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    "Twinky said..."? No, no, no, no, no! Vern said! And Twinky says: "Yeah, riiiight...!" "Cease to be part of the problem"??? (They are the problem!") Be teachable"? (Don't make me laugh!) "See us and know we are His" (see us and run a mile, more like). Since TWI's own MO since its beginning was to be contentious, and thereby to be ... "dividing the body of Christ" I don't seen how things are going to change. What's your position statement, Vern? And where are your efforts to (re)join as "members of Christ’s Body" and fellowship with actual Christians, and even (ha!) to do as Christ commanded - to love God AND to love fellow human beings? And Vern, do remember that other human beings IS NOT limited to other Wayfers. God pours his blessings on the rich and the poor, the believers and the unbelievers. He loves us all (TWI forgets that) and doesn't wish anyone to perish. Sorry, so far, I'm not convinced. But if you're serious, you're welcome to come along to my church and see how we do things, and find out what real Christian community is about.
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    And go and visit some of the cities in Europe that were emptied of their Jewish populations. See where they were forced to live, work. See the lists of names in the remains of synagogues; and the records in other locations.
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    There is a small number of survivors still alive, and some have written books. Others have died in the last decade or two. There's talk of 6 million people of Jewish extraction. There are also millions more of other groups: gypsies, darker skinned people, homosexuals, disabled people - and intellectuals. Some estimate these others at about 4 million; they're often completely overlooked. Even now, the true numbers murdered by the regime are unknown. For this reason, I'm very alarmed when any bunch of people start demonizing any other group. It starts somewhere. Let's demonize ... hmm, Muslims. Yeah, they look different. Let's focus blame for all our problems on them, they're different. NO!!!!! Some are bad people and/or extremists. Most are not. Deal with the hate, inequality, privilege, issues. (I won't say any more, or this could become too political, and my intent is not that but to get people to examine their own prejudices.)
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    That's the general consensus from threads here on the subject. There was one or two people who initially gave them the benefit of the doubt, but for the most part, it was viewed as pretty much ssdd as twi.
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    What these dip s——-s don’t understand is we that have left have marked and avoided them!
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    "Probably?" a recognizable face? For you, a VERY recognizable face, with a VERY recognizable voice. (AFAIK.)
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    I wonder if she received a lovely twenty year paperweight for her desk? I'm sure there were many accolades of her for so many years of faithful service and how thankful everyone in way world is for her life. Of course this was said with extreme sarcasm.
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    So I have a medical condition that precludes seeds, nuts, raw grains. Does that mean I'm eating devil's food? As Bugs Bunny would say "what a maroon!"
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    This is not surprising. At age 80.....I would imagine that Rosalie is tired, truly tired, of keeping up daily pretenses. And, looking in her mirror.....it was time to face the reality that her aged body is not camera-ready without a lot of constant work. The daily grind of details.....who quit, who exited, and who is going to go in and do damage control. Hundreds of corps have exited since 2005. And, that 2017 exodus took a swath of "big-names" (moynihans, forts, horneys, magnellis, fredericks, etc.) many who'd been involved since the early 70s. Even for Rosa-lie.....that had to be depressing. Could it be that this last *patch it up before leaving* was Rosa-lie's attempt to save a smidgeon of her legacy? Yeah, a legacy of destruction. No matter. Life moves on......and the new guys who've been groomed in way-religion will "follow the yellow brick road." They heard Wierwille was a whiz of a wiz.....if ever a wiz there was! After martindale was ousted, Rosa-lie made sure wierwille regained his mog-title, in full. When all is said and done......I think that Rosa-lie was holding out for that 20-year badge of honor. She held the presidency for 20 years.....after martindale was kicked out for sexual predation (public confession in April 2000 of a "one-time affair" with Ms. Allen). Thus, Rosa-lie held the throne from April 2000 - June 2020. She had to clean up that unfortunate mishap with choosing Jean-Yves to run things. But now.....she can claim to have held the post for 20 years as she holds onto this legend in her own mind. So now, Rosalie will sit in an emeritus seat alongside Howard (the Duck) and Wanda. What grand company the emeritus group is..... LOL There will be no change.....just a reshuffling of the deck chairs. .
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    That right there, had I known at the time, could have sent me running for the hills away from twi. It's barbaric to cook/serve food without garlic or onions. Absolutely barbaric.
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    It always made me chuckle when I sat at or near Ralph Dubofsky's table at lunch in the HQ dining hall during my interim year of 1983-84. His wife at the time, Lori, always brought a bowl of raw, cut onions along with their children when she came for lunch. People who knew this made it a habit of sitting at their table so they could have onions on their salad.
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    If I’m not mistaken wierwille had a similar pet peeve about garlic…that’s too bad – considering all the natural benefits of garlic and onion – a natural antibiotic, a blood-cleanser, natural anti-fungal & antibacterial ( also see - Huff Post article )…I’ve had pneumonia a few times and have to watch out for some cold or flu virus I catch developing into bronchitis. Nowadays, it’s usually a trip to the doc if I have a lot of trouble getting over it; but in health battles of this nature I also always go with some old family remedy – eating garlic and onion – plain or in a salad or some meal…at the top of my first grocery list when the pandemic started was a bunch of garlic and onions.
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    Mr. Garden frequently cooks potatoes and onions together. The onions perfume the house. To me, it's the scent of a beloved man enjoying a meal. I was flabbergasted at the thought of every one lining up their taste buds with his. So not right!
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    Watered Garden, you brought back some memories !! I remember complaining once about the toddlers getting the seconds (left overs from the adults mains) we're talking toast that was burnt, stale and hard as a rock..I yelled that loud it got changed immediately...so they weren't ALL deaf ears...
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    Nancy Hearne obit. https://www.legacy.com/obituaries/wapakdailynews/obituary.aspx?pid=180506061
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    “Be Ye Fruitful” book. https://www.amazon.com/Fruitful-Hearne-Organic-Gardening-Dept/dp/B0024H6358
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    The worst part was only the Head Table got coffee!
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    Waxit, we were made complete in Christ, who observed all the tenets of the law. We were circumcised with him (so, for males, that's the end of mutilation of private parts). We were buried with him; we were baptised in him, we were raised with him. Jesus took away our sin and our sins. I wonder, do you think Jesus is alive and well, observing the sabbath in heaven or wherever he is? We who believe kept the law with him, we kept the sabbath with him, and we are freed from the law with him. For the dead are not subject to any laws. I believe that Jesus is alive and well in his spiritual body, in my church (and in many others) and in that form he observes a sabbath rest (of sorts) on Sundays and other days too. I say "of sorts" because the good work of my church doesn't stop on Sundays, but we're out there looking out for hurt and needy people, and fellowshipping with each other. We do that on Mondays, Tuesdays, Wednesdays, Thursdays, Fridays AND SATURDAYS. I believe Jesus is with each one of us as we do that, too.
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    What is your real reason for not accepting the grace of God, and having to do one better than Jesus?
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    Ignore? Or accept the heart of it? The heart of it is: rest, on a regular basis. And I have told you, time and again, how it is that I personally honour God and God's rest. I did ask you why God would be so petty as to demand that rest be on one particular day only, and condemn all those who love him but honour him on a different day. You didn't answer that. It's good that you honour God on a regular basis each week; I'm glad that you so choose. I think you're going to be awfully upset if you find that the calendar isn't as you think and you find you are sabbathing on, say, Wednesday, or Tuesday. Oops! I do not accept your (church's) assertion that one can know what day the original "7th day" was. Nor do I think it necessary to know.
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    Do you see how judgmental this sounds? "I agree to differ" but you're sill wrong and you're gonna be shocked come judgment time, because you think you have special exemption and I, Waxit, say that you don't. Waxit, it may be the other way round! You think old laws apply to you and you are actually free from them. Maybe Jesus will say, "Waxit, why do you keep putting yourself into bondage? Do you like shackles, when I paid the price for you? Is what I did somehow not enough for you?"
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    Perhaps we should thank Waxit for inspiring us to do the research showing that the day of Sabbath is NOT important compared to faith in Jesus Christ. Yet Waxit wants to continually try to add his mindset to the scriptures. As one of MANY examples here on GSC doctrinal. Waxit has a long post with his comments that include accusations to someone named Mark Sanguinetti, yet Waxit does this with only one scripture quote , while again trying to get people to ignore the context of the one scripture that Waxit quotes from, while again trying to add his mindset of the 7th day Sabbath to one scripture. Here is the context of the one scripture that Waxit quotes from while again trying to add his mindset to the scripture. Because I do not have time to write comments now regarding these scriptures because of other biblical research that I am doing with even a biblical book with articles that I am writing. I am instead simply copying from a biblical commentary pertaining to Romans 3:19-31. And this is something that Waxit will again try to get people to ignore, while he adds his Mindset to scriptures. The day of Sabbath is not mentioned in the epistle to the Gentile Romans. Thank you again Waxit for inspiring us here on Grease Spot Cafe to do the biblical research that shows that following the Old Testament law's day of Sabbath is not important in comparison to faith in Jesus Christ.
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    As screwed up as it was, I do have great memories, especially in residence, and got to meet so many amazing people. I just wish more of them had found their freedom. I also wished I had gotten to know people more and not been so serious most of the time!
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    sounds like a good idea...Tonto and I have several shadow boxes of memorabilia; she has her WOW pin and way corps ID card in hers, I have my WOW pin in mine...those WOW pins have some deep sentimental value to us both since I married my WOW sister -
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    Hi all, Does anyone know what happened to the picture gallery and the pictures that many of us had in our profile account? I had some from the Rock, advanced class, my WOW year and corps training.
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    FIFY...................... Dear Faithful Sycophants of The Cult: God has nothing to do with our scam.....but it sure is a good lead in towards deception, ain't it? On the occasion of the Seventy-fifth Anniversary of The Way International, .....soon-to-be 60th Anniversary of our plagiarist cult [December 19, 1957----according to Mrs. W's historical accounting to be exact] we could care less about you and your families. Please keep sending in your money, though. Our hearts are filled with deceit and, even though some 30 Thousand have exited since our heyday in 1984......we still like our gravy train. Because of the plagiarist efforts started by our Founding President, Vic The Man, and his wife, Dorothea......we here at headquarters live a life of ease and sordid gluttony . Men, women, and children are still being taken in by our scam......but that damn GreaseSpot Café internet site is doing significant damage to alert others. Stay off the internet and tell all at your twigs that the internet is full of devil spirits. We encourage you to keep selling our classes and programs—it is making a difference! This cult gig is the greatest! We have so much time on our hands to dilly and dally around the shopping malls and restaurants here in Ohio. Heck, we've probably eaten at nearly every new place that's hit the market in the last ten years. And, we are thinking of heading back to the Bahamas, but need to check on that since those devil hurricanes went thru there. But, if we go.......we will send you another picture. Please pray for us constantly.........the devil is nipping at our heels. Feeding at the trough and lovin' it, Rosalie Rivenbark and Donna, my BFF Jean-Yves......my underling Billy Greene.....can you believe he's still around? Johnny Rupp......he believes what we tell him


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