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  1. Nah, you didn't offend me. What I said is true, but ,I confess, sometimes my attempts at humor are a bit on the dry side for everybody's taste. I think a lot of marriages back then were borderline arranged marriages. You weren't supposed to marry someone, or even date them, unless they were a standing believer and on a comparable level as your own. (Corps marry Corps, advanced class grads marry advanced class grad, etc.)I remember being told in pre-marital counseling that the main reason for two believers to get married is to move the word as a team and put classes together. I'm not saying for a minute that I bought that. I'm only stating that to demonstrate how twisted our thinking had become. Now as far as removing a quote before you post: You could always delete the text and leave the bubble empty. There's also an option at the bottom of the bubble, in a black window, to "clear editor" or something like that. If that fails, you can always ask a moderator to assist you. Remember though, mods aren't full-time and work out of the kindness of their hearts, so be patient with that.
  2. I first heard VPW quote this line in the CF&S class in the early 1970s. I heard it again, while being counseled, as I made preparations to divorce my first wife.
  3. It's like a certain homecare products MLM that leaves you wondering, "Who buys the soap?". You'll find yourself wondering, "Who lives this 'abundant life' they pitched?".
  4. If I recall correctly, I think it was Raf who pointed this out several years ago.
  5. And in doing so, he was violating his own "To Whom it is Written" rule.
  6. You don't really think any of us made enough money to file long form, do you?
  7. Oh, that was strictly forbidden. You also weren't allowed to list it as part of your individual ABS. Even the stamps used to send in the weekly ABS and forms had to come out of personal pocket money, along with the expense of buying a money order.
  8. They had all kinds of tricks for manifesting "prosperity" that were really nothing more than vestiges of depression-era frugality. (Darning socks, saving cloth scraps and so on.
  9. The salt is supposed to cut some of the bitterness. Back then, we used those funky old aluminum perculators that give coffee a burnt taste.
  10. Expenses for running a class had to be handled by the local believers running the class, including any refreshments served at break. Most of us were young, financially challenged individuals. VPW's brother, "Uncle" Harry, suggested money could be saved by combining a bit of fresh coffee with the previous day's grounds and sprinkling the mixture with a touch of salt. It was called "stretching". Another money saving tip often used was to wash the disposable Styrofoam cups and reuse them. Teeth marks and lipstick stains often made this a challenging task. What a way to demonstrate our "prosperity".
  11. Hey Boo Boo!, my little children.
  12. "Oh, It's a figure of speech." Uhmmm, no, it's not. It's really not. It's a simple, straightforward statement that expresses someone's opinion. You can express your personal opinion, however whacky it may be, but you don't get to invent new figures of speech "Just Because".
  13. "Every good boy deserves favor" is a mnemonic. SCUBA is a mnemonic. The ABC song is a mnemonic. ROY G. BIV is a mnemonic. "The Bible Interprets Itself"...not a mnemonic.
  14. PFAL: Session 4 How The Word Interprets Itself Listening With A Purpose 2. What is the threefold way all Scripture interprets itself? 4. What are the four ways Scripture interprets itself in the verse? Ruh Roe!
  15. Sooooo---Anonymous person writes to criticize people for posting anonymously. What a concept.
  16. `If it wasn't been for that pesky determinism thing, you could have just believed for a new one. (I mean, if you wanted to.)
  17. Hello, Roy, I don't hate you.
  18. Suzy Creamcheese, oh mama now What's got into ya?
  19. If only he'd left a literal translation according to usage. Maybe a word study will solve the mystery.
  20. Yeah, but bass players MAKE the rules. (Ok, drummers get a vote on them, too.)
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