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  1. Do a simple bulletin board outside of this one entirely. Start the membership by invitation only, probably by pawtucket, eventually building to a membership commitee.
  2. Forgiveness is a given for a Christian However, the objects of forgiveness must suffer the consequences of their actions.
  3. ok, a while back my Doctor told me to limit my drinking to one drink a day. Went home, said to myself, todays drink is Bourbin....
  4. Saw a History Channel show about the end of WWII. There was a bit in it about the Death camps discovered by GIs Einsenhower ordered as many troops and civilians as possible to view them. Ike said he did it because he believed at some time the existence of these camps would be denied.
  5. tFloat


    I remember some of the wierwill books referred to as literals in the late 80s, think I bought 'em all. Those books hit the trash can the day after I walked out to freedom.
  6. Thet ran a TWIG in Michigan, I lived with them for a while and I burned the bridges when I left TWI Anyone know how they are doing these days ?? harvey
  7. I was looking thru some waydale stuff, and pamsandiego was referenced in a document. A blast from the past if you will. Last I remember she was headed for the road in a small camper. Any updates ?? harvey
  8. About two years after I left and was marked to avoid, I ran into an exway corps couple who were also m&a at that time. I had dinner with them, and after the twi bashing talk ended, the conversation turned towards a spinoff group that sounded the same as twi to me. That ended any desire for me to "fill the void". Good cathartic experience. Then I ran across Waydale, and all my doubts were confirmed. harvey
  9. I knew them in my native Michigan also. Great people, I do hope all is well with them these days. I walked out of twi in '91, heard I was marked to avoid in absentia, so I am out of touch with them. I moved to South Carolina with a job transfer in '97, haven't had much contact with old friends, I'll keep an eye on this, maybe you will find them.
  10. Mark Main Entry: fac┬Ětoid Pronunciation: 'fak-"toid Function: noun 1 : an invented fact believed to be true because of its appearance in print 2 : a briefly stated and usually trivial fact From Merriam-Webster online Better choose your words a little more carefully. Veterans Day, formerly Armistice Day, does not include all victims of the world. Yes, you are are a military veteran, my hat is off to you. Me too, 3 years, almost one in Nam, not a garden spot at the time. It is a special day, not to be diluted by the many victims who have been in situations not related to military service.
  11. mark and eagle: Your posts make me sick to my stomach. There is absolutely zero comparison with what you are posting relative to military service during time of conflict. Lobby for your own "day" of recognition, but please, make no comparisons to your experiences to those who have put their lives on the line to preserve your rights of free expression. harvey
  12. tFloat

    The 60s!

    '60s... College Tour in 'Nam recovery that led to TWI more recovery, still recovering... :P harvey
  13. tFloat

    Favorite Roads

    US23 from Asheville, NC to Toledo, OH Used to take that route on trips to Mich from SC 2-3x per year. I prefer the smaller roads to the Interstates, the towns, motels, and restaurants became like old friends.
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