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Name that Star Trek Episode

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I thought I'd give this a shot. Give a line from any one of the five Star Trek TV shows (not including the cartoon!). The responder must give the series (Original, Next Generation, Deep Space 9, Voyager, or Enterprise) and either an episode title or enough of a description to make it clear which episode it is. For example, if you don't remember the title "Inner Light" but remember "it's the one where an alien probe gives Picard a lifetime of memories," that's good enough. Obviously, general quotes like "Engage" or "Energize" aren't specific enough.

To start, here's a pretty easy one:

No, it is not logical, but it is often true.


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Stole the concept from Friends. They were watching 3s Company and Chandler says, "Oh, I think this is the episode where there's some kind of misunderstanding."

And Phoebe shuts it off and says, "Oh, then I've seen that one."

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I have killed my Captain and my friend sounds like the pon farr episode (I have no idea how to spell that). And then Spock is uncharacteristically ecstatic when he finds out Kirk is alive.


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If it is a Next Generation episode, you'll have to describe it better, Pawnbroker, or give the title of the episode. It does remind me of the one where Q gives Riker Q-powers, and nobody wants any "gifts" from Riker. (I think it was "Q Who?")


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If I can be indulged...

Before I snatch this one, I'll give one more shot for someone else, someone for whom

this is not a defining episode of the shows.... :)

"Intelligent converse is impossible. You do not discuss, you gibber."

"Between intelligent species of good will --"

The previous clues...

"You enjoyed that."

"You're damn right!"

"He wants the impossible."

"That's the short definition for Captain."

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