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  1. Just yesterday morning, they let me know you were gone.
  2. At one point, they had some sort of connection that allowed them to buy the Betamax machines at a discounted volume price. Certain believers were offered a chance to get in on the deal and buy their own at the low, low price of only $800.
  3. Too obscure? Here it is: Goodbye...Mary Hopkin FREE POST!!
  4. No Please don't wake me up too late, tomorrow comes And I will not be late Late today when it becomes tomorrow I will leave to go away
  5. It was for Mrs. W. to ride in. Keep in mind, this wasn't the only one he had. There was also a classic Indian. Believers around the country donated to a special restoration fund for that one as well. And there were classic cars. J.P. gave me a ride in one of them, though I don't recall specifically what it was. It might have been a big Pontiac. I'm not sure.
  6. It was called the Twig Hopper because he was supposedly going to use it to visit twigs around the country. What a joke. The Way of Ohio limb hq. was about a 2 hr. drive from Int. HQ. How many times do you think he ever bothered to visit the FellowLaborers program during the 3 years I spent there? If you answered zero, you win the prize.
  7. The road is long With a many a winding turn
  8. Her name was Bertha. Bertha Butt. She was one of the Butt sisters.
  9. Please don't wake me up too late. Tomorrow comes and I will not be late.
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