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songs remembered from just one line


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Nobody would mind you trying one. However, the turns generally go from

the person posting one song, to the person who guessed them correctly.

That means Waysider's waiting for confirmation he guessed correctly.

At that point, it's Waysider's turn.

However, since this isn't a religion, nobody's keeping score, and we

like to encourage more people to join in, Waysider MAY just say

"Ok, you can have the turn". (Although he doesn't HAVE to.)

One thing to remember is that, although ANY song that has been

broadcast is fair to post, the players here tend to be older,

so I try not to post many songs that never got airplay after, say,

1985. One exception I like to do is post songs that were re-released

by a different artists after 1985, but was released originally

before that, preferably longer. You could still post songs that got

released more recently, but fewer players will know them.

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What say ye, Waysider? Willing to give the lass your turn?


P.S. Gen and other hopefuls, this thread is to pick songs easily recognized by the first line. As WW pointed out, though, one man's "easily recognized" is another man's "head-scratcher"! :) "Name that Tune" is more for trying to stump the panel (which WW, inadvertently or not, has done a lot recently).

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No objections here.

Go for it!!!

Okay - One then that's not too Only Gen-2's generation, and I think EVERYONE should know

"I see trees of Green, red roses too..............."

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It doesn't count as a turn or anything, but just so this doesn't remain unanswered,


Yes WordWolf, One of my very favorite songs.

I yea! I remember this one! That brings back a lot of memories!


Hopes the memories are good ones. Your answer, of course, is spot on. Your go!

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