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  1. In the US, the older generation tends to say ....ed off, while the younger generation shortens it to ....ed.
  2. We use both autumn and fall in the states. Autumn is often used an adjective, while fall is often used as a noun. For example: "I'll see you in the fall, when the autumn leaves are boasting their colors."
  3. The book is not what's being peddled, it's the ideology it promotes.
  4. You still haven't answered the question.... Why is this particular subject of such great importance to you personally?
  5. Why did you stand on it if it said to SIT?
  6. Nothing in this explains why day #1 had to have been what we now call Sunday. Who knows? Maybe it was what we call a Tuesday or a Thursday. We can't draw any definite conclusion from what is written. The pagan calendar hypothesis is nothing more than a historic retrofit.
  7. Looking back on my Way days, I have to cringe at how we did "word studies", looking at words in the text and translating them into English. We were like first graders trying to explain how nuclear energy works. I'm currently a casual learner of Korean. The whole process has opened my eyes immensely. It's only been 75 years since the Korean War, but the differences between the language spoken in the north and the language spoken in the south are mind boggling. Yes, it's the same language, people from the north can understand people from the south and vice versa, however, there are wide divergences that have taken place in a remarkably short period of time. So much so that people defecting from the north take special language classes just to get up to speed with the changes. Cultural changes, in particular, are a major driving factor in how any language evolves. Take, for example, a simple word like "you". That would seem easy enough. How many variations could there possibly be? Well, there are probably 8 or 10 variations (that I'm aware of) and they each have a context that dictates whether the correct one is being used. A large part of that context involves the situation, the person being addressed, the essence of the message and a whole lot of other things. That's just one little word and you had better get it right if you don't want your intentions to be completely misunderstood. Now, expand that process over thousands of years and it becomes a little clearer how self delusional we were in our understanding of some of these matters. This is why, when it comes to understanding scripture, it benefits us to give due consideration to scholars who have spent entire careers delving into the intricacies of translation. That doesn't mean you should stop trying. It just means you need to recognize you are on a path of learning that goes on forever.
  8. I'll admit my memory isn't as sharp as it once was, but I seem to recall a discussion addressing that very topic, some time ago. I have no idea how to find it again or where it all led. I seem to recall, though, when the dust all settled, we found ourselves down the block inside at 23 Skidoo.
  9. This is immaterial. On what evidence do you base this assumption?
  10. Yes, I understand that we're talking about a 24 hour period. (from even until even) Did you really believe people didn't understand that? The calendar you're citing didn't exist on "Day#1". So, how did you conclude that "Day #1" took place on (what we now call) Sunday? There's no need to be pompous. Wierwille used that "I didn't write the book" nonsense all the time when he couldn't muster an appropriate response. If you don't know the answer to something just say so instead of trying to shift the burden of explanation to the other person.
  11. I'm not sure why you cited this particular verse. It states that the sabbath starts at the end of the ninth day and ends on the tenth. Couple of other things: The Bibles says that in the beginning God created such and such. I would logically take that to be day #1. How do you know how that coincides with the days of the week on our current calendar? In other words, how do you know day#1 was a Sunday? I'm pretty sure the Bible does not make that distinction. Also, I know your statement "Why don't you ask God?" was directed at Rocky, but it's a total cop-out. He asked for your opinion. There's no reason for you to give a flippant response.
  12. OK, so now your beef is not that they don't keep the sabbath, but that they don't keep it on Saturday. Is my understanding of that correct?
  13. Are you from the U.S.? In the southern states, Sunday church (keeping the sabbath) is a way of life unto itself and its roots extend deeply into all aspects of southern culture.
  14. Most, if not all of them, still promote "magic thinking" (AKA the law of believing). I'm not trying to start a controversy but the Way version of positive thinking can and has gotten people killed. If it's evidence you seek, look no further than the L.E.A.D. debacle.
  15. The ministry wasn't "ruined by a few corrupt individuals". The ministry was corrupt from its very inception, clear back to when Wierwille decided to steal the works of other people and claim they were the results of his own research or that God had given them to him by revelation. That being said, there were a lot of wonderful people that passed through The Way. Many good experiences were mixed with the bad. In no way does that excuse the reality of The Way's truly corrupt nature.
  16. Well, now I'm just confused. The Bible does not apply to non-Christians?? Isn't the Torah essentially the first 5 books of the Bible?
  17. Now if you could just get them to cover their mouths you might be on to something.
  18. Let that be a lesson, Scott. Never question Dear Leader. Dear Leader knows all and sees all. Ah, what the hell. Welcome to GSC. We forgive you.
  19. Isn't he the one who said "The Way is like a bunch of kids playing church."? Edit: On second thought, maybe that was Rev. Tracy.
  20. Who's the 1st speaker in 1972 part 2? (about the 3:00 mark)
  21. I didn't know rattlesnakes could live that long.
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