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The Fear of Consequence

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Radar OReilly

Plays with the Salt and Pepper shakers

(1/26/01 11:49:33 am)

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Remember when we were told that *THE WORD* would never live into the next generation if we did not raise our children in *the word*? There are literally hundreds of young adults in their late teens through their twenties that have been raised in TWI. Some were literally born and raised it TWI, others parents got involved when they were toddlers or grade school age.

Some of these people went through the Jr. corps with their folks and then went through the adult corps themselves...we have a few of you here at GreaseSpot that are in this category.

Now that these folks are reaching adulthood many of them have had it with the garbage that TWI spews out. some of them are in college and got a big dose of reality and feel that their childhoods have been robbed from them. Recently one young person in this position related an interesting story to me. It seems that one particular college student has decided not to fellowhip with TWI any more, and the *innie* parents were mortified. So mortified that their 21 year old college student child has left *the protection of the household* that THEY TOOK OUT A LIFE INSURANCE POLICY to cover injury and death expenses now that this student is out from underneath the protection of ABS and Zion.

Any of you Second Generation folks wanna tell us your story?

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Plays with the Salt and Pepper shakers

(1/26/01 4:24:01 pm)

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Most of the ones Iknow went one of 2 ways.

Either Hook-Line-Sinker Wafer

and mostof thesewere the LCM wanna be Dad's

Or Bolted as fast as their 18 - I'm free - legs could carry them.

some young men hid in the military for fear of disappointing their totalitarian daddy's, somereally wnted to be military, after all, they were already all they could be in a TWI WC family.

Most Jr. Corps I knew fell in the bolted category...a few girls I know go for their Mom's sake and some stuck around thinking they might find a guy that at least didn't do drugs and believed in God.

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Only likes sourdough

(1/26/01 9:38:15 pm)

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Our kids were all raised in twi but we were never in the way corpse. None of them had trouble leaving twi with us. Our middle child was trying to get us to quit before we actually did. Right now he doesn't really want anything to do with any kind of fellowship but he does do our family fellowships with us when we do them. Our oldest is going to fellowship with CFF in Colorado (he lives there) and our youngest would probably go to fellowship with us somewhere if there was something available.


Likes juice squeezed not shaken

(1/31/01 10:20:29 pm)

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I agree with you WashingtonWeather. Many of us left as soon as possible and many of us stuck around doing "the will of the parents."

But the reasoning behind all of it are as different as the rest of us ex-twiers. I left after my parents did. Some left before their parents and some are still waiting for their parents to leave.

With the WOW program and the Way Disciple program, TWI made it very condusive for young people to leave the influence of their parents because the usually ended up in a totally different state. And if your parents were Way Corps there was no telling where they would be living from year to year. My own parents had to ask for permission for me to come visit them, and usually that decision went as high as the trunk coor. (my wife and I were both Adv Class grads and WOW vets).

The higher up the parents were on the leadership scale, the more likley the kids were to bolt. This is because they lived such sheltered lives. After living every breath in the name of TWI for 18 years, you can understand why they want to check out what "real" life is like. Then as soon as they venture out (just a little bit) there is always some local a-hole leader watching their every move and reproving the "young disciple" for everything they do. This in turn pushes the teen even further from TWI.

There certainly is a "fear of consequences", who would want to leave their family behind with the chance of never having full communication with them again. This not only deals with parents but also brothers and sisters and, life long friendships. Not only are they leaving the protection of the household, but they are leaving everyone that would help them should anything happen.

It's a sick game that they (TWI) play and they play it well. I'm just glad I cashed out before the stakes got any higher.

A ministry that tears families apart is not a ministry based on love. A ministry that is not based on love, is not a ministry of GOD.


Has Mail forwarded here

(2/1/01 8:19:04 am)

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I must have a masochistic streak cause I keep reading parts of this Way Mag. I read the Way Kids this morning and what struck me is that my heart really goes out to those who were raised in TWI and those whose families have been ripped apart because of TWI. So my prayer for all is that God will heal and reuinte these families.

I as also awash with overwhelming thankfulness that I have gotten out while my kids are still babes.

Radar OReilly

Plays with the Salt and Pepper shakers

(2/1/01 9:13:49 am)

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Re: Masochism


I am AMAZED that no one has commented on the very sick part of my original post.

It appears that there is such fear in twi that when a 21 year old woman, a college student at a major university, decided that she no longer wanted to be involved with TWI her parents took out an accidental death insurance policy on her to cover death and burial expenses!!!

Now, for the most part I would say.....cool, great thinking, on the part of any parents that can afford this and have this type of forethought......however, this family is not a wealthy family, I would be surprised if they have life insurance of any substance for themselves. This is nothing more than sheer FEAR taught by twi. The young woman is no longer *UNDER THE PROTECTION* of Zion....of GOD, because she is not abundant sharing, and has chosen to leave the household. This is SICK.


Grease Spot Breakfast Regular

(2/1/01 9:29:17 am)

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Re: Masochism


Yes Radar... It is sick and shows the real fear that people have about leaving that cult.

I recently spoke to a man who left in the mid 80s who has no inkling of why a person who really wanted to leave staff, just cannot pack up and leave without a second thought. It escapes him why people are so afraid to leave TWI and actually need outside assistance to leave.

Well, Radar's post here should remove all doubt. These parents are obviously absolutely convinced, that DEATH stalks their child who made a decision to leave The Way. I'd say these parents are also convinced, that should THEY decide to leave TWI, that the Devil himself is waiting to KILL THEM the instant they leave.

I know that before we left, we were told BY A FULL TIME PAID CLERGYMAN who STILL REPRESENTS THE WAY INTERNATIONAL that if we did not get a passion for their present truth, that my husband would DIE a lonely old man, that I would be HOBBLED FOR LIFE, and said within earshot of my daughter that she would become a STARK RAVING LUNATIC.

When I later informed my daughter that we had attended our last fellowship, she was HYSTERICAL because she believed what this man said. For months I walked around waiting for the "other shoe to drop" so to speak... waiting to be struck down by lightning, an illness, a bus... until I became aware I had been bewitched by spiritual scorcerers who claim to be speaking for God.

They will never admit it, but the people who are there, are HELD there by FEAR. It is called LEARNED HELPLESSNESS. They have been so taught that if they leave that something horrid will happen to them, that they stay there on there own accord... BOUND BY FEAR.


Pockets Sweet N Low

(2/1/01 1:20:29 pm)

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I did catch your fear thing Radar. And CC your story is equally as bad. The first time I tried to get out they told me I'd end up a drunk and a druggie and my marriage would fall apart. It worked and I stayed. The second time I decided to leave I refused to talk to them.

I watch my innie hubby and he is so struggling with this fear stuff and I can see it. On the one had I am his wife and the other of his kids and we've known eachother for ever. On the other I left TWI so I must be doomed, his kids are doomed because I won't allow them to be brainwashed, and the devil is out to kill his family. Its been a terrible thing for him to deal with this. But my hope and prayer is that he will see in time that no harm is coming to any of us and perhaps that will help to eliminate some of his fears.

I know when I first left, the first week or so I'd have this mild panic attacks and wonder what the heck it was I'd done. But in all reality I had it very easy where the fear thing is concerned. I've seen a lot of people go through a lot worse in getting out. And btw what else could possibly be keeping the rest of them in? Certainly not the quality leadership and prevailing Word!?!

Radar OReilly

Plays with the Salt and Pepper shakers

(2/1/01 1:36:56 pm)

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Dear Abigail,

I am so very, very sorry that you and your family have to go through this devilish torture. It is INCREDIBLE how much fear these people are living under. If nothing else works.....try reminding hubby about session one of PFAL.....that is is probably still his standard mentally...remind him of *millions now dying* and of course the whole segment where the subject is how fear is the cog in the sand of life. You have to deal with him on his belief level right now, no use trying to deprogram him all at once, it doesn't work and usually causes division between the partners. These situations are difficult but you can get through it, you have all the time in the world. Do not let TWI ruin your marriage and your family, that is just one more VICTORY for them.

I just added you to my list of Mixed Couples to pray for...there are a lot of you out there right now....maybe you can hook up with from here at GreaseSpot, alot can be gained and strength to be found amoungst the fellowship here.


Grease Spot Breakfast Regular

(2/1/01 1:54:47 pm)

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Re: fear


What else is keeping the rest of them in?

You and I know exactly what it is. But their conditioning will never allow them to name it as FEAR. Because to them, and to their leadership, fear represents weakness, represents disobedience. They will never voice their fears. They would never allow themselves to do anything that would cause them to fear. If they left, they would be afraid, so they stay. The fear is something they beat back into the far recesses of their mind and soothe their consciences with the lies they've been fed in order to justify staying.

Many would secretly love to leave. There are times when they long to be free of the bondage they find themselves in, but they use a taskmaster's whip to keep themselves in line. Whenever they consider leaving, they bring to their remembrance all the warnings they have received from their leadership, to talk themselves into staying.

They have been told that "There is nothing else out there". They have been told that the only thing that awaits a person who leaves the "safety of the household" is spiritual and physical devastation. The leadership they have mistakenly put too much trust in, have warned them with scripture about the calamity that awaits the "disobedient. The leadership lie about those who have left, use anything they can to prove that only horror awaits the people who disobey or leave. So the oppressed figure that as bad as things are in their current situation, what is "out there" in the unknown has to be far worse than what they currently endure.

So they live with a candy-coated lie. They rehearse to themselves all the reasons they should stay, Tell themselves they are serving God by remaining "faithful" to the "ministry that taught them the Word", all the while not realizing God has abandoned the organization and is beckoning His people to leave.

However their allegience and praise to the true God has been eroded and diverted to an organization instead of His Majesty. Unknowingly, their commitment and obedience is to their "leadership", seduced away from the One who bought and paid for their lives. Because of this, it does not surprise me that people miss God's guidance to get out. They have turned a deaf ear to His voice, and now mistake him for the Devil trying to tempt them away from the truth.

TWI has perverted, and diverted worship of the True God, to itself.


TWI is ANTI Christ.


Pockets Sweet N Low

(2/1/01 2:06:19 pm)

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Radar - Thanks for the prayers! And yes I have connected with a couple who are in similar situations,

Catcup - dont you know yet? Its not fear its just commone sense. At least thats their response when confronted about using fear tactics.


Most Likely to Post in ME ME ME

(2/1/01 5:29:18 pm)

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The innies don't think they are being fearful. They think they are believing: just being aware of God's truth and wisdom regarding the adversary; knowing how to stay out of the devil's clutches. They would say it's a good thing.


Likes juice squeezed not shaken

(2/1/01 6:52:00 pm)

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well, to add fuel to the fire, my folks told me that I will be back with the way when something bad enough happens in my life, that i will "wake up" and realize my mistake for leaving! how do you like them apples, eh? FEAR FEAR FEAR! You are right radar and catcup, fear is the ultimate motivation of this "disorginization"...

They are losing the very foundation of any ministry-- its youth. Without the youth,their is no future of the way. When the kids grow up, and find out what life is really like, that it is not some mythology, with devil spirits lurking around every corner, they say "to hell with this"...

One of the biggest mistakes LCM ever did was promote going to college when he taught out of exodus that one rock. Yes, a ministry of college grads would be a great ego boost, but little did he know that us kids would get educated and question question question. And we all know that the Way loves questions dont we?? "um, excuse me, please save all your questions util AFTER the entire class is over...", "um, excuse me, please do not interrupt the teacher.."

And the youth that are still left are basically LCM wanna bes or forced into it by overbearing parents, folling in his footsteps. Were you shocked by sex at the rock? Just following the example, folks...

uriah "to hell with this" 2001


Stayed until Midnight yesterday

(2/1/01 7:21:48 pm)

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I know of a similar situation of a couple and one of their daughters in Florida. I could see her parents doing the same thing because her dad is a sold out LCM boy, right down to the accent. I'm sure their are several similar situations going on in the ministry of twi and probably will be for a time to come.



Only likes sourdough

(2/1/01 7:36:34 pm)

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Re: re: fear of consequences


So.....God is so ineffectual and unloving that he can't and won't help you and protect unless you remain in one specific organization???

God who created the heavens and the earth is limited to this miniscule amount of people who remain in TWI?

So...Jesus Christ didn't die for us all, only the faithful remnant of TWI???

Yeah, uh huh....I see....hmmmmmm


Pockets Sweet N Low

(2/1/01 8:33:53 pm)

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Funny you should mention collage and teaching the next generation. Shortly before I got out......hmmm it was when LCM's "affair" was announced. After the announcement our bc went to some length to teach us about how the advesary wants to make sure the TRUTH of God's Word did not survive to the seventh generation and that it was very very important we keep teach our kids and keep them on the WAY of Holiness.

Mark Coomer

Had Fries with Gravy last night

(2/1/01 10:24:52 pm)

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This story is a repeat from another thread, but when I went out WOW2 ('77-'78), Weirwille had us raise our right hand and swear an oath to God that we would not "leave the field." Too many WOWs had left the field the year before, he said, and that had opened the door for the Adversary to harm their "natural families," sometimes even causing the death of a family member.

Believing that, I stayed on "the field." What a horrible year. Fortunately, that experience was a watershed for me. My heart was never quite the same for TWI and my eventual departure (about '88-'89) was not traumatic or fearful.

Anyway, on the same topic, I would like to talk with you about some things and maybe get some input from you.

If you could e-mail me or call me at work that would be great.




Stayed until Midnight yesterday

(2/2/01 6:08:09 am)

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I know about what you just described and I know the people.

It makes me want to whip some a.......s.......s. It just blows my mind how twi has so twisted peoples minds to do and speak the things of the adversary. We know who the author of death is and so do they but they make statements like that about their own flesh and blood. Its a sad day for God... like you said, its without natural affection.



Pockets Sweet N Low

(2/2/01 8:02:08 am)

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Thank you soooooo much for sharing that awful story.

Hubby went out for coffee last night with a couple of innies who's spouses are out. Was talking to me about how even though their spouses are out they still support the innies and support their kids involvement.

In my stupor I started thinking, it isn't all bad, maybe it would't be soooo horrible if I let my kids go a little bit!!!!!

Geez I can be soooo dumb sometimes! Thanks for waking me up this morning.

Course I knew coming here would to that which is part of the reason why I spend so much time here.


Stayed until Midnight yesterday

(2/2/01 1:38:13 pm)

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HopeRich--wow, what a post! I know of MANY stories of teens and young folks "runnig away from home" because of overbearing Way parents. Awsome job standing up to the BC's! For the BC's to even talk about their kid like that shows how INSANE these people can be. They put the dogma of the ministry over the life of their own child. And these people are leaders, no telling what effects in their teaching and life these thoughts have caused and continue to cause. I am sure that are looked up to as "great examples", too.

The whole thing just makes me sick...



Plays with the Salt and Pepper shakers

(2/2/01 4:22:16 pm)

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In some states, we can report these abuses to Health and Human Services........of course,it really depends, but as Watered Garden has mentioned on another thread, physical abuse of children was very much the standard.

I think this FL leader (and I really am dying to know the name..I admit) should be watched by anybody who can. Some of these leaders are not past murderous threats, especially if they are going around saying someone is better of dead! That should not be taken lightly, most of all, by the young woman it was said about.


Grease Spot Citizen Extraordinaire

(2/2/01 5:37:51 pm)

Reply | Edit | Del TRUTH dispells (not misspells) fear!


I'm surprised nobody has picked up on the subject line HopeRich used.

Without natural affection.

Isn't that the expression in King James used to label homosexuals?

HOWEVER -- Hope, your description, as gut wrenching as it must be for you, gives new insight, possibly EXACTLY what is the intended insight for that expression as used... isn't it in Romans?

Isn't it used in the context of being separating from God?

This is a very big deal.

Perhaps it's an insight that a fence rider might ponder to help free her or his perspective of the chains of emotional bondage.

I also very much appreciated Uriah2001's insight on going to college.

I also, now 46, credit my readiness to leave twi in 86 on having determined to get through college, which I did full time between the ages of 28 and 31 (I had one semester when I was 1 .

Having to give consideration to the content of courses on the humanities and social sciences especially, but really all of it was helpful in developing my ability to think and to have knowledge against which to measure my experience in twi.

One of the "highlights" (really, lowlights) that I remember hearing repeatedly (at least from time to time) had to do with becoming what you feed your mind.

Even during my time in twi (mid 70's - 1986) VP and LCM were concerned about people keeping themselves from having truth to measure them against.

Fact is, the TRUTH can set you free. So shine the light of the TRUTH on their sorry asses and set some folks free!


Y8K Priestess of THE

(2/2/01 9:04:05 pm)

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Hope -

Holy cow...

I mean... really... holy freaking cow.

I can't believe things like this would go on... and yet I do.

Thanks for freaking me out.

I mean that. Stories like these have power.


Hasn't gotten sick once from the food

(2/3/01 9:40:04 am)



When innocent kids pay a high price for twi’s controlling ways, it is really hard to stomach.

As part of my recovery from twi, I took a class in college called Human Relations, which was taught by an ex-Catholic priest. One of the things he shared was that he believed that the best way to train a child was to let them reap the direct consequences of their actions…if they ran up a $200 cell phone bill have them pay it, not you (sorry, my step daughter's best friend's parents are paying it for her)to not try and protect our kids from the consequences….that if you do, they will be more likely to make the same mistake again.

Basically, he was saying to trust the sowing and reaping process. This made me think about how loving God is to set life up this way for the most part…..yes, we get mercy from time to time and I still give my kids mercy for sure, but I see consequences as a powerful life learning tool, now.

Twi use to teach that God was our sufficiency and that if we believed that we had nothing to fear……what happened to that teaching???? I guess that would give people courage to leave.


Likes juice squeezed not shaken

(2/3/01 10:05:21 am)

Reply | Edit | Del A Question for You All...


These stories are tragic and absolutely shocking!

Have any of you seriously thought about going to the local media about this?

I believe that telling your stories to the local papers (in the NK area, or whatever) or the TV news would really expose this outfit for what it really is and would help many who are still in and want desperately to get out. We can tell each other about this stuff until we're all blue in the face and it's not going to do a whole lot of good.

It would be nice to find a journalist who is sympathetic to the plight of those who are "stuck" in and there is enough public interest in this story.

I sure hope to God that TWI doesn't have the media duped!

Maybe this is a topic for a seperate thread, I don't know...


Polishes the silverware

(2/3/01 1:35:37 pm)

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un-for-f*ckin-believable!! How can these things be?? I thought God so loved the nasty old, "un-believing" world that He gave and you know the rest!!!

**it truly is a shame, though, when someone exercises their God-given right to choose. How messily uncomfortable for these Way-nal retentive Bible Handymen when one of their own off-spring does something hideously messy like think for one's self and choose. How uncomfortable in front of one's "people"!!

**These folks need an icy-cold shower of REALITY outside their twisted little cocoon.

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Fresh Air777

Grease Spot Breakfast Regular

(2/3/01 2:13:46 pm)

Reply | Edit | Del mr. martindale's morbid mania


Sounds like those who followed the dark agendas of mr. martindale's

morbid mania can't stand to see even their own children walk away

from the cult.

You advanced class grads who lurk here.........walk away NOW! This

dangerous cult just ain't satisfied until the committed THINK like 'em,

ACT like 'em, TALK like 'em, and host this MORBID MANIA!!!

Sheeesh. Listening to that "Wash your feet in the blood of the wicked"

song by Sway Defunctions one too many times has dem Florida corps

bewitched. What next? Voodoo dolls and black magic?


Has had one cup of Java too many

(2/3/01 2:39:47 pm)

Reply | Edit | Del college for inninies


I wonder if this is why most (not all) way grads from nk go to either toledo or bowling green?? I know that the ones who go to these two colleges try to get together for fellowship.I also know that a lot of them have to let their parents know exactly what classes they are taking.

I wonder if that is so they do not take any classes that would allow their minds to be opened to the real world? Man just thinking about this makes me sick. I hope that most of them can get away from this bondage soon.


Plays with the Salt and Pepper shakers

(2/5/01 8:50:42 am)

Reply | Edit | Del college


nknative - you made an excellent point. It was taught by the great lcm himself that our college kids are not old enough or repsonsible enough to be out there in that devil spirit world on their own. All parents of college kids were told that the kids should send their parents weekly schedules of all of their time and activities for parental approval, they should check in with their parents by phone weekly, daily? a lot. Basically the idea was that the parents are to control their college kids just as they would their minor children. How else are they gonna keep them from leaving twi?


Loves the Grits

(2/5/01 6:20:28 pm)

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Re: college


I also seem to remember him saying that a young person in college should be a Liberal Arts major. Anyone remember what his reasoning was?

Hope R.


Likes Ketchup on Everything

(2/5/01 8:06:54 pm)

Reply | Edit | Del Re: college


Yes I do, LCM likes a variety... of well rounded individuals. He FELT they had a better opportunity for different employment.



Stayed until Midnight yesterday

(2/6/01 8:10:09 am)

Reply | Edit | Del college kids


Abigail wrote,

"It was taught by the great lcm himself that our college kids are not old enough or responsible enough to be out there in that devil spirit world on their own."

Hmm, most of US were high school/college kids when we got into TWI. The TWI leadership seemed to trust our ability to think independently THEN, didn't they? Or maybe they actually knew how impressionable we were, and how easy to dupe?



Only likes sourdough

(2/7/01 2:00:54 am)

Reply | Edit | Del the fear of consequences


Thank you HOPE for sharing that "unpleasant" but revealing story. I had no idea that the way was THAT ate up. What is WAYGB? I don't get it.

And John, I agree with you about Sarah and JP. I did not realize it was as bad as them not being able to see their mom!!! that is totally ate up. And the land was supposed to stay in the W family, what a drag when someone is so full of fear and guilt he can't even get his will right!!Children of Military go off the deep end alot too. They must "escape" and some make it later on. Same thing.


Grease Spot Breakfast Regular

(2/15/01 7:30:32 pm)

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Re: the fear of consequences


I can remember my LC's wife standing up in a BC meeting and yelling with tears that she loved the word more than her children. That she knew in her heart that was what really loving God and His word was really all about and her children had just damn well better get that straight about her.

This is current Way Leadership...and how they teach the Faith, Hope and Charity! to their children.

How embarrasing (downright damaging) to a child of that mother and have had to sit there present at that meeting.


Grease Spot Java Junkie

(2/15/01 8:07:01 pm)

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Re: the fear of consequences


I think a real under reported part of the wicked underbelly of The Way is how they treated the children. I believe they interfered with the natural bond between parent and child. You have prime examples right here on this thread where mothers detached their natural bond with their children, due to teachings from The Way.

The things the children had to listen to were absolutely horrific. What kind of terror is stricken in a young child's hearts when he hears people say that if so and so's child had been in the Old Testament, they would have been stoned? That this parent feels it would have been easier on THEM if their child had simply died? Is that not a death wish of the parent toward the child? Where does that go in a young impressionable heart? The kinds of things we are reading on this thread are sick. Psychologically sick. Evidence of exactly how harmful involvement in twi is to the most innocent of the victims... the children.

I am SO sorry I raised my daughter in TWI. She heard many of the same things mentioned on this thread. Including her own AC (whom I had taught her to revere as God's mouthpiece) who "prophesied" that she would literally go insane if we didn't get a passion for the truth. Heard him say her father would die, her mother stricken with being permanently injured. Twelve years of that wickedness robbed her of a lot of things.

These are just SOME of the threats TWI uses to grip fast with fear the hearts of their people while they rape their minds and hearts, if not bodies.


Grease Spot Regular

(2/15/01 8:40:15 pm)

Reply | Edit | Del The Fear of Consequences


one of my major concerns in my life was how to raise our children after twi. I can imagine this was so hurtful for you and then a youung girl going thru that - and then twi thinking she would want to be part of it later in her life. My children taught me early on that it was ok to worship God in other ways. They asked to go to Vacation Bible school in the younger grades. I shook with FEAR that OH MY they might learn some devilish thing. To my surprise a 7 year old teaches mom (she did not know) a lot!!! We had the greatest Bible discussion following each day of vacation Bible School right then I realized OH MY what did I or was I going to do to my children by staying in twi. God's love is like the rainbow!! Colors everywhere - we were use to black and white. We worked though a lot of Bible just by simply letting her go though summer vacation bible school. It was all about Love,

Kindness and caring!!! There were also parables and other bible stories that we worked on!! My children have taught me that it is ok to explore.

The spoon was another thing that I used fairly often - once we left away that went. When I see people with those spoons I just want to grab them and break them in to. I believe in disciple - but that spoon did and could be out of control!!! Not every child has the same ability to sit perfectly still for 30 minutes to and hour.


Grease Spot Cafe Discoverer

(2/17/01 1:20:49 am)

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When VPW first spoke in tongues God supposedly told him many things. The last I heard no one was able "to receive" most of it, so quite a bit must have gone to the grave with him. One thing he did mention that was revealed to him, was the entire Wierwille family had to stand with him on the word or the whole thing would be lost (paraphrased). He made this statement when one of his daughter's was waivering in her steadfastness. He was visibily upset that she was teetering on leaving twi.

VP even had to resort to using fear of consequences to keep his own earthly family following his plagiarized "truths". He must have asked himself, "how bad does it look to my followers when the MOG's own children run out on him"?

Can you imagine how hard it must have been for her to carry on a conversation with her father, let along look him in the eye? If any of the other Wierwille children harbored thoughts of leaving, the condemnation they were feeling must have been horrific.

The depths he would stoop to just to keep his little empire going! Obviously he successfully passed his "techniques" on to LCM, RFR, etc, etc.

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For the long version, go to My Story, Manofathousandscreennames.

One of the methods the organization uses to keep the rank and file in line is the threat of being marked and avoided. This is very similar to the Amish practice of shunning. Within days, people who were supposedly my

best friends in the whole wide world, had great difficulty if not found it impossible to talk to me. My social circle disappeared faster than a computer file can.

Later on, I made the apparent mistake of talking to someone who expressed a desire to extricate themselves from the evil empire. I hadn't even set a date to talk further to this person when I got a phone call from one of the

local gang leaders.

It was approximately 11 o'clock at night. I had been asleep for about an hour. Therefore, I was fairly foggy for most of the phone call. The last thing this person said to me was (and this is a paraphrase) "You better walk down the street looking behind your back". As in, should I have continued talking to people who were dissatisfied with the status quo of the organization. An obvious attempt at the "love of God in the renewed mind in manifestation". I've since learned, they tack on "toward the household". Present truth abounds.

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