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  1. waysider

    Was VPW a holocaust denier?

    They used to say that if something they taught was found to be in error they would change their teaching. Remember the time they did exactly that? Yeah, me neither
  2. waysider

    Was VPW a holocaust denier?

    VPW based some of his assertions on information that has since been proven to be erroneous, thanks to improved DNA testing methods.
  3. waysider

    Extended interpretaion of tongues

    Maybe it's an ancient tongue . You know, back before language required syntax and grammar. (Do I need to say this is sarcasm?)
  4. waysider

    Was VPW a holocaust denier?

    The answer is "Yes".
  5. waysider

    When is it rude?

    You can't be rude all by yourself. It's not a solo activity.
  6. waysider

    Cult-Splinter Insanity

    Hey, kids, let's put on a show.
  7. waysider

    Cult-Splinter Insanity

    They'd smoke you out instantly with their heightened sense of spiritual perception.
  8. waysider

    Extended interpretaion of tongues

    I talk to the wind. My words are all carried away.
  9. waysider


    Well, actually, I didn't ask where and when. I only asked if you had been in The Way. Thank you for the response, though. Now, back to the question: Why do you think The Way discouraged personal testimonies? It was never adequately explained to me and I remain curious.
  10. waysider


    Hello, Jim Jack Were you in The Way? When I was in The Way, many years ago, we were taught that it's "off the word" to give personal testimony. While I no longer subscribe to the teachings of The Way, I'm still curious about the reasoning for that. Can you offer any insight?
  11. waysider

    Raising the dead

    Enquiring minds want to know believe.
  12. waysider

    Sexual Predators in TWI.....and elsewhere

    There have been several threads that have breached the subject over the years. HERE is one from about 10 years ago. I haven't re-read it. I don't know if it contains what you're looking for. Here is another interesting thread. It doesn't cover the subject but it does give insight into the type of behavior being discussed,.
  13. waysider

    Sexual Predators in TWI.....and elsewhere

    If this actually happened, she would have been about 11 or 12 years old. We don't know if it really happened but what we do know is that VPW said it did. He stood in front of a group of Way Corps students and spoke openly about the event.There were people in that meeting that, years later, came to GSC and gave firsthand testimony to that effect.It's possible she was not even aware her father had made these claims until it all came to light here at GSC.