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  1. Mostly. But there were plenty until 70 years ago. Which helps take this conversation to where it should go if anyone cared to take it there. The proliferation of products and commodities to use up resources as the means of production lay way waste to environmental components. If you own the land, materials, and people you will rise up above those doing hard, daily work while eliminating the environment of its natural resources. TWI is no different. Those in charge do little and have much.
  2. Why is this all a surprise? We live in a caste system in the U.S., despite what you think. All groups that are formed within society just emulate society and its stratified structure. From the KKK to the corporate office, from the coal miners in the Carolinas to people playing a game on a reality show like Survivor. Every group just copies a smaller version of what they already know. All current religions do the same thing. From nonprofit organizations to Google and Apple, they all do the same thing. If I put 30 people in a room and lock it and have them come out with a system on how they woul
  3. Hardly. All I see on this forum are ex-TWI giving waaay too much of their mental time and energy to TWI.
  4. @JavaJane We were at the rock of ages sitting there to go WoW when Martindale decided we would not be going and that WoW would be cancelled. We then got sent to a new location obviously, where my family was kicked out of the corps by someone who had a personal vendetta against my father. That member was released from TWI and then TWI apologized to my family for being kicked out but that they would not restore their corps status. This affected all of us very profoundly. I was told my birth was also an accident when my parents were in the Corps training at Emporia(?), at which point th
  5. @Lifted Up My post in this thread is the first time I've ever let the universe know about what happened. I was in FC 18 if anyone was there or knows anyone from that time. I know the exact person who did it and her entire family is still strongly in TWI as far as I know. "Saying" those words in an internet forum to complete strangers made me reach out to my brother who is younger than me and I told him about it. All he said was he knew I've been dealt bad cards my whole life and didn't even want to talk about it. I am 6 months shy of 40 and haven't cried this much in decades, or ever
  6. I am a male who was raped in the Family corps when I was in 7th grade at Rome City. She was a high schooler and was best friends with the high school girls whose parents were on staff. Makes me wonder where she learned it from?! It's also taken me a long time to look back and see all the bs that was going on around me.
  7. 1. Rrobs clearly cares more about lifting himself up (and failing) with what he feels is correct, true, righteous, et cetera (I agree with others in that it's repackaged dogma) versus actually having an intellectual conversation on the proposed social problem. Which, as others have stated, was clearly his failed attempt at disguising other motives with a current topic of the week. 2. As my students stay, don't feed the troll. All he cares about is the attention we are giving him. He is condescending and not a leader or a teacher. He most likely sees himself as both. But no rational person
  8. I am a sociologist/professor/researcher and your argument is definitely "null and void." I know what the peer reviewed research and paradigms say about every major social problem. We can discuss them once you figure out how to construct a valid opinion/argument.
  9. Anyone in Montana in the 80s/90s? Indiana in the 90s? Iowa in the 90s? Minnesota in the 90s/00s? Florida now?
  10. @UnTwist It I was born into TWI in the early 80s as an accident while my parents were in the corp. (I think that means I'm the antichrist or something.) Sounds like we may have a very similar life. Feel free to hit me up.
  11. @Grace Valerie Claire Yea it does. Just another example of stripping away individuality and personal possessions in the same stroke. If anyone ever gets the chance to see it (unlikely lmao) it used to hand on the second floor on the wall nearest the entrance and opposite the mountain/hill.
  12. My father donated some of his prize trophies to Gunnison when we went into the corps. My favorite was this 16 point elk that he received a plaque for and was mounted in our living room for my entire life until the family corps. As was a beautiful ram. To this day it hangs at Gunnison and I don't even think they gave him credit by putting his name below it or anything. I believe you'd have to remove it from the wall to see his name. It wasn't enough for them to take the love out of our family, they brainwashed my parents into giving them a lot of nice things we had over the years.
  13. The family corps is where I learned to lie, steal, and was my introduction to many sexual things. I'm sure those things are still being taught!
  14. Clearly the largest blunder was filming one man's doxa and selling it as episteme.
  15. My mother was one of those amateurs who didn't belong anywhere on stage. A white woman with no rhythm "rapping" to a song she made up about Antioch or something is all I remember. Although performing at the RoA made her more happy than the corp ever did. Heyo!
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