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  1. Seriously? Ok, let's accept HWOB's answer for the sake of moving on. But DAMN!!! Claudette Colbert It Happened One Night Clark Gable
  2. The only other Rodenberry series I can think of: Andromeda
  3. Under the Boardwalk! Drifters
  4. Rene Aberjonois (sp?) Star Trek VI: The Apology for Star Trek V Brock Peters Ok, there's an obvious route, and there's a more classic route. I'd be much obliged if you went the more classic route. But regardless, it's just a game
  5. Damn that was quick. Yes. I thought Pleasantville and Seabiscuit would throw someone off to guess Tobey Maguire But as the Genie said, I'M FREE!!!! Your move.
  6. Wild Hogs Pleasantville Seabiscuit Jurassic Park III
  7. Guess 2 is disqualified. Guess 1 is correct.
  8. She played: Theresa Stemple Charlotte Kensington Kate Burroughs Peg Mullen Eunice Higgins Princess Winnifred the Woebegone
  9. Oh. Well, i thought he was dead anyway
  10. The last two scenes of the "Love is a Battlefield" episode of Flash gave me the kind of chills and thrills I felt when I started this thread. Excellent work.
  11. Just watched 61* with my son. You can pick a name out of a hat and he was probably in it. But I'm gonna go with: Thomas Jane The Mist Andre Braugher
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