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  1. Raf

    TV Show Mash-Up

    It is watchable. I actually enjoyed it very much. Skip the original movie though: it's a slog.
  2. Raf

    TV Show Mash-Up

    It was a product of its time.
  3. The Shawshank Redemption Tim Robbins Bull Durham
  4. Raf

    Extended interpretaion of tongues

    mmph mmmpphh mmmmmphhh mmmmphhh!!!!!!!! MMMPH!!!! You are indeed entitled to your opinion and belief. You are not entitled to make assertions of fact without anyone challenging the assertion. Prove you produced a language. "It sounded like one to me" is not proof. You don't have to "ponder" what to speak to fake a language. In fact, you have to NOT, surprisingly enough. We discussed this ad nauseum in another thread. Feel free to explore it. It got a little out of hand at times (mea culpa) but the gist of the thread holds up. SIT is obscenely easy to fake.
  5. Raf

    When is it rude?

    The message was perfectly clear.
  6. Raf

    TV Show Mash-Up

    Yes. The real Charles Ingalls was a fiddle player. Michael Landon... not so much. But he faked it good. The lead actress was Melissa Gilbert, who played Laura Ingalls. He (adopted) brother, Jonathan Gilbert, played comic antagonist Willie Oleson. Katherine MacGregor played his mother, Harriet Oleson. Mrs. Oleson was the villain-like character, but again, it was more of a comic villainy. She was reportedly a real pain, but Michael Landon (star, writer of many episodes, director of many episodes, and executive producer) determined she was too good in the part to let go. Melissa Sue Anderson played Laura's sister, Mary. Anderson was nominated for an Emmy for the two episodes in which her character goes blind. Matthew Laborteaux, who has autism, played a young Charles Ingalls in one episode. Producers liked him enough to get him a regular spot playing "Albert," an orphan who is eventually adopted by the Ingalls family. About once every five to 10 episodes, you can hear the church congregation singing "Bringing in the Sheaves," referenced recently on the movie mash-up thread clues to the 1967 Batman movie.
  7. Raf

    TV Show Mash-Up

    Big hint: Read my last clue again... it's quite literal. Also, don't get stuck on "villainous." The character was an antagonist, but it's not like she committed crimes or anything. She was just not nice.
  8. Raf

    When is it rude?

    Here's how someone with half a brain would approach this conversation. "Everybody has priorities. I believe it can be said you "worship" the objects of your highest priority or priorities. That is how I define worship, and by that definition, everybody worships something." Given THAT definition of worship, I would respond in two ways. First, I would agree. If that's what worship means, then of course everyone worships something. Second, I would challenge your definition of "worship," because I think it butchers the language, which was my original point in the first place:
  9. Raf

    When is it rude?

    You said everybody worships something. In response, I said I don't worship anything. In response to THAT, you said I obey and serve myself. Now you expect us to believe you did not say I worship myself? B---, please. You insult our intelligence.
  10. Raf

    TV Show Mash-Up

    I said "regularly featured actress" in one of the clues. I should have said "supporting actress." She was a series regular, opening credits, there for most seasons. She just wasn't the lead. She was nominated for her performance in two episodes, after which her character never saw her family again.
  11. Raf

    TV Show Mash-Up

    It was more of a comic villainy than Dynasty. And while I can't say there was never a hymn on Dynasty, I can say with near certainty that there was no hymn "often featured" on the series.
  12. Raf

    TV Show Mash-Up

    The lead actor on this series had no idea how to play the violin, though his character did it often. A real life pair of siblings (adopted, but real life siblings) play characters who are not related. A particular villainous character was played by an actress who was quite the pain in the ass on set. The lead actor, who was also executive producer, considered firing her, but she was just too good for the part and was kept on. The main actor was never nominated for an Emmy for this series. Neither was the main actress. Or anyone else, save a single regularly featured actress, once. She lost. A young autistic actor was brought in to play the main actor as a young boy. His performance was so well received that he was later brought in to play the main actor's adopted son. A particular hymn often featured on this series was referenced in another game thread recently.
  13. Raf

    When is it rude?

    I will accept this ONLY if it is in the context of, "no s#8!, everyone does this, including people who claim to delegate that responsibility to a third party." Believers are no different from everyone else in obeying and serving themselves. Honestly, we save time by just noting that the comment was f-ing rude.
  14. Raf

    When is it rude?

    I said the same thing WW said in half the words.
  15. Raf

    TV Show Mash-Up

    Gimme a c a bouncy c Morey Amsterdam!!!! The Dick Van Dyke Show.