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  1. This Friday night message brought to you by Happiness Stan: Follow the transcript beginning at 16:00
  2. My guess would be they were looking for something that could be used against you, thus increasing their control over you.
  3. Yes. In FellowLaborers, we were subjected to room checks, which included clandestinely going through your personal belongings, even your underwear drawer. (While you were away on some other assignment.) Well, it was long before the internet and what we now think of when thinking about invasion of privacy, but that's what it was, plain and simple.
  4. and what better way to establish a marriage than run more classes?
  5. "We have met the enemy and he is us."...Walt Kelly
  6. That doesn't seem to define what most people would call faith.
  7. Speaking only for myself, I believe this is the salient point of this thread.
  8. Oxygen and carbon dioxide are exchanged via the placenta, not the lungs..
  9. "The Word" said whatever Wierwille wanted it to say. Problem solved.
  10. Oh, soon your Sailing will be over Come and take The pleasures of the harbor
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