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  1. waysider

    After midnight

    That's Donald "Duck" Dunn playing bass on the record, in case you wondered.
  2. waysider

    Happy Christmas!

    Where I grew up (Cleveland/westside), quite a few people celebrate Orthodox Christmas on January 7th. So, I get what you're saying, but most people still think of Christmas as being December 25th.
  3. waysider

    Happy Christmas!

    I prefer to say Happy Holidays for no other reason than extending it to include the whole season. Happy Holidays!
  4. I never saw the production but I had to chuckle when I read your comment about the 17 minutes of credits. Someone should edit in a sound track to that with a loop that continuously plays To God Be The Glory
  5. waysider


    This probably won't cheer you up. Maybe, though, it will inspire you to consider those who are all too familiar with that feeling of isolation that finds us all at some point.
  6. waysider

    The Amazing Randi

    A life well lived.
  7. What's this I hear? There's al pastor in the party room? I'll have mine on tortillas with some guacamole and a slice of lime.
  8. There was peer pressure at the class instructor level, as well. You definitely didn't want to have to report that everyone didn't manifest.
  9. Based on their current online presence, it looks like the answer to both your questions is "yes".
  10. Real progress will not be made until they rescind the coffee stretching mandate.
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