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  1. "Lawdy mama, light my fuse." Um, Rick Derringer's "Rock and Roll Hoochie-Coo"??
  2. Thank you. BTW, in "the Great Gatsby" we find out that Jimmy Gatz/ James Gatz is Jay Gatsby's real name. (In the De Caprio movie, it's "James", but "Jimmy" is how it's given in the book.)
  3. Alexander the coppersmith did me much evil: the Lord reward him according to his works. There's this interesting notion. It persists among ex-twi, and, apparently, NOBODY ELSE. This notion is- it is WORSE to expose vpw, lcm, JAL, etc as rapists or embezzlers or simonists than it was for any of them to actually BE a rapist, embezzler, or simonist. The idea is that God is less pleased at whisle-blowers than at felons who still victimize His people. it's a bizarre idea. Verses like II Timothy 4:14 make it obvious- as if one has to actually be told it's obvious.
  4. There continues to persist the notion that the GSC is REQUIRED to be a Christian messageboard, rather than a messageboard open to all religious positions (including anti-religious positions and a-religious positions.) To require that would be a DISSERVICE to twi survivors who no longer consider themselves Christian. Some ex-twi were so scarred by twi, by vpw, by lcm, by JAL, by CG, by rfr, that the flee Christianity completely. I disagree with their decisions, but I have sympathy for anyone who's been hurt like that. Telling them to "just suck it up" does not work, and is rather I
  5. First, to correct a few factual inaccuracies at the same time..... After vpw had unilaterally appointed lcm as his successor, and vpw's health waned, vpw found out that the system that embraced him while he was The Big Cheese With No Accountability now embraced lcm, and vpw found himself as irrelevant as he'd made everyone else. Unable to accept being treated like everyone else, vpw ran to Gartmore and cried on Geer's shoulder. According to CG- whose account I believe reflected what happened- vpw spent a considerable amount of time making all sorts of predictions (which all fai
  6. Tobias Wolff Jim Carroll Arthur Rimbaud Brandon Darrow Amsterdam Vallon Danny Archer Arnie Grape Fee Herod William "Billy" Costigan Roger Ferris Frank Wheeler Edward "Teddy" Daniels Calvin J. Candie Rick Dalton James/JImmy Gatz Hugh Glass Jordan Belfort Hank Lacker Dom Cobb Garry Buckman Luke Brower
  7. I mentioned a comedy and that book, and I commented about something that could be funny (the comedy) or interesting (that book, by exclusion.)
  8. Another way to look at the exact same thing you looked at..... The guy is now in his late 70s. He's still traveling around, preaching for pay (preferably those nice, non-taxable envelopes of cash known as "prayer offerings" or "abundant sharings" or "love-offerings" or the like.) He's fine with being VERY political and partisan, incidentally preaching Christ. How many ex-wayfers are doing that- as opposed to praying, preaching love, preaching Christ crucified-buried-raised-ascended-returning, in short, all the Biblically-speaking stuff, Biblically speaking? John's still t
  9. I didn't get offended at the scene with Jesus in "History of the World Part I", so I'm ok with this. I hardly equate either with a credible position, but neither has to be. Something funny or interesting can be good because it is funny or interesting, not because it's historically accurate.
  10. Without even opening the video.... I think it's cute how they changed the logo. Used to say "word over the world", with the Aramaic approximating that ("word over the inhabited earth".) Now it says "the prevailing word" with, apparently, its translation into Aramaic. It was lcm whose delusions announced "the word was over the world" after their membership numbers collapsed, and who announced the new motto was "the prevailing word" in one variety or another. lcm's been booted but his delusion is still center-stage. Neat how their RIDICULOUS, UNGODLY "no-debt" policy is
  11. My Blue Heaven Steve Martin The Three Amigos
  12. Tobias Wolff Jim Carroll Arthur Rimbaud Brandon Darrow Amsterdam Vallon Danny Archer Jim Carroll Fee Herod William "Billy" Costigan Roger Ferris Frank Wheeler Edward "Teddy" Daniels Calvin J. Candie Rick Dalton James Gatz
  13. Ghostbusters 2 Brian Doyle-Murray Wayne's World
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