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I attended a black Pentecostal church by myself (get the pattern) in Montego Bay, Jamaica. I was the first to leave -- after 2 hours.

I carried my wife's books to school 10 minutes after I met her (I was 17, she was 16). We dated for 2 months; then married 20 years later.

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I'm just a rev. who can't say no!

..and it helps pay the bills.

I do these extra ones entirely on my own time - above and beyond the 55 plus hours a week I put in for the church that's hired me.

I feel sometimes like a pop singer having to sing her greatest hit at every concert - but it's ok. Can you see them holding up their BIC lighters?

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In Jan. 2001, a guy who bought a video tape claimed it was a copy. He ignored the note I always send saying "If you're not 100% satisfied contact me and I'll make it right."

While checking the date just now, I noticed he's never bought or sold anything else on E-bay - It think my curse might have worked. icon_wink.gif;)-->

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George, No one asked how I do it - but this also explains how I can quiet a bar, of course

It's the collar, man, the collar

- try it sometime

I've even seen it work in a convenience mart.

A very expensive jewelry store too (guilt?).

- though Lenny Bruce got arrested when he did

(he was going door-to-door in Miami collecting money for an 'orphanage').


Please don't imagine me as the one with the red large print hymnal. My weight is down and I'm pretty fit these days, thank you.. IL'm a tad older than the guy in the midlle and the guy with the coffee cup. Wait! The guy on the left! Oh yea! Rev. Sean Connery! Uh huh... das right! Can I get that photo under my user name?

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"George, No one asked how I do it - but this also explains how I can quiet a bar, of course"

"It's the collar, man, the collar"

I did not ask, as I knew.

"- try it sometime

I've even seen it work in a convenience mart."

I have done just that, it is fun.

Good to 'see' you again.


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I like to sleep till noon but my wife says its a waste of time.

As a kid I hoped a train and rode it about 200 miles from home. I saw it in the movies

thought it would be cool. Parents had to come get me,very ....ed off. On that trip I had

my first taste of copenhagen from a hobo named Slim.

In high school I streaked a football game at half time.

My first pfal class I was on speed for 3 sessions.

Had sex on the limb cords desk when he was in the back yard.

Gave a scratch off ticket to a co-worker for a gift and he scratched off $5000.

Hitchhiked across three states to get to R.O.A.

Won a chicken wing eating contest.

Was arrested for purse snatching (was not me) but had a broken leg at the time.

Never ever want to be single again or without my wife.


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If you look at #4 you will see I was a wild child(not proud of some of the things I have done).

The way it went down I was a 18 yr old kid who got wrapped up in the way and all its greatness and I wanted to

share my new found glory with everyone.

Long story short I brought everyone to fellowship I talked to.

This was a limb day or clean the limb house something like that.

I brought this little vixon who I dated a few months before pfal.

We were assinged to clean this guys office and a few bathrooms.

Well she is bored after cleaning the bathrooms and wants to leave.

She says you changed so much you used to be fun now all you do is talk about God and fellowship.

I go on the defensive and state I haven't changed that much and this is fun(lol) its a honor to clean for this guy.

She pulls up her skirt, sits on the desk and says lets have some fun.

Well I was about 18 so you know the rest of the story.

By the way every time I and the wife are in some leaders office I always bring it up but the wife just isn't any fun.

But we always get a big laugh out of it.


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