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  1. Mine is Finding Forrester. WordWolf is up! Wikipedia: Sixteen-year-old Jamal Wallace plays basketball with his friends in New York City. A recluse, William Forrester, lives on the top floor of the building across from the court. The kids regularly notice him watching them. One of the boys dares Jamal to sneak into the apartment and retrieve an item. Jamal takes a letter opener only to be surprised by Forrester and inadvertently leaves his backpack behind. Forrester later drops Jamal's backpack onto the street. Me again: It's not just that he drops the backpack onto the street. It's that he throws it from his window to the street because he is returning it to Jamal. It's a cool way for two characters to introduce themselves to each other. Later Jamal looks in his backpack to find Forrester has read his journal and writing entries and critiqued them. Excellent movie from Gus Van Sant, director of Good Will Hunting.
  2. Still, frame, screencap, screengrab. Whatever. Indiana Jones and the Last Crusade. How about something a little more challenging (or not, if you're my friend on Facebook)?
  3. Oh for persnickety's sake. Because this is the first time they're all in one shot with Hulk and not Banner?
  4. Your turn. You do't have to do three. I was just trying to show levels of difficulty.
  5. The first one is correctly identified. The second one is Benny and Joon. In that moment, Depp is effortlessly tipping over a bench by walking on it. Aidan Quinn's character tries it a minute later and can't. It shows how talented Depp's character is. The third one is Apollo Creed emerging from the shadows to become Rocky's ally instead of enemy in Rocky III
  6. Here's the game: When it's your turn, post a picture. Our job: name the movie from that one frame. While it's not required, the spirit of the game calls for us to recall the scene and discuss. Doesn't have to be lengthy. For the person who posted the image, you can (and should) explain why you chose that image and that moment [after it has been guessed]. How to grab a still frame, PC: 1. While watching the movie on your computer, pause at the moment you want to screen cap. 2. Click the windows icon, shift, and the letter S at the same time. You should get a prompt that tells you the image has been snipped or a box asking you to snip it. Make sure you crop only the image (we're not interested in your whole screen). 3. Save the pic. You can make it easy. You can make it so that someone would have to have seen it to name it. Or you can make it challenging. It's really up to you.
  7. Henry Fonda was looking for a project where he could star with son Peter and daughter Jane. But when On Golden Pond showed up, there was no significant role for Peter. He could have played a mailman or something, but chose to stay out of it. Henry starred opposite Katherine Hepburn. Both won Oscars for their roles but were not in good health to attend the ceremony. Jane was nominated but did not win. She accepted the award for her father (satellite video showed his reaction). On Golden Pond did not win Best Picture that year. The honor went to Chariots of Fire. Good luck getting the music out of your head now. Henry Fonda's final role was for a TV movie called Summer Solstice. He died a month after the Oscar ceremony.
  8. I do not know if Ryan O'Neal has a son either. I am certain he was in movies after Paper Moon. Wrong Daddy-daughter combo. Also, Tatum O'Neal was there to accept her Oscar, and her dad did not win. For this movie, the lead actor and lead actress won Oscars. The lead actor's daughter did not.
  9. The lead actor was looking for a project that would allow his son and daughter to co-star with him, but couldn't resist the opportunity to take on this project, which would be his last theatrical film role. There was no meaningful role for his son, though, so he (the son) was not in the movie. Both leads won acting Oscars for this movie, but neither was at the ceremony to pick it up in person. Best Picture that year went to a movie more remembered for its musical score than its plot.
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