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  1. I was thinking the class is better depicted in Hieronymus Bosch's Garden of Earthly Delights.
  2. ...causing him to realize the gravity of the incident.
  3. The reliability of eyewitness testimony would suggest this is not the case.
  4. Of these 3 choices, looking at it as a list of actual events would be the most easily proven to be a mistake.
  5. Shhhhh! Not so loud. If you're lucky they'll just think it's just the cat wandering about.
  6. The answer is yes and no. I have known people who lost their first language, though not by a dedicated effort to do so, of course. This is the yes part. The no part is that they didn't erase it and start over. It's more like placing a glass of water under a running tap. Eventually the original water is replaced, little by little. There's a metaphor in there if you choose to see it.
  7. Intelligence is partially measured, not only by the ability to detect patterns, but also by the ability to anticipate how the patterns will evolve. I think this might partly explain why some otherwise intelligent people were attracted to the (seemingly) unique approach TWI took toward Bible study. Just my opinion.
  8. It's simply a symbolic gesture of honor and goodwill, akin to saying, "We feel honored to have hosted your presence today." Leave it to Wierwille to use it as a steppingstone to hero status. Did I ever mention I used to sing back-up harmony with The Beatles? (I had one of those waterproof transistor radios that you can hang in the shower.)
  9. Maybe "like" was being used in a vernacular sense. Like, you know what I mean? Teaching the word, like, it hasn't been known since the first century. (colloquial quotative)
  10. According to Wierwille, Leviathan (subject) is (verb) the devil spirit (object) responsible for alcoholism. "Why?", you ask. Who knows? Maybe it's part of The Great Mystery that people will wrestle with 'til the end of time or at least 'til next Tuesday.
  11. Well, at least he didn't lift this one straight out of the Gospels. /s
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