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  1. WOW Just when I thought the lunacy couldn't get much worse I see this! UNBELIEVEABLE "Thinking themselves wise... they became FOOLS !!!" LOL It just keeps getting better and better. REALLY! My favorite has to be "worshipping the creation, rather than the creator" Yeeeaaaahhhhh BABY! Ummm hmmmm. Keep em coming. I love it! aaahhhhh another day closer, even so Lord quickly come! I must comment specifically on this one: SKYRIDER wrote: "Is the ego of man so great that he REALLY THINK he can rule the world?" Ummm DUH? Not only does man THINK so, but God says it WILL happen. More immediately haven't you heard about "global warming", "cap and trade taxes", etc.etc.etc. "Ou, Oh, we can change our climate" What an absolute joke... NO NO NO the joke is the idiots who have bought into that lie... Over an out...
  2. You'd think they MIGHT just LOOK over the lyrics.... BUT NOOoooooooooooooooo "I'm a STAR I KNOW what I'm doing" They're such arrogant ------- s
  3. I believe these "conversations with LCM" to be suspect and said so at the time. Unless they were edited since their original posting, when you read them very very carefully there are contradictions and time errors. Fraud is a FRAUD IMO.
  4. TLB... What exactly makes these materials questionable in your opinion?
  5. LCM I know and VPW the 1st I know .... but just who is this pretender to the throne?
  6. Warick, dude, what were you thinkin.... NEVER telegraph your punches... If they take Katherine off the show I'm outta there...
  7. WG!!! I LOVE IT!! You ARE SO right. When it's free "they" just crawl out of the wood work don't they.
  8. The courts have messed things up. First we get the stupid people off the bench, i.e. judges. When we get judges that will stop hearing law suits brought by stupid people a little of the stupid will end. Second, the above will then allow "natural selection" to run it's course. 100 years ago stupid people died off/got killed young. Hopefully before they could breed. Now "stupid" is a protected state of mind.
  9. Al Poole


    Very cool remeniciant of "Mukai"
  10. Al Poole


    HOLY SHI........... I AGREE WITH GARTH OMG!!!!!!!!!
  11. Al Poole

    11th Corps

    Hey sorry to interrupt... but does anyone know where I could find Bruce Naylor?? thanks ..........now back to the reg program......... ...yes I know of "friend tracker" no luck.
  12. Peeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeee pullllllllllllllllllllllllllllllllllllllllll If you could just read it in the original!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
  13. Al Poole

    Speed Dating

    You hard hearted mean spirited "I've got mine good luck finding yours".........people!!! You sound like Republicans talking about money... or maybe Democrats ... talking about... well ... money! okay all jokes aside.... think finding a compatable sig. other is easy???? Where ya gonna go?? The 3 major sources for adult socialization: work, school, friends/family... #4 if you go ... church. Evolve folks... 30 , 40, 50 somethings are usually BUSY BUSY people, meeting & dating take time and money. Things have really changed in the last 30 years. We do NOT have time to meet people like we once did. Work, school (the kids school that is), household responsibiities, take up 26 hours a day!! When do ya sleep any more?? C'mon, give em a break!! I think it's a great idea. I think on line stuff like "match" is great.... ( I know about it like most people, it's pop up, or side block ads all over the place). They both save time and money for people looking for a companion. To be sure, there are 100's of trolls in "those things"... just like anything else. If God hadn't allowed me to keep the angel I found, (in other words, were I single and wanted to "settle down") I'd do it in a minute.
  14. I work for an opthalmologist, 8 years now. I was (he stopped doing lasik) his lasik tech (ran the laser) marketing director and patient counselar. To my knowledge NO ONE has ever gone blind from lasik. They may have had severe post operative complications that resulted in uncorrectable vision, but to my knowledge no one has EVER gone blind. It is not for EVERYONE. MANY MANY aspects to it. It is not cut and dry. #1 all surgical procedures have their unique risks and posible side effects ------- so evaluate risks vs rewards Remember this one thing... a cheap price means small margins. The ONLY way to make money with small margins is to do a LOT of surgeries... that in itself is not good or bad BUT when you're a borderline case... they COULD possibily be influenced by numbers and take a little more risk. Whereas a surgeon with a higher price is NOT going to do that. Whatever you do, go see at least two,minimum, and prefferably three before you decide who does your eyes. I think it's a miraculous procedure. I could NEVER have helped people and done this if I didn't TOTALLY believe it's a good thing. BUT the #1 thing is you, i.e. You have to be a good candidate for the procedure. If you are, and all the dots line up right, it could be perfect for you. If anyone wants to PM me for more info I am happy to respond. I don't know "Danny's" circumstances, I have a mountain of compassion for you brother.
  15. Al Poole


    Someone need rain?? I don't doubt it. We got all yours and most everyone else's too. Here in Ok we had 36 days of rain. My garden rotted. The tomato plants, loaded with blooms, couldn't get pollinated cause no bees out, and the rain kept washing the pollen out of the blooms! Then they rotted. Have 3 left out of 11! Zuchinni survived, course I don't eat that. Never plant more than two, and you only need the other one for a backup. Cantalope tons o blooms... no pollanation. Last year it was third year of drought.... half the state was burning.... now we're 10" above normal rain and the lakes are 30' above normal.
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