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  1. This is not how copyrights works. Your work is copyrighted as soon as it is created and "fixed in a tangible medium". You then have an option to register your copyright to secure legal protections. (U.S. law) Thus, PFAL was copyrighted, though not registered as such. This explains why you didn't see a notice of registration.
  2. Step 1. Accept that PFAL is not divine revelation. Step 2. Refer to Step 1.
  3. Orlando, you say? Just imagine how great it would be if they could get their believing up to sign Mickey and the gang up for PFAL. Your next twig leader could be Goofy. Or was that your last twig leader? I'm so confused.
  4. Can someone please tell me what great truth I was supposed to find hidden in all that drivel?
  5. Was it E. Stanley Jones or another one whose name escapes me at the moment? Fear is sand in the machinery of life....E. Stanley Jones
  6. Plagiarism is: a.) Against the law b.) unethical You can rationalize it 6 ways to Sunday if it makes you feel good. That won't change reality. "VPW's job was to collect these revelations God had given to Leonard and to many others and "put it all together." That's not what Wierwille told us... Something, something, snow on the gas pumps, something, not since the first century, something, etc. "There were items in VPW's teachings that were not in Leonard's teachings. There were items in Leonard's teachings that were NOT in VPW's teachings." This is completely irrelevant. (I'm just sayin'.) "He filtered out Leonard's errors for us." That filter must have been broken. There are lots of documented errors scattered through PFAL. One would think God would be a little more careful to fact check His revelations before He gave them. "Ten years later he finally sees the whole 1968 class." So, you're telling me that in the years between 1967 and 1977 he never bothered to look at the original taping? Not even to approve the final edit? Know anybody that has a bridge for sale? You know what killed that little boy? His head exploded from trying to squeeze all this irrational nonsense into it. He scrapped the remake because he realized he couldn't replicate the theatrics of the original.
  7. But, where will I get my Moon Pies?
  8. When I was in FellowLaborers, as a group, we focused almost exclusively on Way materials. That's all that was taught in our nightly twigs. The rationale for its exclusivity was that it had been tested and proven to be accurate. However, as individuals, we were supposed to read Ephesians every day. (As if we had time to read ANYTHING) Now, our weekly FL night teaching was hit or miss and could be about anything or nothing or maybe just a scream-fest to highlight our failures. As for the PFAL class, I seem to remember VPW challenging us to put away all secular materials such as magazines , newspapers, etc., and reading nothing but "The Word." (Filtered, of course, through the lens of what we had just learned in PFAL.) I don't recall him limiting that to the Pauline epistles. But, that was over 50 years ago. Who knows what tricks my memory has played on me? Surely, someone, somewhere, has a transcript of session 12. Regarding the original post, I have to agree, it was the theatrical nature of the presentation, not the content of the information, that reeled us in and hooked us. As a new grad, you faced this reality every time you witnessed and failed to elicit a response from the listener. That's why we were urged to get people into the class, rather than try to teach them the more convoluted concepts ourselves. Presentation, not content, was largely responsible for our infatuation with the materials.
  9. They don't call you WordWolf for nothin'.
  10. It wasn't the new birth per se. It was the leading someone to it that was the work.
  11. The new birth wasn't available yet, as Pentecost had not yet occurred..
  12. I don't recall what class this was taught in, but the "greater works" is supposed to be the ability to lead someone to the new birth, something Jesus couldn't do because it wasn't available. Well, then again, maybe it was in a FellowLaborer teaching. It may have been intermingled with all the belittlement and criticism.
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