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One The Way International Pedophile that didn't get away with it

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I agree with Waysider that even if there were people who had 'common decency' and a sense of right and wrong who entered TWI eventually it would be drummed out of them by the severely twisted way theology and practice.

Or they would have been sent on their way and lied about.

I agree with Waysider that even if there were people who had 'common decency' and a sense of right and wrong who entered TWI eventually it would be drummed out of them by the severely twisted way theology and practice.

Any average Joe anywhere would contact the parents, the authorities and a hospital at a minimum if a child were molested on their property while in their supervision. Thats a no brainer

You have to be a confused Way Grad to screw up something as obvious as that

The (gag) 'ministry' was built from the beginning to conceal sin, not to deal with it.

That's what happens when there's and "us v. them" mindset. "We'll handle it in house." How many times did you hear that? With TWI, that means the perp gets off scott free.

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Sorry, Rascal. My comments weren't directed at you. Lately, I've seen this sort of twisted nostalgia showing up on facebook and similar places. One thing I find interesting is that there seems to be a correlation between this nostalgic thinking and post-TWI splinter participation. However, I don't want to pursue that subject on this thread at the risk of sending this one off-topic.

I love these apologies, as if you were having a spat with each other, when you are really agreeing with each other. There were no doubt good people in the Way and good things done by these people. I maintain even that there were some good things taught, though others may well disagree. If the good was drummed out of these people, I think often this didn't happen for a long time. Why? Because, as Kristen Skedgell posted on one of her early posts on her blog, abusers take pains to hide abuse. Then when hints pop up, these people are conditioned not to recognize the hints. (See my last reply to her latest (December) blog post about not recognizing the first hints I got). I think the nostalgia mentioned above refers to the good things that people may have really experienced, but blocking out the abuse which was justified (by the abusers) in large part by the good.

I certainly understand how abuse basically overcomes any good, especially for the abused. It's just that we didn't all get involved with "The Way" ministry of abuse, but were attracted by some good we saw, even as this hidden abuse was taking place. So I have no arguments with someone who sees nothing but the bad.



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This is a disturbing thread on several levels. I do not disagree with any of the sentiment on this thread. It makes me think of 2 things.

1) - I think it's really 'convenient' that in 1994 twi threw all those people out for things like being in debt, being gay, or being unproductive. Because twi isn't an open door ministry anymore. They're God's elite believers. They're the best. They're the holy household of Zion. No second class believers HERE! And then they let a guy like Zachary Brodeur slip through the cracks. How does a 15 year old turn out like that? What does that say about his father? Why didn't "God's elite believers" catch it? If anybody in twi should have been delivered unto satan, it's this kid and possibly his parents.

2) - Some people want to get rid of the death penalty. I'd rather get rid of life imprisonment. If someone has done something so heinous that they need to be imprisoned for life, then what real value is their life at all? Some say that man does not have the right to take the life of another human. But somehow we DO have the right to force taxpayers to keep this scum alive as long as they live. Does this really make us compassionate, sensitive, and civilized, or does it just make us really stupid?

Most prisons amount to higher education for aspiring criminals. They are controlled by 'spirit filled' inmates who create a culture of fear and intimidation. Most people who survive prison say the best thing to do is just keep your mouth shut. Some guy goes to prison for, say, a burglary. Does 5 years during which time he is likely to be 'indoctrinated' into career crime. I hear that 75% of those who are released from prison return there eventually.

What if the worst element of the prison was eliminated? Yes, I mean put to death! Again, if someone has proven themselves to need life imprisonment, what good are they? If the worst of the prisoners were 'deleted' then the people who were in for less than a life term could do some kind of useful work which would help them upon their release. If THOSE prisoners still tried to be the terrorists in the prison, then they, too, could be eliminated. If someone, for whatever reason, cannot stop themselves from sexually assaulting those who can't defend themselves, then they should be put to death. Based on this thread, I would have no problem if Zachary Brodeur was put to death.

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Well, if the pot needs to be stirred again....

Joyce Stonecypher, is / was a nurse. She 'should' have known

EXACTLY what steps MUST to take in the case of, even an alleged

sexual assault against a minor.

That should make this all MUCH more unsettling, and potentially

more liability involved.

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I can only imagine that during the discussion of this event amongst the "household" one phrase surely came out: "that the ministry be not blamed".

I heard this half of a verse quoted a number of times when something that the ministry or someone in the ministry did was unsavory and the logic given for not talking about it or stopping others from talking about it was "that the ministry be not blamed".

I always though how bassackwards this was and would call people on it. I never witnessed something this evil but once this logic is introduced as the way to handle bad things that happened in the ministry it's an easy out to use.

2Co 6:3 Giving no offence in any thing, that the ministry be not blamed:

How could a verse be so misused?


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