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  1. Corrected the autofill. The word should have been HEAD, not HEADACHE
  2. I did notice in Carrier's book "On the Historicity of Jesus" he did agree with VPW that Lazarus, not John, was the disciple Jesus loved.
  3. I have not. My instinct is not to give it much credence. Paul appears to be a true believer in the completed work of Christ Jesus. He just doesn't seem to know anything about a Jesus who was physically present on earth. He never speaks of Christ's "return," for example, only of his "presence." He never calls it the "second coming." But that's my thought.
  4. "I have a head for business and a bod for sin."
  5. "What did you call it again?" "Bony ass."
  6. "Dress shabbily, they notice the dress. Dress impeccably, they notice the woman. Coco Chanel."
  7. Looking for the actor who played: Walter "Robby" Robinson Captain Gene Mauch Henry Hackett
  8. I'm up on too many threads, but true story: I've had two, and I've never seen anyone else's.
  9. The roles and cameos went to Donald Glover, Yvette Nicole Brown and Ken Jeong. The setting was a two-year college. The name of the show rhymes with Immunity.
  10. Didn't get it until the very last clue. Ursula Andress.
  11. The Lord of the Rings: The Fellowship of the Ring. Bonus: The Ten Commandments. I was tempted to make the next clue "Nothing is written." But that would not be an easy quote. I'll give you a couple of "easy" ones from the same movie: "There is the railway. And that is the desert. From here until we reach the other side, no water but what we carry with us. For the camels, no water at all. If the camels die, we die. And in twenty days they will start to die." "There's no time to waste, then, is there?" *** "I pray that I may never see the desert again. Hear me, God."
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