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    I had a very pleasant splinter group experience and have very little negative to say about it. (It was Vince Finnegan's group) But as I am no longer a believer, I'll just leave it at that.
  2. So, the actor who got top billing on this movie was really a supporting character, though a crucial one. The title character was billed third, and nominated for an Oscar. The song featured in this movie won a Grammy, an Oscar and a Golden Globe. The only other song to repeat that achievement was The Streets of Philadelphia, by Bruce Springsteen. A supporting male character was played by an actor who was not quite famous at the time [he is now VERY well known]. That actor was supposed to play the role of the actor who eventually got top billing. As a consolation, the lesser-known actor played a smaller supporting role. Interestingly, these two actors would cross professional paths again. The then-lesser known actor was cast as the lead in a well-received movie. The better known actor replaced him in two of that movie's sequels.
  3. That's like, Hmm, you didn't recognize Clint Eastwood from Revenge of the Creature from the Black Lagoon.... Maybe you say that other movie of his, Dirty Harry? Or in this case, that first song is a puzzler, but this song SHOULD have been called "The Best Days of My Life." Instead, it was the "Summer of 69," also known as the FIRST days of MY life.
  4. Jenny Agutter An American Werewolf in London Griffin Dunne
  5. Now now, the Canadian government has apologized for BA on multiple occasions. I just can't place the song.
  6. What is the difference between atheism and nihilism? Good question. And it depends on how you define nihilism. Personally, I look at nihilism as a "glass half empty" subset of atheism. To nihilists, as I interpret the term, values are of no value. Nothing matters ultimately, therefore nothing matters now. I don't believe life must have an imaginary purpose in order to have a purpose at all. It is all we have. And it is worth preserving. That's a short answer. But no, atheism and nihilism are not the same thing, and believing there is no cosmic justice does not make one a nihilist.
  7. I thought it was a movie thread, so I thought it was Outrageous Fortune, which has superficial similarities
  8. You know who NEVER says quantum physics explains spirituality? Quantum physicists. It's like, I can't explain A, I don't understand B. Therefore B explains A. No, it doesn't.
  9. From Quora: What are some problems with atheism? My answer: In "atheism" there is no satisfaction of eternal cosmic justice. Hitler dies. Mother Theresa dies. My grandmother dies. No one gets before a judge who rewards them for good deeds done or punishes them for evil deeds done. If you got away with murder on earth, you got away with murder, period. If you saved 30 people from a burning bus or hundreds of people from certain death at a Nazi death camp, enjoy the satisfaction of the good deed done while you're on earth. It's all you're getting. Hitler gets the same fate as Martin Luther King Jr? Afraid so. This outcome is personally and morally dissatisfying. It also happens to be (I believe) the truth. An uncomfortable truth, but I'd prefer an uncomfortable truth to a comfortable lie. There is evidence we all die. There is no evidence of rewards or punishment afterward.
  10. Oh, sorry, I thought it was something else. Nope.
  11. Here's a non-spoiler spoiler: Superman dies. (George, SHHHHHHH)
  12. Based on clues... Gene Wilder was NOT in this movie. Alfred Hitchcock was being honored Mel Brooks. High Anxiety
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