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The Cones of 2021


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All quiet for the moment, but there's a disturbance in the Atlantic heading northwest that could spell trouble for the east coast in the coming days. Not sure it gets a name, but don't think it cares.

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And here's a continually updated Atlantic map for this page of the thread.


The X's in the Atlantic look like the general start to a Florida/Gulf trajectory.  The good news for Texas is that now we're starting to see cold fronts which actually push through.  Those block storms and send them off to the east.


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Ok, not a cone, but look:

Peter and Rose [Charlie Hustle Hurricanes] are nothing to worry about, but look yonder, West of Africa.

See that red X? 

That one's got me ready to stock up on gas and empty store shelves of water.

Of course, could be nothing.

But yeah, keep an eye on it.



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