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  1. I'm going to go with Avengers. Not to be confused with Marvel's Avengers. But yes, to be considered with The New Avengers But not any cartoon Avengers, who are all Marvel anyway Except for that godawful Ralph Fiennes and Uma Thurman Avengers movie, which was based on the TV show and not Marvel's live action movies or Direct to Video cartoons. My head hurts.
  2. This actor played: Paul Castellano Detective Landis Gus Molino Kalman Wertzell Chief of the Waponis Grandpa Ben Rule And depending on whether you follow me on social media, you might be shocked his name didn't come up years and years ago
  3. Spartacus was as giveaway as giveaways get. Kirk Douglas.
  4. Was the lead actress, whose daughter is arguably more famous than she is, catcalled on her way into a pet store? Nah, that would be crazy.
  5. Sego It's good for your ego. Hedren starred in a commercial that appeared on the Today show, which Hitchcock was watching. He got a hold of her and signed her up. She thought it was for his TV show, not for this bizarre, music-free terror fest, where birds start viciously attacking humans for no known reason.
  6. Absolutely positively NOT someone younger. You will probably not have seen this commercial. I doubt you've ever consumed the drink. George MIGHT have (seen the commercial/consumed the drink), but I have no way of knowing for sure. By the time she made this movie, the actress was already a mom... her daughter would later become an actress as well, eclipsing her in fame, IMO.
  7. Correct, except that the title has way overtaken any previous Air Force association with the term. Remember, it was already an obscure enough term that the series creator thought he made it up.
  8. James Caan? The Godfather Al Pacino
  9. I would have gotten Lords of Flatbush if I'd checked in on the thread. The Three Musketeers Oliver Platt Benny and Joon
  10. Thank you, Rocky. TLC, please bear in mind the question that is being answered.
  11. My memory of this is a little different, and I'm interested in seeing whether others remember it the way I do. I recall VPW saying there's no such thing as an ATHEIST, because atheists say they don't believe anything, but they do believe something -- they believe that they don't believe. I took it as an example of poor humor at the time. Never really read anything into it because it was so demonstrably stupid that it wasn't worth arguing. In any event, I always thought TWI broke it down this way:An unbeliever does not believe Jesus is Lord and/or God raised him from the dead. You can be an unbeliever because you don't have information, or because you have information and you reject it. [As an aside, if you've ever heard atheists say all babies are atheist, they're using the same argument: they don't have the information to accept or reject a deity]. Either of those categories could be considered "rank unbelievers." When TWI talks about believers, though, it's talking about followers of TWI. If I were to ask "is so-and-so a believer?" and the answer was "Yes," then I would assume that the person was a PFAL grad faithfully standing with TWI. Then there were believers who are not like-minded. These are people who, we had every reason to believe, were born again but did not follow TWI. Basically, Trinitarians who spoke in tongues. While we could SUSPECT that others were non-like-minded believers, we couldn't know for sure unless they spoke in tongues. You could also call them unbelieving believers: they were saved, but they had not come to a [more perfect] knowledge of the truth. Then you had people who said they were Christian, but who knew for sure. Probably not. Catholics. The "dearlybelovedbrethreninthelord" crowd. Couldn't rule out that they were believers, but nothing you'd bet the farm on. And then rank unbelievers. Anyway, that's my recollection.
  12. Oh, you waited. Ok. This series has been revived three times. The current revival is on a platform that not everyone accesses. The creator thought he made up the name. He later realized it was used by Air Force pilots and figured he must have picked it up somewhere. Most of the episodes were shot on film, allowing for on-location shooting. A handful were shot on videotape on a soundstage. The difference in syndication is quite noticeable. The series' creator is not seen in the title sequence of the original series, but you can see his face in each of the revival series.
  13. In the opening scene of this movie, the lead actress walks toward a pet store, and someone whistles at her (like, catcall whistles). It's an inside joke. The director cast the woman after seeing her in a diet soft drink commercial in which the same thing happened to her. There is no musical soundtrack. The title antagonists' motive/provocation is never revealed. To give the sense of a terror that will continue after the movie ends, the words "The End" do not appear, the story is not resolved, and there are no end credits.
  14. It is Lawrence of Arabia. Someone got left behind. Lawrence refused to let him die, though he was warned that the person's death was "written," which is to say fated. Poignant scenes
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