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  1. WordWolf

    Revival and Restoration

    Perhaps the mission definition changes depending on who defines it! For the others, it's setting up the new group, making it look like it's NOT about obedience and tithing, then sneaking that in the back door very slowly. For Rico, it's about making a name for himself so he can carve a piece of the RnR pie and grab some tithers later in the story.
  2. WordWolf

    Revival and Restoration

    Except... -Someone mentioned plans to start up some other group over a year before the big meeting. -Someone registered the domain name "revival and restoration" several months before the big meeting. They already had plans for a new group before they ever met with the bod. Don't fool yourself into thinking otherwise.
  3. WordWolf

    Revival and Restoration

    I'm more than a little suspicious of groups when their entire website is password- protected. I have trouble believing their "donate" button isn't prominent as soon as you log in. The Facebook page costs them nothing, and, if I heard correctly, doesn't have the "donate" button. That's their PUBLIC face, so it's clever if they keep money off of that. Too many of us have seen this in too many variations to buy that they really don't want the money. vpw used to say he didn't care, also. WHEN THE MICROPHONES WERE ON.
  4. WordWolf

    Revival and Restoration

    I'm pretty sure that someone mentioned, early on, either a "donation button" or a direct request in their stuff. A "donation button" on a Facebook page (that they don't pay for, for example) says a lot. Whoever said it, please speak up. Whoever saw it, please link to the mention or something.
  5. WordWolf

    Movie Mash-Up

    This sounds like it might have been the story of Ricky Ricardo Valenzuela. aka Ritchie Valens. The movie was called "LA BAMBA." The coin toss was the famous one. The winter tour's bus had a broken heater. The headliners chartered a plane to take them to the next location, but there was only space for 3 of them. The Big Bopper and Buddy Holly had their spots- so the coin toss determined whether Eddie Fuller (I think) or Ritchie Valens got the last seat. Ritchie won the coin toss, got on the plane, and that was the famous plane crash "the day the music died." I could imagine someone who knew one of them watching a re-enactment of the coin toss and losing it. If Lou Diamond Philips is actually slightly older than Esai Morales, that explains the age clue. If I am correct, I'm sorry, but I'm going to be traveling. I will TRY to check in at some point. Otherwise, I'll respond when I return. So, IF I am right, FREE POST!
  6. WordWolf

    Revival and Restoration

    You missed living through A LOT. twi was accused of being a cult mostly due to doctrine, but should fairly have been accused of it based on its practices- which were kept under wraps so outsiders never complained about them. That was vpw's idea. He even grandstanded to try to get media attention. When he found out the main objections were backlash from their position on the Trinity, he attempted to manufacture a media event. He signed copied of "Jesus Christ is Not God". He left each copy at a church doorstep along with a sign: "Jesus Christ. Not God. Never was, never will be!" He told insiders that what he was going to leave was a list of the verses calling Jesus "the Son of God." lcm ran twi like a cult because vpw instructed him to do so. lcm unwittingly documented that in "VP and Me", and we discussed that in the thread "vp and me in wonderland." twi is corrupt through and through because vpw wanted it that way and designed it that way. The current power brokers in twi want it that way also. They're just milking the cash cow as long as they can, getting kids educated, getting free labor, getting all expenses covered independent of salary, etc. Even if someone removed the entire top, the system has no checks-and-balances, and is designed to support one dictator or another. rivenbark knows this, held power directly as long as she could, and has the current leader under her thumb. twi has been circling the drain for years, and its end is inevitable. The powers that be are just "running the clock" and getting what they can. Frankly, sensible Christians are all better off leaving twi. Lots of Christians attempted to reform it, none succeeded. It's over-optimism to think that the NEXT group of Christians will fare any better.
  7. WordWolf

    Revival and Restoration

    "I cannot speak for the whole group, but I know at least one of the people in the panel, and I don't see greed/power or monetary gain being the motivation here. I think it is more of a mid-life crisis type of situation, knowing they have invested the better part of their lives towards an organization that has given them nothing back." Hello, Sugarrush. I don't think that those 2 reasons are exclusive. A mid-life crisis reminds you that you have no nest egg, and that sends some people to make their own group and start soliciting donations. "Yes, they may have been previously aware of issues, but you don't question leadership in the Way (and you certainly don't discuss them) you just follow orders." Actually, most of the people in twi's history DID question leadership, didn't like the answers, and made tracks LONG ago. THOUSANDS of them have posted here, and countless others have lurked here without posting publickly. The people you mentioned were ok with sticking around, drawing a paycheck, and glossing over problems. Other people spoke up and were escorted off-grounds, or had to leave because they knew they'd be kicked out as soon as they spoke up. The people you mentioned stuck around through all the public exits, and only jumped ship now when it was financially advantageous to do so. Those 2 things tell me a lot-their inaction when others acted or left, and the timing of their action NOW. "I think we all can relate to knowing about sites like waydale in the 2000s when still with the Way, and and not wanting to know what was on there. It has always been an us vs. them mentality. " And yet, so many people follow/ed the GSC down the decades. With twi keeping secrets from their own membership, the members turned here for news. In fact, twi once insisted that the GSC post a news item for them- since they knew that was the best way to get the news out to their rank-and-file! "I think they have just had enough of the BS. I agree they are holding their tongue on many things but it will be interesting to see how it plays out. If they had truly fresh thinking and research they would have a much higher chance of success than trying to go back to a baseline of VPW's plagerized material as their foundation. The rabbit hole just goes way too deep, and this is why I left years ago. " This makes it sound like you get it.
  8. WordWolf

    Triple Movie Links Game

    The previous post from you ended in "Jason Lee", who was also in "Dogma", so the turn went that way. I was hoping to log in from another computer from time to time. My old computer suddenly started working again. (Peculiar!) I will be traveling soon, so I will probably not check in much over, say, a 2-week period. I don't recognize "John McKinley."
  9. WordWolf

    Triple Movie Links Game

    Harrison Ford Presumed Innocent Brian Dennehy
  10. Step 1. Use a 400-year old (450 now) version of the Bible. Insist everyone use it. Step 2. Tell everyone they have to turn to you to understand this thing. Rely sometimes on the archaic language to say things that it didn't mean. ("Mortify your members". "You know what "mortify" means? It means to blow to smithereens." No, 'mortis' is Latin for 'death.' Morticians don't blow a body to smithereens, they deal with deaths. The Greek word there was "nekrosate", and the Greek word "nekros" for "death" just jumps out of that word. The word didn't mean to use a 20th century mortar weapon, it meant to kill off.) ("no private interpretation" means that you can't interpret it privately." No, the 'one's own letting loose' referred to the origin of Scripture, as the next verse made clear. In forcing the King James English to instill a meaning that wasn't there before, vpw engaged in what he himself would call "private interpretation" -with the verse HE said was telling us not to do that.) Step 3. Use other versions when no one's looking, and say your research came up with it. Like , say, the Amplified Bible, copyright 1954 on the first commercial version. Philippians 4:13 KJV: I can do all things through Christ which strengtheneth me. "twi's literal translation according to usage:" I am ready for anything and equal to anything through Him who infuses inner strength into me. Amplified Bible ("classic" version.) I have strength for all things in Christ Who empowers me . (I am ready for anything and equal to anything through Him Who infuses inner strength into me [/u] [/u]I am self-sufficient in Christ’s sufficiency) Yes, vpw plagiarized the Amplified Bible. It's a paraphrase Bible, and he condemned those loudly and at great length. Once everyone shunned them, he felt free to plagiarize them, confident nobody would go near the original with a 10-foot pole. That plagiarism, as always, saved him a lot of time. It was much easier to just lift the work of others than to do it himself- supposing he had the skill TO do it himself, which was more storied than actual.
  11. WordWolf

    Triple Movie Links Game

    Tommy Lee Jones Batman Forever Val Kilmer
  12. WordWolf

    Name that Flick

    That's it. The moment where someone told Boss Hogg he wasn't supposed to wear white after Labor Day is possibly my favorite. Hogg's reaction was perfect. In the show, the state was never specified, but in the movie, Hazzard isn´t far from Atlanta.
  13. WordWolf

    Name that TV Show

    The first episode showed the Thundercats and Thunderians fleeing the destruction of their home planet. The last episode actually has them finish restoring it. (I'll know more when I see the entire episode once.) Cheetara wielded a staff, Panthro's weapon was nunchuks and Tygra used a whip. Lion-O used the claw shield and Sword of Omens.
  14. WordWolf

    Name that TV Show

    The Thundercats logo is VERY recognizable. Around the freaking world. Characters with fur were able to get away with looking dressed before they got their uniforms. Sorta like a cartoon Chewbacca thing. Wil Wheaton appeared in a feature on a boxed set talking about being a big fan. Milla Jovovich wants to play Cheetara. Mumm-ra said, all the time: ¨Ancient spirits of evil, transform this decayed form into Mumm-Ra the Ever-Living!¨ and was changed into the bodybuilder version from the mummy version. That always bugged me. Of course, you´ve heard of The Sword of Omens. BTW, season 1 was 65 episodes, which means the show should seem like it lasted more than 4 seasons.