appeal?



    I would recommend a new thread be started for this new discussion. However, this is NOT a "new" discussion   The SAME tired old horse-manure is being peddled AGAIN, and was thoroughly disproved and discredited already.   There's no point in another discussion.  There's a point in reviewing pages and pages of when this happened before.  I see no point in retyping the same information all over again into a new thread.

  2. 9 minutes ago, Rocky said:

    Wikipedia cites its sources. Allan, WTF is your motivation on this thread?

    Motivation can easily be determined by content and participation.

    His initial posts were to claim there HAD TO be something "spiritual" about the millions of Jews and millions of others that the Nazis massacred, imprisoned. etc. etc.

    His later posts were to support the claims of "the Myth of the Six Million",  despite that book already having been discredited and evidence showing it was loaded with error.  And despite our already having discussed this book long ago and shown how some of its errors worked and were truly errors.

  3. 7 hours ago, Human without the bean said:

    Two of my favorite movies or maybe,  it's just I have a huge crush on Madeleine Stowe.  Either way.

    Daniel Day-Lewis  (on 6/ 4/20 he portrayed a 6' 4" character?, sorry I just couldn't let it go.)  I don't get the chance to stump you guys on that thread (MM-P) very often.

    The Age of Innocence   Winona Ryder   Little Women

    Ok, the links as you posted don't work-  but since you mentioned Daniel Day-Lewis, we can count him as your first link.

    So, we can say you went

    Daniel Day-Lewis      The Age of Innocence       Winona Ryder

  4. Hindsight is 20/20.    Those of us going through history NOW may possibly make mistakes about how dire a threat is-  which later history may consider transparent.   That has always been true.

    For that matter, the Holocaust was such a mind-boggling things that- even with tens of thousands of eyewitnesses, thousands of survivors of many types,  confessions from former Nazis, and both detailed eyewitness accounts of the evidence left behind and filmed footage of same,  there's been plenty of people who've thought it was all a hoax.  In twi, it was called a hoax.  To this day, there's ex-twi and kids of ex-twi who are still convinced it was a hoax.

    Yes, it can often seem like only an idiot could fail to understand the warnings of the past-  while we overlook or disregard the warnings of the present.    Hindsight is 20/20.

  5. 1 hour ago, Allan said:

    O.k. so none of you 'believe' anymore, that's fine, I do and I'm giving my perspective from a biblical view point...all good, your points (although mooted) are noted :)


    We didn't say that.    In my case, my "faith"  is as strong as it ever was, if not stronger.  It's not dependent upon slapping a label on incidents rather than trying to understand them. In fact, I consider slapping a label of "supernatural"  on all sorts of mundane things both

    A) cheapens the title, making the actual "supernatural"  sound as mundane as finding a good parking space,  and

    B) does a disservice to actual "supernatural"  things by lumping them into things easily provable as mundane

    But it sure makes for EASY answers to slap labels on things.  Don't like something?  It's "spiritually dark."   Disagree with someone?  They are "spiritually dark"  or "don't 'believe'  anymore", etc.


    To bring us partially back on-topic...

    I don't know if anything supernatural was actually involved with the Third Reich and HItler's rise to power.   I DO know that all the steps could easily have been mundane, if a "perfect storm"  of hatred, bigotry and ignorance.  To me, that's a bit scarier than if it HAD to be supernatural.   A little work studying history would go a long way in learning this.

  6. 11 hours ago, Human without the bean said:

    Sorry I missed that.  I've been taking care of some personal stuff so I've been away.  I won't be checking in until the end of the week but I might read one or two posts now and then.

    Clearly, you haven't seen this movie before (OFOTCN) WordWolf.  :wave:

    You'd be shocked at how often I guess at a movie- often correctly- having not seen it, or having seen a few clips.   

    You wouldn't be shocked at how many of my wild swings have been clean misses.

  7. 10 hours ago, Human without the bean said:

    99 Tears but the group escapes me?

    *studies this answer*

    Ok, Human's close enough on the title.  "96 Tears" is the correct title, this was close enough.

    Human didn't include the ENTIRE name of the artist, but he included the lead singer, so that counts.

    The group was "? and the Mysterians."      Human DID post " ?  "  which is correct, so I'm counting it.

    (My turn, so, my discretion.) 

    So, it's HUMAN'S TURN!

  8. *sigh*

    NEVER jump IMMEDIATELY to the conclusion that something is supernatural.  Examine the more common, more mundane reasons FIRST.  If they don't work, then you can consider that among the possibilities 


    Why wouldn't the Jews have taken heed and flee Germany, etc?   

    1)  A lot of them DID.    There's a few big cities in the world who got a surge of Jewish immigrants at that time.

    2)  Hindsight is 20/20.     Honestly, how likely would you consider the idea that someone would come to power over your country, take it over, declare you and yours ILLEGAL and order everyone to round you up and then confiscate your possessions?     I'm sure a number of them thought that was too crazy to happen.

    3)  Lots of non-Jews were rounded up, most of whom had no idea they were on the rounding-up list.   I met one, once.  I still don't know why he was ever rounded up, but they grabbed him, imprisoned him, and so on.  Yes, he had the number tattoo.

    4) Why didn't they fight on the way to the gas chambers?    Be thankful you don't know why!     These are people whose lives were destroyed, who were placed in a prison having never committed a crime,. starved, watched their friends executed or killed in lab experiments,  and led everywhere by threat of violence.  They were likely in shock as well as suffering from malnutrition.  It's hard to THINK, much less FIGHT, under those conditions.   Should they have just shuffled forward and gotten shot rather than walked into the chambers?  Possibly.  Hard to come to that conclusion under the circumstances.

    Then again, it's "human nature" to try to survive.   They may not have understood that they were being rounded up specifically to be killed- especially since they hadn't been killed yet. 


    I know NOTHING about their suffering. I can work it out on paper, but that's nothing compared to actually living it.

    I hope those were meant as honest questions and not just an attempt to Monday-morning quarterback,  because I answered them with that in mind.

  9. There's difficulties if we get a proper Jakeem Thunder.  That or a GL gives us too much power for this scale of team. Jakeem was Johnny Thunder's replacement, and gave orders to the Thunderbolt.  

    How can that be fixed?  Two possibilities present themselves immediately:

    1) Let him make a single wish, then the Thunderbolt goes away for now.  Jakeem can give one order per scene or per hour or per day, or something.

    2) Jakeem's not a successor to Johnny Thunder,  he's a successor to Jonni Thunder- Thunderbolt.  He can basically turn into living lightning.


    I think another Flash might not be the best idea, but maybe Johnny Quick, Max Mercury or Impulse might be called for.    How about Liberty Belle?    Oh- we'd better get Cyclone/Maxine Hunkell if this series goes the distance. 

  10. 3 hours ago, T-Bone said:


    Being contentious, difficult and especially maligning other Christian groups is exactly what wierwille did to distinguish and separate The Way International from all other Christian groups.

    I’ve been in meetings where wierwille would get into his anti-Trinity rant and say stuff along the lines of wrong-seed are promoting the Trinity and to really believe in the Trinity you have to be possessed…As Skyrider said, TWI is a cult - not because of its beliefs, but because of its methods…There was no debating the Trinity – strict obedience to wierwille’s leadership was expected and enforced by sowing the fear of following wrong seed or risking devil-possession.

    Thinking about that now, I don’t think it was ever really a concern over “right doctrine” but was just another method of closing the ranks – to keep TWI followers united against other Christian groups…wierwille’s “Why Division?” in The New Dynamic Church book seems like some great rah-rah-let’s-go-team rhetoric – but I tend to think many of us who were caught up in the spiritual elitism of TWI, assumed we were the only “team” that really counted – we were the true Church with more of the rightly-divided-Word than anyone else…teachings on “the household” had a similar agenda – to immerse us more deeply in commitment to the organization but also to further isolate us – set us further apart from other Christians and even other grads of PFAL who didn’t get that involved with TWI…I began to realize how pervasive this “spiritual hierarchy” was shortly after I left TWI when I heard of Chris G’s comment about those who left, saying “now is the fat being trimmed from the body of Christ.

    The sad part is their inability to detect their own hypocrisy.   Remember being told in twi that the bad guys always accuse the good guys of what they THEMSELVES do? 

    With twi, we've seen plenty of examples.    Anyone kicked out is accused of practices that are standard policy in twi but never acknowledged as the same thing.

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