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  1. Oops. I should have confirmed. Yes, it is correct
  2. Bump. Folks, we really need less help than usual, but faster than usual.
  3. Pretty sure there have been more than 3 English versions of Hamlet. I know of 3 WITHOUT David Tennant [I don't know of any with him]. Hmmm.
  4. First of all, on behalf of the mods and Pawtucket, I want to thank everyone who has found it in their heart and means to contribute to the upkeep of GSC. As you hospefully recall, this website costs about $1,200 a year to operate. Much of that cost is born by Pawtucket, although in recent years we have called on you to help out with the cost. We have put our money where our mouths are: I almost never post a fundraising request without donating, and today will be no exception. This year, to keep everything going for a year, it will only cost $400. But we have to act fast, so I'm asking everyone to pitch in what we can by June 2. I am still hoping we can reach our $1,200 annual goal (if only so that we don't need to do this again in a year). The yellow "donate" button is at the top of every page. Let's do this.
  5. Raf


    The GSC poster originally known as chinson, who married Steve! and thus became Cindy!, passed away May 24 after a long struggle with an autoimmune disease. She fought bravely and publicly, giving courage and strength to all who prayed for her and/or faced similar challenges. She was a faithful and devoted follower of Christ. Cindy! and Steve! were one of the first GSC couples... they met here and developed a relationship that led to live that led to marriage. Their wedding was one of the first times many of us, as a group, met in person. Please join me in sharing condolences to Steve! This thread will be moved to In Memoriam after a reasonable time has passed.
  6. I don't know about that movie, but this thread is old enough to vote. If it survives until the next election. Shane. Egad.
  7. On second thought, let me go with an easier one: On a warm summer's evening, on a train bound for nowhere... Extra credit if you can name them both
  8. While she lays sleeping I stay up late at night and play my songs And sometimes all the nights can be so long
  9. Emilio Estevez. Tom Cruise had an uncredited role in Young Guns.
  10. Carrie Fisher When Harry Met Sally Billy Crystal
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