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  1. No threat to the US, won't become a hurricane. That was fun while nothing happened. Next!
  2. The Tropical Storm Imminently to be Known as Josephine Anyone's guess right now where it goes.
  3. Might as well put all the cones and whatnot in one place instead of a thread for every storm. I will be focusing on Atlantic storms, given that Pacific storms don't really affect GSC participants much. I also want to apologize for focusing in the past on storms that are headed for Florida and then losing interest once I'm out of the cone. I usually expect others to jump in once that's done, but that doesn't seem to happen a lot. So anyway, let us begin with...
  4. And if I go another 100 years without hearing it, it will be too soon (thank you Applebee's)
  5. Honest mistake. Busy day. Murphy's Romance.
  6. Murphy's Law, with what's his name, Jim Rockford. James Garner.
  7. Did they like her? Did they really like her?
  8. Raf

    The cone of Isaias

    Well, that was a big bust. Close as it came to Broward, there was ZERO panic. I should add there was zero hype. A yawner for us so far. Anyone else near the path, please keep your eyes open and be prepared.
  9. Sorry, but if this story ended "and that's how he became a Muslim" no one would entertain any possibility it was true. But ok, it wasn't something VPW or LCM made up. I was wrrrrrrr. I was wrrrrrRrrrrRrrRRrRRRR. WordWolf, a hand here?
  10. I apologize for calling it a myth when it was clearly a comedy.
  11. Raf

    The cone of Isaias

    "Funny" that it's projected to hit places that were in the cone when we started keeping track but were OUT of the cone as recently as two days ago.
  12. That's the end of the Skid Row (Downtown) song, and at this point you realize Moranis has the singing chops to pull this off.
  13. I remember this. I think the guy's name was Perseus, and he had a flying horse. I'm not saying this sounds like a myth, but I'm not saying it doesn't. Because it does.
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