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1 minute ago, Bolshevik said:

Similar thing happened with Hitler.  He spoke grievances to a large audience, the crowd applauded.  Nobody, can resist that, his ego grew.  Our interactions with others do affect our reality.  

Oftentimes in a horrible way.  Hitler was a great example of that.  Bol, you are so right; our interactions with others does affect our reality.  

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Have you ever known anyone who's done hard time, John? It doesn't sound like you have. You come across as being very naive about how the penal system actually works. I don't mean that as a personal af

There ARE some tech wizards who started out as nerds and geeks, and now are on top- society has shifted somewhat over the decades. Bol was pointing out that the school-level stuff often does not- wher

Way, I was often bullied in school, but I was bullied much more at home, by my brothers.  I think we as adults, need to teach our kids that bulling is wrong, and unacceptable behavior.

If you might indulge me- At least with the #MeToo and #TimesUp movements, criminal charges and jail times are Finally Happening for Predators and Abusers!! It does me good with my recovery to know that vpw absolutely deserved and hopefully would have gotten a Whole Lot of jail time had he been operating in "this day and time and hour"! Lcm too.  I can imagine all of their victims filing into the court room, sitting down, and witnessing vpw enter the courtroom.  He would have been smart enough to not testify for himself and then be grilled by the prosecuting attorney, but it would have been soooo good to see him squirm as witnesses gave their testimony... Wonder what his legal team would have cooked up???

I know that hurting ppl hurt ppl, and that God's justice is balanced with His mercy. But right now, I say that a Lifetime prison sentence for the sexual and power abuses, the plagarism, and the extreme damage to many marriages and families is totally in order.  Am very glad that some powerful ppl are not getting away with the crimes that he did.

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