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  1. And yet, this was a real thing in the earlier days of the ministry. There was a believer in the early 1970s who was advised to stop his medication for a chronic illness. I don't recall the specific malady. Long story short, he died. It didn't take long for Wierwille to take to the stage at R.O.A. to advise people to keep taking their meds while they continued to believe for healing. He was aware enough to realize he needed to cover his butt legally. People were looked down upon for seeking conventional medical treatment because it supposedly exposed their lack of believing. I don't know of anyone who was flat out denied or forbidden from seeking medical treatment, but the group pressure was overwhelmingly extreme. It applied, as well, to folks who had illnesses of the mental variety. In those instances, though, they were also portrayed as harboring devil spirits.
  2. I knew a guy in The Way (staffer) who lost his life to cancer by doing this. He left behind a wife and 2 little kids. Then, they crapped on his memory because he must have not been believing big enough.
  3. HERE Another former member named David, 19, said 'The Saints' felt they were the highest form of Christianity. 'They believed they were the only true Christians because they could speak in tongues,' he said.
  4. It's in the collaterals. The Blue Book, I think. Or maybe the Green Book. I probably should have paid better attention.
  5. If a tree falls in the swamp and lands on a Mute Swan, does it make a sound?
  6. "That's a nice store you have there. It sure would be a shame if it caught fire some night and burned down."
  7. More importantly, has it been filtered?
  8. It doesn't seem like much of a party if all you have to offer is a glass of water.
  9. If this was my dilemma I would seek qualified legal advice instead of turning to armchair experts on the internet.
  10. Now take your Bahhhbles and turn to The Book of Matches.
  11. Or was it Frosty the Snowman? Hmmmm? He does rises again from the snow every winter.
  12. Have you ever noticed they never mention Skippy? Looks a bit suspicious to me.
  13. Reading between the lines: 1. The person making the statement is only mentioning one by name, VPW, thus, downgrading the significance of the other six. 2. The person is making a point to award him the number7, which, according to TWI theology, signified perfection. Hence, VPW was the most important and perfect of all Men of God. (Jesus has entered the chat.)
  14. He did at one point renounce (kinda) the law of believing. I'll give him that, but that's all I'm going to give him.
  15. Yeah, I remember, in FellowLaborers, the mantra was "Good, better, best, never let it rest, until your good is better, and your better best." I'm not real keen on motivational slogans or posters, but we had one at my old job that said, "Perfection is the enemy of progress." I can get behind that. Since my FellowLaborer days, I've adopted a new motto: "Strive for mediocrity."
  16. Yeah, that's just it. Even if witching worked, how would you know if you'd found a safe and sustainable source? In other words ,if water was close enough to the surface to be detected by witching, there's a pretty good chance it would actually be contaminated surface water that's formed a pseudo aquafer, rather than true groundwater.
  17. When you are calculating anticipated water usage for a household, you typically figure an average of about 90 gallons per day, per adult. That probably seems like a lot, but it includes drinking, laundry, toilets, dishes, etc. I think that puts into perspective how unrealistic some survivalist type plans can become.
  18. Two years is the generally accepted shelf life of bottled water. (less if it's "fizzy" water, as the fizz will escape through the bottle walls.) Some companies put an expiration date on the label. The answer to whether it's still potable after that date gets a little bit hazy. Several factors come into play. Heat, exposure to sunlight and the chemical composition of the container all contribute to the answer. Plastics slowly degrade over time and various components of the bottle's plastic can leach into contents of the bottle. Heat and sunlight can accelerate that process. Even if you don't store the water long enough to generate health concerns, you may find it to have acquired an unpleasant "flat" taste.
  19. Coffee here is "on the house". So, that's nice. Welcome.
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