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  1. waysider

    Military WoW Ambassadors

    As someone who has owned many cats through the years, I find this disturbingly hilarious. I've often used a squirt gun to let a cat know it's not allowed on the counter top. ..You guys weren't climbing on counter tops, were you? I'm not judging, just asking.
  2. waysider

    Gifts of the Holy Spirit in the Catholic Church

    We had excellor sessions with word of prophesy. That was a common practice. Regarding word of knowledge excellors, you could probably fit healing services, such as the one at the close of ROA '73, into that definition. Is she *right on*? I suppose that depends on what you mean by *right on*.
  3. waysider

    The Manipulation of Language

    Yeah, "move the word" is code for enlisting new recruits and enrolling new class students, preferably ones without a lot of troublesome personal baggage and lots of disposable cash.
  4. waysider

    The Manipulation of Language

    Advance = retreat Opportunity = problem Being negative = identifying a problem Think positive = ignore an obvious problem Stand on the word = practice cognitive dissonance
  5. waysider

    Prosperity Preachers

    I fixed that for you.
  6. waysider

    Bad Tap Water

    Yes, you can use soda to make the process more effective. Most people choose not to because of the added step. Also, there are 2 kinds of soda. Baking soda (sodium bicarbonate), as its name suggests, is most often used in the baking process but can be used for laundry. Washing soda (sodium carbonate), as its name suggests, is very effective for laundry, especially for stain removal. It's stronger than baking soda, so you would do well to investigate its properties before using it. Most municipal water supplies will have at least some degree of hardness because the most common cleaning processes requires ingredients that leave the water a bit hard, not intentionally, but rather as an unavoidable consequence of the process. It's not realistically feasible to remove the added hardness before sending it out into the supply system.
  7. waysider

    Wierwille's 1958 Fledgling Splinter Group

    He was already calling it HQ... Scary!
  8. waysider

    Bad Tap Water

    Twinky, Clark degrees, German degrees and French degrees are units of measure, used to express how much calcium and magnesium is locked up in your water. These are used more in scientific applications than in general water treatment vernacular. More commonly, these qualities are expressed as parts per million (ppm) or grains per gallon (gpg). One grain is equal to 17.1 ppm, (ppm is roughly the same as mg/l) So, lets say someone's water is 10 grains hard. We could alternatively say it's 170.1 ppm hard. It's the same thing, expressed in different units of measure. Doing some rough math, it looks like your water is about 6 grains hard if you are just going by the calcium content or about 17 grains hard if you are factoring in the magnesium. Either way, it's not terribly hard, but hard enough to cause plenty of mechanical problems. Think of it this way. You drive from point A to point B. You could say you've driven 1 mile or you could say you've driven i.61 kilometers. How ever you choose to say it, you have driven the same distance. Now about the fuzzies that are left behind: Water that has calcium locked up in it is hard to use because soaps and detergents have a tougher time working properly.. We call it hard because it's hard to use. When you heat water that has calcium in it, the calcium breaks down. Some of it escapes as a gas and some of it is left behind as a solid. That solid, white residue that is left behind is commonly called lime. You can solve that problem by running the water through a bed of resin beads that exchange the calcium ions for sodium ions and then flush the byproduct down the drain. A water softener is a machine that's designed to automatically perform this function for you. Water that has no calcium left in it is said to be soft or 0 grains hard. There are basic measuring tests and devices that can quantify the hardness for you.
  9. waysider

    Bad Tap Water

    If you have a serious need or want for purified water, a reverse osmosis system will be the best choice. Caviat:: Water needs to be softened and free from iron before running it through an r.o.
  10. Must have been the eye that doesn't see so well. We all have one.
  11. "Forgive me, Father, for I have spilled my beer." (ambiguous euphemism intended.)
  12. waysider

    Victor Barnard pleads guilty

    Thank you, modcat5. Your concern and diligence does not go unnoticed.
  13. https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=ekL7o8BQkZM
  14. waysider

    Thus Saith Paul

    I'm not Raf but I have 2 problems with this post. 1. He is not *confirming there was a change in the gospel, nor is he saying the dispensational separations are valid. 2. Discussion of the legitimacy of dispensations belongs in a different thread. What you are doing with this post is what I would consider baiting.Baiting isn't cool.
  15. For us, as survivors of the TWI experience, it started with PFAL. Session 5 was a real turning point. It was in that session we were instructed to "STAND", no matter what. We were taught to resist logical questioning and forgo the reasoning process in lieu of blind acceptance. I think you can trace some of the stubborn attitudes that have persisted all the way back to that session. Still, at that initial level, it was just an acceptance of evil's existence that we saw. The real solidifying lessons came a bit later, with classes like Dealing With The Adversary and Renewed Mind. In these classes we were exposed to the concept of evil not only existing but being pervasive. It's where we were schooled in the "En Gard!" mindset. These 2 classes probably instilled much more damaging thought patterns than we may realize. Now, how this ties into sociological problems for non-TWI people, I'm not sure. That's where I think the conversation really begins to take form.