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  1. Yeah, this reminds me of an incident I had at a previous job, years ago. When I arrived in the morning, the boss told me he had bad news and worse news. I said give me the bad news first. He said "All but one of the technicians just quit and walked out." I asked "What could be worse than that?" He said "Well, you're the one who didn't". It took a long time for me to see the hilarity in that. (True story, BTW.)
  2. Like realizing there is no Santa Claus or Tooth Fairy?
  3. Maybe the concept of "carrying on the spirit" is more elementary than it might seem. I don't think we're talking about "spirit" in a so-called spiritual sense so much as carrying on the leaders ideology. When the leader is alive, they can actively enforce the existence of that ideology. Once they are dead, unless the ideology was deeply ingrained in its adherents, it will eventually die out. Sometimes, zealous followers will continue to promote and advance said ideology. This is what I would call "carrying on the spirit". The fountain, in a tangible way, keeps the memory of what it represents in the conscious/subconscious thinking of Way followers. This is just my opinion.
  4. Beans, beans the sacred fruit. The more you eat, The more you .......gnaw on the heads of your dead ancestors.
  5. Kinda scary that I remember all of them and yet, somehow, I got duped into a cult, myself. Some of them got an entire ocean for their final domain while VPW just got a stinkin' little fountain. Seems about right.
  6. I'm so sorry. It's a feeling many of us have had to face. That doesn't make it any less painful, I know. But, maybe it helps a little bit to know that others have walked in your shoes and are willing to help, even if it's just to listen. Time doesn't heal all wounds. It can make them less noticeable, though.
  7. I'm going briefly off-topic here to alert readers that the Covid information posted above is glaringly incorrect and, quite frankly, dangerous. Okay, back to the topic at hand.
  8. I apologize for being drawn into what became a side discussion. I felt the need to clarify some information that I felt had the potential for misinterpretation. That being said, I'm reminded of Mark Antony's oration in Shakespeare's Julius Caesar (Act3/scene ii). It still applies today. "The evil that men do lives after them; the good is oft interred with their bones." The full impact of what's being said here is more apparent when read in full context.
  9. I don't want to appear to be jumping on you but here are some things to consider: 1. The virus, itself, can and does cause clotting and heart problems. So, you are taking a chance on experiencing clots by NOT getting vaccinated. 2. The vaccine is of the intramuscular variety. This means it must be injected into muscle tissue, and not into a blood vessel. If it is inadvertently injected into a blood vessel, it can have the potential of causing problems. When you get a shot and see the person pull back on the needle, they are looking for traces of blood. This is called aspiration. If they observe blood, they should not continue with the injection. The vaccines being discussed are to be injected high in the deltoid muscle. There is a very low chance of encountering a blood vessel there but the human body is not perfect and some people might have vascular tissue there. Many of the people giving injections have not been trained to aspirate intramuscular injections, but it's still a wise practice to follow. If you get the jab, you can ask your practitioner to please aspirate if it makes you feel safer. I'm not a medical professional so this information may not be exactly correct. Please do your own investigating and listen only to credible sources.
  10. There are no fetal cells in vaccines. The material in question is fetal cell lineage from abortions that were performed 40 to 50 years ago. They are thousands of generations removed from the original. It is a common practice to use these cells in the development of new medicines because of their predictability.
  11. My first attraction to The Way included a cute brunette with a warm smile and a soothing voice. But, I digress.....
  12. I never knew John personally, but I know quite a few people here did. To them and to his family and friends I offer my condolences.
  13. Anything that supposedly "proves" the law of believing.
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