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Pawtucket, that's about the funniest post I've read in a long time.

By the way, it's rumored that someone sounding like John Linder (though kind of high-pitched, at the time) was overheard saying, "Get behind me Satan!"

I hesitate to speculate, naturally, but I think the proper interpretation of this verse might be in its "present truth" context. I shudder to think if it's been used before - or how often.

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That's an understatement, Belle. The "lost" thread comprised of Satori in his finest hour..

Its around here somewhere.. maybe JL has a copy of it he can share with us.

Oh, welcome back! Hope you enjoyed yourself.

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He "doesn't want his name tarnished like that"????

Then he never should have sold his soul to begin with.

What about the names L*nder worked around the clock to tarnish himself? Women whom he falsely accused or defamed on various websites like NoWayOut and WayDale?

L*nder, you put your own name to shame by your own behavior.

Satori just told it like it is.

If you can't surf with the big dogs, stay off the net.

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