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what I wonder is.. what is the "twist" they will add the first time a participant breaks a bone..

then what next..

raped or pillaged hitch-hiking..

what kind of spin then..

what do they do then.. what to keep the illusion alive..

all I can say is.. the guy in charge is FULLY responsible..

I've done enough asking questions when this atrocity was only one year old..

you're on your own fella..

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Ahhh, c'mon, Ham.

They'll just "believe".

What could happen?

It ain't like a semi could mow you down as you tried to cross the highway or somethin'.

Heck, you can learn more from breaking the law (ie: hitch hiking) than you can from studying Genesis. VP (da foist) said so himself in the sound bite on that video.

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Great! Putting young girls out on the open road again and getting into vehicles with who knows? Whatever happens on that open road is leadership's responsibility. If someone gets raped, remember TWI's strategies, #1) Say nothing and 2) Blame the victim for not believing and not "listening to God". Remember, it's never the program's fault, never!

By the way, in one of the testimonies, an unmarried young man and young woman spend the night together in a hotel room? Do you really think that's a good idea? Oh, I'm sure nothing happened...this time. I suppose you think God put His stamp of approval on it because they got to pray for a lady with cancer. Yeah, but to Hell with morality right? I'm just being legalistic, huh? Go ahead, just put a couple of young hormone-propelled people together, let's see what happens because we all know how wise young people can be. Why reduce temptation? It's just work for you, right? In fact, let's not only not concern ourselves with reducing temptation, let's do what we can to increase it, see how well people "stand". We're not under the law so we can "honk" anyone we want, right? No consequences from that sort of behavior, oh no no no, even if it is "right-on".

S.O.W.E.R.S., congratulations. You're picking up right where TWI left off, you don't even have to go through stages, you're already there. You are already sowing some very very bad seed. I'm not sure even you can imagine what problems you're bringing on yourself and for the young people that look to you for guidance.

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I know nothing about what Victor Wierwille was told about his grandfather. Can you imagine having that name and knowing what evil his namesake committed? What was he told? Are we all liars? Was he "expected" to carry on religious work? I really could feel sorry for the guy if I knew how he was raised.

sudo (soft in his old age)

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*he* reads here..

don't ask me how I know.. I just know..

so.. how are you going to explain it.. when your followers.. start.

1. breaking bones. Yes, it's happened already. How do I know? Well.. I'm da Squirrel. See all, know all and all of that..

2. arriving late. to da appointment.. i.e. the gweatest experience of da worodagawd.. no greatness here. It's happened before..

3. Rapes, fondeling and pillages.. if not now, they are to come. How do you reconcile that with a *perfect* standing?

we'll see..

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Mr. Phoenix rising.. I'm sorry. For you. you would have been better off fighting off competition in a masters degree program somewhere..

and there is no guarantee of success..


your bachelors.. isn't worth a crap in the new environment..

maybe that is all I should say..

kids from other countries would have you for lunch..

Yeah.. they might have me as well. I hope the meal is nutritious..

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I looked at that site, the pics, video and thought... oh you poor kids...

Suckers - a new generation falling for the same old thing in a new package.

What makes young VP qualified to run anything? All he does is smile. Well, that's easy to do when you're the King. He's smiling all the way to the bank.

Ya. More like a Buzzard Going in Circles waitng for PREY!

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...Yeah, this guy is as gullible as they come...he buys into the whole shebang.

He's pushin' his granpa's package lock stock and barrel...

With a name like that...what else would you expect?

It doesn't help the gullible, especially the young ladies

{or old, ehhh emmm},

that he is a cutie patootie. ((((((shudder))))))

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this one fits slightly. More closely resembles the moneyhands *assignment* to the UK.. gawd have mercy on them..


good choice!

Waiting for the day when everyone wakes up and finds out it was just SPIT UNDER THE MICROSCOPE the entire time in The Way Internationaland to that LIE of VPW searing your brain like a cow being branded for ownership .

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Smith County, Mississippi.

I don't think I'd like to find myself trying to hitch a ride on one of its dark, deserted roads at 3AM because I'd just been "shown the door".

From their website:

"Any volunteer may be dismissed at any time and/or program cancelled (sp) at sole discretion of those charged with oversight."

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