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  1. And of course the one word that would have been too much of a clue was... "magic." Ees next
  2. There is one word in one of the quotes that is such a Scream-It-From-The-Rooftops clue that I can't even tell you give you a hint about which word it is. ("Scream it from the rooftops" is not a hint).
  3. Yes! Bruce Willis and Gary Oldman share a few frames of screen time passing each other, but neither character is aware of the other's involvement in the plot.
  4. "Is this all real? Or is it just happening inside my head?" "Of course it's happening inside your head... Why should that mean that it's not real?"
  5. I apologize for my lack of clarity. Heat is not the answer. The actor who portrayed the villain/antagonist said he based his portrayal on a cross between Bugs Bunny and H. Ross Perot. Movie critics at the time the film was released referred to the lead actress' outfit as "the bandage."
  6. The meeting of hero and villain in Heat was classic!
  7. Ok, pretty sure this has been done and I'm stealing someone else's clue, but: Rare among big-budget blockbusters, this film features a hero and villain who not only never meet, but never communicate with each other at all.
  8. "Words are, in my not-so-humble opinion, our most inexhaustible source of magic. Capable of both inflicting injury, and remedying it."
  9. Sorry, busy week in South Florida news
  10. Raf

    John Lynn's Legacy

    Reminder: off topic posts will be deleted without warning or apology.
  11. Raf

    John Lynn's Legacy

    John Lynn's legacy is the subject of this thread. Let's move on.
  12. Raf

    John Lynn's Legacy

    Ok, you get the last word. Subject closed [on this thread]
  13. Ok, I've been trying to let this go because I've participated in the thread. THIS THREAD IS ABOUT: the propriety of saying "negative" things about those who have died in the immediate wake of their passing. Because it was implicitly about JAL, there was some latitude in exploring what was said about him [namely, comparing that conversation to the behavior described in the opening post]. To explore the issue adequately, we did have to make observations that would otherwise be off topic. The observations were made. Counterobservations were made. Ok, fine. THIS THREAD IS NOT ABOUT: COVID and the best ways to prevent its spread. Future posts that are not on topic will be deleted without warning or apology.
  14. Spoiler alert? Speed Force Nora.
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