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  1. It's an insatiable yearning for stretched coffee.
  2. You have to understand, though, that God gave him revelation, showing him where to find the Xerox machines.
  3. When I was in Jr. High, I did a book report on Huckleberry Finn. (using Cliff Notes, of course) At the next school assembly, I was awarded a PhD.
  4. I want to say TWI is a blip on the radar screen of Christianity, but I don't want to disparage radar screens.
  5. When I first heard Princeton, I thought he went to barber college. (Princeton was once a popular haircut style for men.)
  6. They're on their way to PFAL to deliver a fresh load of...uhhh...collaterals.
  7. You could have at least learned to spell Gödel properly before you dropped his name, in a failed attempt to latch onto authority. But, anyway, like So-Crates said,
  8. Princeton Theological Seminary is a real educational institution. The problem is that it's not the same place as Princeton University. Many people were led on and left to believe they were one and the same. Now, Pike's Peak Seminary, on the other hand was...can I say bogus here?
  9. Have you already forgotten about the information surrounding Pike's Peak that was discussed here about a month or 2 ago? Did such a location exist? Yes. Was it an academic institution? Most decidedly not.
  10. So, you're OK with receiving stolen property? I think there are laws somewhere that address that sort of thing. Oh, but wait. God told him to steal them so it's all good. amiright? For the record, I don't really care what they say or if they're accurate. My point of concern is that he presented them in a way that implied he was the originator. He wasn't.
  11. So, you see there was this talking donkey...
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