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I'm sure this will be moved to the In Memoriam section, but I wanted it to be seen by people.

I don't have much to say, Jim and I had a falling out about 10 years ago the details of which aren't for this thread, suffice to say I'm not the only one who found him difficult to deal with.

I find it curious that there is no official obit, I'm not saying he's not dead, just that could this man have been so paranoid that he didn't even want the public to know he died?

Seems like he had a rough last 2 months mostly in the hospital.

Anyway just thought I'd post something since no one else did.


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Seth, it is not unusual these days for there to be no obit in newspapers. Many papers charge for them, and if most the friends and relatives are out of town it often is decided to bother with it. With email and social sites, word gets to those who need to know better that way.

RIP Jim Martin.

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I'm guessing that this Jim Martin was not VPW's son-in-law? I suspect that the Jim Martin I've met is older than 57.


Not VPW's son-in-law. This Jim was behind the billboard project and was friends with Patrick Roberge.

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I haven't talked to him in many years.

When Greasespot was first started, he was doing a mailing list.

He fought the good fight for people trying to escape from TWI. We were involved in a project to put up a billboard in New Knoxville. Someone Graffittied within hours after it was put up.

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