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Name that Star Trek Episode

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Well, that settles it.

The City on the Edge of Forever

One of my all time favorite Star Trek quotes:

"How could you, a star ship fleet captain, believe that a Federation crew would blindly obey your order to destroy the entire Antos race, a people famous for their benevolence and peaceful pursuits?"

"That was my only miscalculation!"

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"Stadi, you're changing my mind about Betazoids."


"Oh that wasn't a compliment. Until today, I always considered your people warm and sensual."

Presumably a NG episode (Betazoids were unknown in Enterprise and original ST. I don't remember ever seeing one on Voyager, and only Lwaxana Troi on DS9.). It might be the one where Troi has a brief liaison with a negotiator who I think was also Betazoid.

If not, we need another clue!


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Almost forgot about this thread.

"At ease, before you sprain something.


I can be "warm and sensual."

Just not to me.

Do you always fly at women at warp speed...?

Only when they're in visual range.

Oh, and George, if you don't remember something, there might be a good reason for it.

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Ok, I guess this was too hard, and as I don't have a tape of it, I can't pull more quotes:

It's from Caretaker, the first episode of Voyager. The reason you don't remember the Betazoid is that she dies in the first hour, one of the reasons they needed to integrate the Maquis crew.

Here's a new one:

"All right, Colonel. The truth is, I'm a little green man from Alpha Centauri, a beautiful place. You ought to see it."

"I am going to lock you up for 200 years."

"That ought to be just about right."

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