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  1. It's been referred to as the "baby bust" generation (post-boomer), as well as Generation X. That was coined by advertisers who were unable, at first, to figure out how to market to them, so they said this generation had no distinguishing mark, thus an anonymous "X". Later advertisers figured it out, after the name was already stuck. It became better known after someone wrote a book with that name. Someone also wrote a book calling them Generation 13, saying it was the 13th generation in this country since something. Both the names "Generation X" and "Gen 13" were used as names for comic book teams, each also from that generation.
  2. Ok, looked it up, that was correct. Next one: "All the people we used to know They're an illusion to me now. Some are mathematicians. Some are carpenter's wives. Don't know how it all got started. I don't know what they do with their lives."
  3. Tom Hanks Joe Versus the Volcano Abe Vigoda
  4. Oh! I may not have thought it was the same "Nicky", but the Zohan to not mess with was ADAM SANDLER. (The other names weren't ringing any kind of bell for me.)
  5. I kinda miss the old filter, where that word was rendered "wimp" and the feces swear-word was rendered "upset." I just remember some speculation as to whether or not lcm was gay (with that being the reason he lashed out at them so much), where someone disagreed because he "liked wimp too much." Time for another wild swing...... was this the remake of "THE DAY THE EARTH STOOD STILL? " This moment has the feel of a global announcement, at any rate.
  6. This was ESPECIALLY useful because Rocky posted a link to a free download of the book, meaning it was instantly available for us to read.
  7. If Allan's question was really as innocent as he claimed, he would have just stopped here, when T-Bpne answered him. Allan's question was- where did 6 million Jews come from if there were less than a million in Nazi Germany? T-Bone quoted Wikipedia- ALL OVER EUROPE. Germany rolled into Austria, Poland, France...... Seriously, it's EASY to study history online, if one actually cares.
  8. We know a loaded question from an "innocent" one.
  9. We have gotten into this MORE THAN 5 times. I only linked 5 previous discussions on the subject. The GSC is about twi and its spinoffs, NOT Holocaust denial. If it WAS, then obviously we'd keep circling the same points a lot more. Since the Holocaust is completely inrelated to twi- except where people strongly pro-vpw all just HAPPEN to also deny the Holocaust as vpw and lcm did- it is senseless to FOREVER circle the SAME IRRELEVANT discussions, with a handful of people hiding from actual evidence and quoting from tinfoil hat conspiracy mongers. There has to be a point where even we acknowledge that even introducing more evidence is useless, because the conspiracy nuts here were never convinced with actual evidence, so they're COMFORTABLE with contradicting the existing evidence. A handful of twi kids met an actual Holocaust survivor as a GUEST SPEAKER at school. They heckled her, called her a liar, and made her cry. It's the same mindset that others bring to the table, and they're more about derailing the discussion than actually serious discussions about the evidence.
  10. They were SURE the studio were going to stop them from using that name. They were getting to call her "HONEY Galore" once the studio vetoed the original name. One episode of "Late Night with Conan O'Brien" had Conan try to interview "the oldest living spy." We got a very elderly actor playing a Bond-type, alongside an elderly femme fatale, and interrupted by a very elderly Bond villain. Her name was "Pu$$y Aplenty." Both the spy and the villain kept calling her by her first name. Conan kept breaking into their dialogues. "I insist we call her 'Miss Aplenty' instead!" I really don't remember much about the skit- the funny part was Conan interrupting to KEEP saying that.
  11. I don't watch a lot of movies. I've said before that I suck at movie threads. Ok, let's see, I know 2 people from the current movie that I haven't seen.... Let's go.... Sharon Stone The Quick and the Dead Gene Hackman (Linking through another movie I've never actually seen.)
  12. Rocky: "Wikipedia cites its sources. Allan, WTF is your motivation on this thread?" WordWolf: "Motivation can easily be determined by content and participation.His initial posts were to claim there HAD TO be something "spiritual" about the millions of Jews and millions of others that the Nazis massacred, imprisoned. etc. etc.His later posts were to support the claims of "the Myth of the Six Million", despite that book already having been discredited and evidence showing it was loaded with error. And despite our already having discussed this book long ago and shown how some of its errors worked and were truly errors." Rocky: "Yeah, I know that, WW. I suppose I should have realized it was a stupid question for me to ask." WordWolf: "Some questions HAVE to be asked out loud. There was no point pretending this wasn't a legit question." Rocky's question was legit. Allan: "...WW did point out you were wrong to accuse me of having an agenda..." No, Allan, you're misunderstanding what was going on and what was said. In the current context, that (that inability) undermines your already-shaky position. ============================================== Out of curiosity, what did you think of Elie Wiesel's book, and how far did you get in it? (That IS the subject of this thread, Elie Wiesel's book. per the opening post.
  13. This has been talked to death more than once. More than once, we've had discussions about large bodies of evidence and so on showing how the Holocaust happened. We've also had a handful of people- always very pro-vpw people, every time- come forward, ignore any posted information from any scholarly source, and insist vpw was right and the Holocaust either didn't happen or was wildly exaggerated. Holocaust. https://www.greasespotcafe.com/ipb/topic/15320-holocaust/ Myth of the Six Million: https://www.greasespotcafe.com/ipb/topic/9836-myth-of-the-six-million/ Was vpw a holocaust denier? https://www.greasespotcafe.com/ipb/topic/24802-was-vpw-a-holocaust-denier/?tab=comments#comment-596647 vpw's connection to Nazi party? https://www.greasespotcafe.com/ipb/topic/6636-vpw-connection-to-nazi-party/ What gives Holocaust denial such appeal? https://www.greasespotcafe.com/ipb/topic/6799-what-gives-holocaust-denial-such-an-appeal/ I would recommend a new thread be started for this new discussion. However, this is NOT a "new" discussion The SAME tired old horse-manure is being peddled AGAIN, and was thoroughly disproved and discredited already. There's no point in another discussion. There's a point in reviewing pages and pages of when this happened before. I see no point in retyping the same information all over again into a new thread.
  14. Some questions HAVE to be asked out loud. There was no point pretending this wasn't a legit question.
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