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WOW!!! That's amazing, MStar. :o

I hope all our Greasespots are doing well and staying warm, dry and healthy in all this awful weather.

Nice Mstar. That is from a NASA instrument called MODIS rendered as "true color." Check out the grease ice in Lake Ontario. The "fingers" of ice are a little rare.

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Oh, dang, Shell! I HATE it when that happens.

We're getting a ton of rain and have been under a tornado watch all day. Good news is that the rain has nearly melted all the snow!!!!

But, more coming on Fri and Sat!!! I'm ready for spring!

I hope Kel found something else fun to do, poor thing!


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our tulips are up!

You're lucky!!! We're getting hammered here with our first major storm of the year.

We've already gotten 12 inches of snow & it's still coming down.

White-out conditions are everywhere.

Winds are coming in off of Lake Superior at a STEADY 45 mph, gusting up to 68 mph.

Pretty much every major road is shut down.

Every once in a while, the sky over Lake Superior is illuminated with lightening as well.

I barely made it home from work (3 1/2 miles), due to the wind and lack of visibility.

We'll see if I can get out of here tomorrow to go back.

This is supposed to last through Saturday evening. :(

(And I was ready for spring!!) :unsure:

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