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Undertow - Escaping from the Fundamentalism and Cult Control of The Way International


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Just came to say how much I appreciate your openness in sharing your story.  I read your book this past summer and it was very eye opening.  I grew up in the way (born in 85) and left when I was 20.  My parents and brothers are still heavily involved, one being in the corps both in OH and in CO.  For those who have escaped and still have family members, the truth can be hard to navigate.  I often feel I may be too dramatic or overthinking what my childhood was and who I was surrounded by.  Reading your book and connecting with others is so validating.  Thank you for being honest and sharing your story so others can work through the healing process.

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Dear Kblosser, thank YOU for sharing here and for reading Undertow. I'm deeply grateful to learn that my story benefitted you.

Be comforted in knowing that many others are in your shoes, trying to figure out their path through life, too. I had a lot of support over the years, some from good folks I connected with on this site. 

I trust you have loving people in your life to be there for you.

Take good care of yourself.

Wishing you peace,



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