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  1. waysider

    Random thoughts

    What's he building in there?
  2. waysider


    Were you on the outside, looking inside? What did you see?
  3. waysider


    "I'm still here." (PM me if you need the punchline.)
  4. waysider

    Random thoughts

    "Taking this anti-depression drug might make you want to kill yourself." (scratches head) Isn't this a bit like an ad saying "Taking this anti-diarrhea drug might make you crap your pants."??
  5. waysider


    If you're talking about Social Security, the average recipient gets something like $1,200 per month. That's why you sometimes hear horror tales of senior citizens resorting to cat food as a meal alternative.
  6. waysider

    Random thoughts

    When I was 18, we could be drafted and go to Vietnam, but we weren't old enough to vote. Let that sink in for a moment.
  7. waysider


    Just a guess on my part but it would make sense that he probably negotiated an NDA. Again, that's only conjecture.
  8. waysider

    Actual Errors in Genesis

    The language in South Korea is rapidly diverging from the language in North Korea. And that's over a span of only 70 years.
  9. waysider

    Athletes of the Spirit Video (from the '80's)

    ....comes out on stage, grabs an electrified mic and proclaims, "I'm still here." (Not one of his more enlightened moments)
  10. waysider

    Athletes of the Spirit Video (from the '80's)

    Saying WhiteDove was a fan of VPW is like saying the Pope is some Catholic guy.
  11. Thanks, Socks That's a fascinating topic. I couldn't get the link to open directly but here is one that is similar. Memories are what define us. As usual, I'm inclined to take this off on a similar tangent. HERE
  12. Slice it six ways to Sunday, Mike. Plagiarism is wrong and it's illegal. VP knew that. He did it anyway. "I’m extremely thankful that, although BG was not of the temperament to move his revelations over the globe, VPW was. There was no way BG could have moved the Word with the Hippies. No way." This doesn't speak well of your ability to trust in God.
  13. waysider

    Actual Errors in Genesis

    As it turns out, the mechanics of DNA is the largest single factor determining the maximum amount of time we can live. HERE
  14. waysider

    Actual Errors in Genesis

    Here's what really happened after the rain. HERE
  15. Are there any multi-level-marketing (MLM) schemes in the Bible? I'm asking for a friend.