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  1. waysider

    Actual Errors in Genesis

    Here's what really happened after the rain. HERE
  2. Are there any multi-level-marketing (MLM) schemes in the Bible? I'm asking for a friend.
  3. I'm beginning to think you don't understand what racism means.
  4. The Way Tree structuring is NOT Biblical. This has been discussed at great length over the years. It would be impossible to address in one isolated post. I'm not even going to attempt to do this. If you need more detailed information, I would recommend using the search feature to do a more in-depth consideration of this false doctrine.
  5. waysider

    Rock of Ages 1972=Bud Morgan Film

    My first one was '72. Is that the one in the film?
  6. waysider

    Revival and Restoration

    Wisdom that transcends time.
  7. waysider

    To The Country Music Fans?

    I've never heard of them. They seem to be talented enough but they're too formulaic for my tastes.
  8. Pay no attention to shiftthis. He has the credibility of a chia pet. (No offense to chia pets.) I wish you well with your situation.
  9. waysider

    Moving the Word

    Yeah. We thought we were part of something magical. Yoiks!
  10. That's because there was a concerted effort to conceal the inner workings. It didn't simply go unnoticed. As you said, it was purposely hidden. Hidden with threats of expulsion for thinking evil thoughts of your brother or sister, threats of retaliation for exposing the nefarious actions of leadership, threats of the devil consuming you if you should dare to ever venture outside the wall of protection. And perhaps the worst of all, threats of God refusing to "spit in your direction" if you should be so bold as to withhold your *abundant sharing. Better watch out! You'll be a grease-spot in the road by midnight. *Way-speak for obligatory tithe.
  11. waysider

    Moving the Word

    Let's boil the cabbage down, shall we? We were The Way's sales force. No salary, no commissions, just ridicule and chastisement if we failed to meet sales quotas. It's important to understand that PFAL was not the main product. PFAL and the accompanying series of classes were the enticement The real product, or goal, if you prefer, was to find people who would faithfully donate 10, 15, 20% (or more) of their income... paycheck after paycheck, month after month and year after year. Yes, they made a profit on the classes, but it was chump change compared to a lifetime of handing over your hard earned cash. It was a scam, folks. The sooner someone comes to grips with that realization, the more time and resources they have left to rise back up from the rubble. Sunk Cost Fallacy
  12. waysider

    The Cone Of Florence

    It's been just about 10 years to the day that Hurricane Ike marched through Ohio. Lost my power for 6 days with that one.
  13. waysider

    Actual Errors in Genesis

    People who accept it as being a story are not the ones who usually have difficulty in discussing it. Rather, it's usually the people who insist in its historical reality.