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What are the most evil shows on TV?


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Me too Rocky and Zix! Common ground here too.. That Married With Children used to gag me to the max. Roseanne too. I watched both of them a time or two to see why people liked it. Not only were the dads buffoons, but I just hated the sarcasm of the young kids..

And as an aside, do you know who absolutely loved to watch "Married With Children" and always made sure to tape the epsidodes if he had to miss them? Walter Cummins. I never could figure that one out...

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Originally posted by Zixar:

..., mostly through their portrayal of American fathers as idiotic throwbacks.

Well actualy, Zix, Ozzie Osbourne is British. icon_biggrin.gif:D-->

For me? Pretty much anything thats on the Big Three Networks (NBC, ABC, and CBS). They have been lacking quality programming for almost as long as cable has been out.

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Evil? There's a new show on cable that is based on Survivor called "Witch Hunt." The 13 contestants gather all kinds of evidence of the occult on one another. They are allowed to make things up, and to cheat, but the show plants various objects around each of them to be found by other contestants. At the end of the series they have a type of mock trial and they determine who is "Number 13," by who has the most convincing evidence of witchcraft against them (crystal balls, shrunken heads, remains of animal sacrifices are the kind of evidence they come up with). For the post-season finale, the 12 "righteous jurors" tie the "witch" to a post surrounded by a pile of wood and brush and they light it and burn him or her alive while they sing 17th century Puritan hymns. They even dress the part. The surviving family members of the "witch" win the $50,000 in prize money and the show covers the taxes, funeral expenses, fire insurance, etc, etc. Not really.

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Barney. Don't you know he's possessed.

Teletubbies - Tinky Winky is gay, ya know. icon_smile.gif:)-->

Seriously though, I like a lot of the children's shows on PBS, but the kids shows on the networks!!!! Already teaching the kids a female should have a waist the size of a shoe string with breasts the size of watermelons. Every dispute solved with violence and the good guys always win. What a way to set them up for disappointment!

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While stationed in Italy, we were told a few times about "sex and the city" and that we just had to see it when we returned stateside, I rented one episode once, we watched maybe 10 minutes.

For many years I have heard about the Radio jockey Howard Stern, and that he had a TV show. Now living on the East Coast we get it on TV, I watched it once and a few minutes.

I have worked in 2 police departments which each mirrored 'The Shield', I watched it a few times, I was just amazed that they could so capture the essence of Law Enforcement politics.

'Reality shows' and the Simpsons.

There are people who live on this junk.

Our 7, 9 and 10 years old come home and recite lines from each of these shows. Their peers absorb that garbage everyday.

We watch the: local news, West Wing, Star Trek - Enterprize, JAG or NCIS, otherwise the TV is off (except for PFAL, or Dr Dino)

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Definitely Oprah.

Ever see a pan of the audience with their wide-eyed, nodding in unison, shiney-happy people look as they listen to some New Age spew from "Dr." Phil?

Reminds me too much of a group of brain-washed, star struck, adoring pfal students watching the "dr" spew his message of mass hypnotism and "you're too stupid to think for yourself so let me do it for you."


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Pirate: I wouldn't be so quick to condemn all of Japanese animation based on the likes of "Pokemon" and its evil clones. Japan has produced some of the best animation ever filmed despite that dreck. They had some true visionaries of the art, like Miyazaki, Otomo, Tezuka, Tomino, Matsumoto, etc., etc.

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