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Regarding the so-called myth of the six million


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On 6/29/2020 at 1:39 AM, Rocky said:

A local high school English teacher and I connected on FB a few days ago. I didn't tell her about Wierwille's obsession with a book called the Myth of the Six Million. But had I mentioned it, she would have known what I was referring to.

She recommended a book to me, Night by Elie Wiesel. It's the record of a witness. Mr. Wiesel was a child when he was taken to a concentration camp with his family.

This is not a discussion of politics then or now. My intent is simply to call attention to an original witness account of a significant era in 20th Century history.

It is available as a pdf file for no charge at the link above.

If you believe that history repeats itself, or at least rhymes, this book may interest you.

After I finish reading it, I might post a synopsis here.

Rocky, I read that book years ago, and I thought it was well-written, and very illuminating.  I would highly recommend it, and his other books.  I believe EW won the Nobel Peace Prize, back in 1988.  

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 The official Soviet position was that all Soviet Jews, like all Soviet people in general, were extremely happy and didn’t need any Promised Land. 


That sounds familiar right there.  Telling people what they feel.


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On 7/3/2020 at 2:24 AM, WordWolf said:

Hindsight is 20/20.    Those of us going through history NOW may possibly make mistakes about how dire a threat is-  which later history may consider transparent.   That has always been true.

For that matter, the Holocaust was such a mind-boggling things that- even with tens of thousands of eyewitnesses, thousands of survivors of many types,  confessions from former Nazis, and both detailed eyewitness accounts of the evidence left behind and filmed footage of same,  there's been plenty of people who've thought it was all a hoax.  In twi, it was called a hoax.  To this day, there's ex-twi and kids of ex-twi who are still convinced it was a hoax.

Yes, it can often seem like only an idiot could fail to understand the warnings of the past-  while we overlook or disregard the warnings of the present.    Hindsight is 20/20.


the other book twi pushed was "the Thirteenth Tribe", which claimed that the current Jews weren't descended from historical Jews at all, but were instead all descended from the Khazars. 

DNA tests were done.  The current Jews are descended from historical Jews. The current Jews are not descended from the Khazars. (Ok, a few somewhere probably are, but the overwhelming majority are not, in case you find ONE and think you've discredited thousands of tests.) 


As for the Holocaust being a hoax, some people insist the numbers were greatly inflated- although plenty of historical evidence says otherwise. 

As for the "scientist" Hoggan, he tried ridiculously UNscientific things to disprove the Holocaust.  He took a brick at random, from a wall that was rebuilt with new bricks, and allegedly tried to examine its surface for poison by crushing the entire brick, then testing the results.  Poison was not appreciably detected.  Well, no kidding!   IF it had been on the brick, the crushing THEN testing would have diluted the results.  Furthermore, no effort was made to actually get a brick that was exposed to poison gas, any old brick was grabbed- and many were added much later.  Of course THOSE would have no exposure to poison.   Shouldn't a "scientist" know better?   That's no better than Koestler, who wrote "the 13th Tribe" and made all sorts of technical error. The man was a Lamarckian and he wrote about genetics.  That's embarassing. 

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On 1/17/2021 at 8:01 PM, Grace Valerie Claire said:

Rocky, I read that book years ago, and I thought it was well-written, and very illuminating.  I would highly recommend it, and his other books.  I believe EW won the Nobel Peace Prize, back in 1988.  

I listened to it on audio book a couple years ago. That adds a whole other dimension and breaths a new life into it.

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