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    Fare thee Well

    Thank you Paw, for giving us all a place to learn, to share, to heal. I first walked into the Cafe 10 years ago, and the hot coffee, warm cinnimon buns and friendly smiles all helped me in the process of beginning to heal as I walked away after 20 years "in the way." Over the years, as the pain faded, I visited less and less, like growing up and moving on, but still wanting to come home every once in a while - but slowly, the hometown changes, the stores close, the friends you had move away, and you come to the inevitable realization that the best you can do is forgive and forget the bad time
  2. I was inthe College program in Emporia in 84-85. Looking for old friends - any info on Sandy from Australia, in the WC that year in Emporia, who be appreciated
  3. Hell, one time a few years back, money was so tight I had to get a load of groceries from a shelter - no one in the Wayless ever offered to help. It was one of those moments in life I thought about when I told my coordinator to go stick it up his horn of plenty.
  4. We're discussing other issues on the Open Forum, but I'm thinking here while watching trucks of relief supplies rolling through the base here that if I was still in the Way, I wouldn't be here. Their corporate philosophy on disasters was always to blame the victims for their sin, and refuse to allow anyone to donate anything that coould cut into the time or money devoted to the Way. Theres a 10 year void in my life when I didn't help anyone outside of the ministry. I've very blessed by the love and response of everyone hanging out at the Cafe, offering up their time, money, homes etc for th
  5. Although I often get on here to post a bit of levity, this time I'd like to post a serious message. At this moment, Im pulling 12 hr night duty on Maxwell Air Force Base, AL, running a communications van as hundreds of semis are rolling onto an airfield full of ice, water, meals, tarps, and other emergency supplies, getting ready to roll into the damage zones as they become accessible. The media has portrayed this event as a monumental screwup on the part of the President, or even racially motivated, but in my eyes, I see hundreds of federal employees working 24 hours a day, getting things r
  6. Sorry bout the wife comment - it does seem cold from a distance, but the fact of the matter was that the Ministry NEVER helped us, in fact drove a wedge between us ending in divorce, blaming her for her "unbelief" - maybe if they knew anything about the power of God, she might have been healed - whatcha think???
  7. Duh, hit the wrong button In the Way Out of the Way 1980-2000 2002-2005 Sickness often Perfect health 50,000 salary 90,000 salary Sick 40 y.o. old wife 28 y.o. model g.f. No revelation Seeing visions No love of self Helping others All routine service Exciting bible Drunk & lost Clean & Happy Crappy house Beautiful new home BEING OUT OF THE WAY -- PRICELESS!!!!!!
  8. Well, "Beautiful Ohio" DID wake us all up screaming every day at the Rock!
  9. I conducted years of indepth research (actually about 5 minutes, but I'm bored at work)into this term, and found that Loyboytoy misquoted a commonly used phrase (what else is new) - the common varient, and no doubt the ancestor is a GREASE SPOT ON THE HIGHWAY OF LIFE - once again, the boys from Brazil couldn't even plagerize them correctly!!!!
  10. Yesterday, on a rerun if Seinfeld, Jery said that the best revenge is to live a successful life. Eat this, Way Ministry: 2000 (in the Ministry) $45,000 in consumer debt Sick wife in and out of hospitals Unappreciative kids Driving 50 miles each way to fellowship Out of touch with God, no communication Crappy fallin' down farmhouse Drunk & miserable all the time Feel lost, alone and ready to live in a cardboard box on the street 2005 (out of Ministry 5 years) Out of debt New $170,000 house Young, ex-beauty pagent winner girlfriend Great Christian fellowship I go to Signs, m
  11. Oh, the happy memories of spending a holiday in Emporia!!!!! Twas the night before Christmas, and all through the Way, Not a creature was happy, it all seemed so gay; The stockings were all folded and deep in their drawers, in fear that the Way Corps soon would be there; The children were crying, alone in their beds, While thoughts of wood spoons danced in their hands. The bunkbeds were full, to us just a "day", Cuz we'd celebrated September, now so far away. When out on the lawn there arose such a clatter, We all sprung from our bunks to see what was the matter. Away down the hall w
  12. I learned how to REALLY believe outside of the way - my retirement IRA went from 29,000 to 37,000 in the last three months - eat that, Rosie!!!!
  13. They should hold their meetings in Orlando - they're all f%^ing goofy in that mickeymouse organization anyway
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