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The Idiot Test


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The column of letters ---








had the caption above---

"Which of these watches should fill the blank spot."

Personally --am not sure about B, E, I, or L --- ;

But P meant (to me) Pocket Watch;

W meant Wrist Watch;

so I chose to click on S, for Stop watch.

I guessed correctly! :dance:

It is alphabetical is the first clue ... if you say the alphabet out loud, emphasizing the missing letters, you will see it. Tap your foot if it helps :) The question is for another puzzle ... you just have to guess the missing letter ... I noticed the questions get out of synch it seems

Okay Ms RottieGrrrl... do you know this one?

"Find one excessive word from both circles"

Two tan circles, left circle has 9 letters, right has 10

Each w/ a red question mark below

Need to choose two letters.....?!?!?!

no clue :confused:

I think I did that, what are the letters? then I can remember maybe

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