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  1. lemme look at this Fuhrman diet and maybe Ill go along for the ride....

    I did start walking a year ago....about 4 months - stopped for 3 then started up again in June--now run 3 miles 3x a week --usually--it takes me 45 minutes--but I sweat so something must be happening...my triglycerides were up too and I quit drinking when I became allergic to nickel 4 years ago...it sets off my skin. I have gone down 1 pant size...but have to get blood work down to know about the other... I also sleep better...but I am still a 16...

    I did take Omega 3s and was taking calcium too...but was farting like crazy so I stopped....which one do you think does that?

  2. he's run through everyone else--so all he has left is the website itself (and our Paw).......he could always just go start his own since I have yet to see a contribution here-but then - who would stick around--unfortunately, I don't post a lot but do read a lot, and find his post always antagonistic..sorry Paw- not trying to attack personally, just giving my observation.

  3. Belle - its always hard to believe we are right about our gut instinct when we are surrounded by everything that tells us that instinct is wrong. Erosion happens and some people succomb (Stockholm Syndrome counts on that very process)


    Old Chinese Proverb says

    Slander can never hurt the honest person, when the river recedes the rock is still there.

    (not sure it doesn't hurt a little, but youget the idea)

    The way people were excellent at slandering individusals and families.

  4. Gingerbread cake --- this says fall at our house.

    bake at 350

    .5 cup butter

    .5 cup sugar

    1 egg

    1 cup (or a littlemore) Molasses

    2.5 cups flour

    1.5 teaspoon soda

    1 teaspoon cinnamon

    1 teaspoon ginger ( I add more)

    1 cup hot water

    cream butter and sugar

    add egg and molasses

    sift dry ingredients together

    Alternate flour stuff and water

    13x9x2 pan -- this cook very even and is good for transportation with a lid

    bake 40-50 minutes -- here in NM I only cook 35-40 on humid days

    Serve warm with dollops of unsweetened Whipped Cream (the real stuff)

  5. not to sound like a broken record that has run through all our minds, but didn't the devil come to steal kill and destroy --- what are these people reading -- not the same bible I read.

  6. WG - I have the book...read the book...figure on selling it in a garage sale or the next donation truck that cmes by...

    definately - very wayish --high maintenance christianity if you ask me...

    Whenever God is reduced to a book and a formula-- I am suspicious...I gave the book a shot -- thought it shallow and formilaic and felt that even my own knowledge of God was better than the book.

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