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  1. That seems a lot more likely than his claims being true and him being fine, especially since he's BEEN spilling the beans.
  2. The thing is, Allan, it's considered bad form on message boards. I know you're here to discuss, not advertise. However, that sort of thing is what advertisers do- they make a VAGUE comment, one that says nothing about the contents of a link, then supply the link in an attempt to get people to click on the link. It's what one ces/stfi guy did on a Christian message board I used to frequent. His only post there (and some other boards) was a comment that he "found" this website and wanted to know what people thought- and linked them to the ces/ stfi website. It was blatantly dishonest, and I called him on it immediately. I replied honestly, with what he COULD have said while not trying to mislead anyone- and I wasn't rude to him, either. It was obvious to the other posters that A) he was advertising, and B) I knew something about it, especially since I sounded as if I knew the guy personally. So, if you're interested in people checking out a link, how about pasting the title of an article, or the subject of an article, so they have some kind of idea of what to expect? You can just type it out if nothing else.
  3. Mickey Rooney....... Dave Grohl....... Judd Hirsch...... Neil Patrick Harris....... Selena Gomez....... Whoopi Goldberg....... James Carville...... Emily Blunt....... Donald Glover...... Sarah Silverman...... Ken Jeong....... Zach Galifianakis...... Alan Arkin..... Rashida Jones..... Chris Cooper..... Amy Adams..... Jason Segal
  4. For the benefit of those playing at home who want to know what it said without clicking blindly on a link... This Daily Mail link's headline was "Mobster claims he helped Poison Pope John Paul I with cyanide and threatened to kill Pope John Paul II because they both tried to expose a billion dollar stock fraud scam involving cardinals and gangsters in Vatican City." The links I got for that headline, including the msn link and a direct link for the Daily Mail, were: https://www.msn.com/en-au/news/world/mobster-claims-he-helped-poison-pope-john-paul-i-with-cyanide-and-threatened-to-kill-pope-john-paul-ii-because-they-both-tried-to-expose-a-billion-dollar-stock-fraud-scam-involving-cardinals-and-gangsters-in-vatican-city/ar-AAJ4dhr https://www.dailymail.co.uk/news/article-7591789/Mobster-claimed-helped-POISON-Pope-John-Paul-cyanide-stock-fraud-scam.html https://www.heraldsun.com.au/truecrimeaustralia/meet-the-mobster-who-claims-he-helped-whack-pope-john-paul-i-over-stock-fraud/news-story/be68fbd5bff2476b4399a4a2014867f2?nk=db0a493f7ac49f435cb741434597e606-1571628731 The Daily Mail's site included this: Anthony Raimondi, 68, claims he helped kill John Paul I in 1978 because the pope threatened to expose a billion dollar stock fraud scam The scam took place at the Vatican bank, where criminal cardinals and mobsters allegedly sold fake stock certificates to American companies like Coca-Cola Raimondi was recruited by his cousin Paul Marcinkus to help silence the Pope before he exposed the illegal dealings Raimondi reportedly stood watch as his cousin drugged the John Paul's tea with Valium and force fed the sleeping pope cyanide Mobsters and cardinals also threatened to kill John Paul II for the same reason, but let him live after agreeing to keep the scam a secret The revelations are in Raimondi's new book 'When the Bullet Hits the Bone' "A mobster from the Colombo mafia family claims he helped poison Pope John Paul I with cyanide 33 days into his reign to stop the pontiff from exposing a billion dollar stock fraud scam. " " Raimondi dismisses those who question his story or say it closely resembles 'The Godfather III.' 'It was a terrible movie. To tell you the truth I don’t really remember it,' Raimondi told The Post. 'What I said in the book I stand by till the day I die. If they take [the pope’s body] and do any type of testing, they will still find traces of the poison in his system.' " It includes a link to the NY Post. https://nypost.com/2019/10/19/meet-the-mobster-who-claims-he-helped-whack-pope-john-paul-i-over-stock-fraud/ "Meet the mobster who claims he helped whack Pope John Paul I over stock fraud." I see no reason to take this claim seriously at this time. It's true he's making that claim, and it's helping to sell his book. Any death of anyone famous has claims of foul play attached to it. JP I died rather suddenly, and it's easy to find conspiracy theories whenever that happens. https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Pope_John_Paul_I_conspiracy_theories
  5. Ok, I don't think we've done this movie before. Mickey Rooney....... Dave Grohl....... Judd Hirsch...... Neil Patrick Harris....... Selena Gomez....... Whoopi Goldberg....... James Carville...... Emily Blunt....... Donald Glover...... Sarah Silverman...... Ken Jeong....... Zach Galifianakis...... Alan Arkin
  6. That was around when "Starship Invaders" was out, but that wasn't a comic book, nor did it have Marceau. French dude.... any chance this was some sort of "Barbarella" re-release?
  7. Was there a one-season or less show that looked like an expie of Charlie's Angels, with another guy and a few women, with the main difference that we saw the guy?
  8. TLC's question WAS on topic. Unfortunately for TLC (and, perhaps for us), you're not required to address it, neither in a short nor a long answer. If you used a long answer, you could go a long way into explaining why you think he's incorrect, and possibly get him to change his thinking. If not him, maybe one of the silent readers of the thread (I think there's always a few.) One discussion here once caused me to completely reverse my thinking on a subject even though I almost never participated in it.
  9. No idea yet, but not from lack of trying. It sounds familiar, but nothing comes to mind.
  10. The rhyme-scheme keeps making me think the missing title should be the Beatles' "Your Mother Should Know." However, I know enough of the song that I'm confident this is NOT it. I also don't think this is ANY Beatles song despite that.
  11. Keep this up, and I may think you don't want to be buddies anymore....
  12. Please be kinder to each other, gentlemen. We can "disagree without being disagreeable." You're both capable of kindness, politeness, and intelligent conversation. Please remember that you can do so. I believe both of you can agree that Christ died for EACH of you. Please consider that before taking shots at each other. Thank you both.
  13. Ok, spooky movies. Get any to take the round. A) This movie was a take-off on horror movies. People went to a schlock movie festival, and ended up stumbling into the 80s horror flick that was playing. They were unable to escape without making it to the end of the movie, and it just looped back if they attempted to avoid arriving at the summer camp. One participant was the daughter of one of the actresses in that turkey, who of course looked like the character but didn't share the same memories or personality. They tried to kill the serial killer who was "killed" in the summer camp and now preyed on the too-stupid-to-live counselors readying the camp for use, while trying to keep the movie's cast alive. A decision was made to make this a take-off (thus, a comedy and PG-13) rather than a more straightforward copy (an R movie would limit the theater audience.) The title references a phrase that does not actually appear in horror films. B) This horror movie takes place in an elevator. A number of bad people are trapped in an elevator, and a sort of monster is trapped with them- is the killer one of them? Although we do see the building and the sidewalk, the bulk of the movie takes place in the elevator (or with the building staff trying to get it moving again.) C) This 2011 horror movie was a found-footage movie. The head of Dimension Films insisted that it was actually found, and not shot as a movie. This movie's premise was that the US space program continued where it left off, for one more mission, but the results were disastrous and covered up. The found-footage was of the mission. It was panned, and one critic said it felt very long at 90 minutes. The film played with the idea that a number of Moon rocks brought back to Earth have turned up missing- which is factually correct! D) This 2014 horror movie was a computer-screen film, meaning that the entire film takes place with someone online and events reaching them either onscreen or in the room they are in. The main characters remember a girl (who was bullied and committed suicide) while they Skype together- and a mysterious stranger ends up in the group chat- and the horror elements proceed from there. E) This 2010 British film was about five teenagers who meet on the Internet and encourage each other's bad behaviour. It was based largely on a stage play of the same name, and got a score of 9% on "Rotten Tomatoes."
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