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  1. Raf

    It's your birthday!

    You know who you are.
  2. I can name that tune in 1. I think. (those are not clues).
  3. Next quote was gonna be "His name is Willie Lopez -- he's a Porto Rikkan." White but cute is Whoopi Goldberg finally seeing his picture. Just one drag is the Subway Ghost wishing he could have a cigarette. "Write it down" exchange was between Sam (1), Oda Mae (2) and Molly (3). Subway ghost angry. It was not his time! (these were the lines right before "just one drag"). And the name game was Oda Mae trying to prove she was communicating with the Latina widow's late husband, who (like me) did not know anyone with all those stereotypical Latina names until Maria. You're up.
  4. Closer in genre. Still incorrect. *** "I'm feeling something. Did he know someone by the name of Ana? Shakes head no. "Consuelo?" Shakes head no. "Lucita?" Shakes head no. "Julieta?" Shakes head no. "Josefina?" Shakes head no. "Linda?" Shakes head no. "Maria." "Si! Si! His Mama! She is Maria!" "Yes, praise God, I knew he was with his Mama."
  5. Incorrect. *** "What, you don't believe me? You think I fell? You think I jumped? Well, f@#$ you! It wasn't my time. I wasn't supposed to go! I'm not supposed to be here!"
  6. "He's cute. White, but cute." *** "Oh, I'd give anything for a drag. Just one drag." *** Character 1 to character 2: "Write it down." Character 2 to character 3: "He wants you to write it down." Character 1 to character 2: "No, you write it down." Character 2 to character 1: "I ain't no damn secretary."
  7. Nice reflexes. "David" was the vampire in the Lost Boys. I knew it would jog WW's memory. Unfortunately, not quite enough. By the way, did we ever get Broadcast News guessed? I'm so behind. You're up.
  8. Arguably the stupidest thread in GSC history. And I started "The"
  9. Raf

    Forum rules ??

    I will always find it amusing that the people who promote a book extolling the virtues of "be sober, be vigilant" can, without a hint of self-reflection, complain about people who are "woke," which is the same thing. Oh well, expecting people to be consistent when they mix religion and politics is a recipe for disappointment. Stick with religion. Take your politics elsewhere.
  10. No to both. FDR Daniel Schreber "The Caller" Doc Scurlock Ace Merrill Next one's the giveaway.
  11. He was the main villain in Shazam, but I couldn't name him if you paid me right now
  12. General W.R. Monger Dr. Daniel Schreber Lt. John Kendrick
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