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  1. "twi teaches that we are in the grace administration. " "They might say "grace administration," but they have become more legalistic than ever, from what I can see, in what they actually "teach." I doubt that, practically, they have the faintest idea of what "grace" means, is, and enables. And as for "graceful" and "gracefulness" ... well, that's okay as long as you do what they say. Don't think about being individual or doing anything different. And whatever you do, don't look at the chains that invisibly bind you to that organisation." ================================ Here's an un-twi idea. Why not actually look at what twi does and evaluate whether or not THAT matches up to the Bible? The way you're doing it now is that-if they say all the right things- they can do whatever they want and you'll give them a pass because they SAID they did all the RIGHT things while DOING all the WRONG things. Back in twi, I saw a church pastor read and study, then teach on I Corinthians 12 & 14. He read-and said- that tongues were supposed to be interpreted when in the church. Then he closed his sermon, and led the "charismatic" portion of the evening. That included at least a few people I heard that "spoke in tongues"- and absolutely nobody cared that there was no attempt at an interpretation, not even the pastor. Really. That wasn't even 30 minutes after he said "we're not supposed to do this" and he's leading his group while the do exactly that, and he was fine with it. So, talking a good talk is not exclusive to twi (OBVIOUSLY), but twi relies on it to get EVERYTHING past the radar of all the participants.
  2. vpw covered his tracks nicely at the time. BGL was a legit Christian who didn't "think evil" of other Christians (and was a Canadian and not, say, a paranoid NY'er who might double-check things.) vpw found out about Leonard's class, and-according to vpw- found out one was in progress and he couldn't join it since it had already started. He proceeded directly there and basically parked himself until BG relented and let him join. So, vpw "graduated" that class. He took it again a few months later, along with a handful of other people, including Mrs W. vpw was considered a "grad" who was retaking it. Then, a few months later, vpw asked Leonard to ok him running Leonard's class once, locally. Leonard agreed. vpw sent Leonard a photo of the grads of "Leonard's" class. What vpw told all the students was that this was vpw's class on "Receiving the Holy Spirit Today". (No syllabus or diagrams, this was a few months later.) All the people who had taken Leonard's class were already considered "GRADS" of THIS class by vpw himself. That's because it was the same class, just taught by someone else. Later, vpw added Bullinger and Stiles and split the class into 3 different classes that people had to pay for. Some time later, Leonard found out vpw continued to teach Leonard's material AS HIS OWN. BTW, a poster here once took Leonard's class while Leonard was teaching it. He also looked through Leonard's photo album of his classes, and found the photo vpw sent him. He got Leonard's side of things from him at the time. vpw's claims were documented in Mrs W's book, which says the grads of Leonard's class were considered grads of this one. It doesn't say "this is the same class, plagiarized", but what it DOES say makes that pretty clear.
  3. WordWolf

    Movie Mash-Up

    That suggested "BATTLEFIELD EARTH" to me by itself. Timeframe of Forrest Whitaker as an actor, actual stars like FW, an SF flick, and a star clueless as to how bad the movie was. Frankly, the "but better" made me think of comments made about "ÄotS" which gets me thinking "cult" all by itself.
  4. WordWolf

    Movie Mash-Up

    *wild swing* "Ghost Dog- Way of the Samurai"???
  5. WordWolf

    Movie Mash-Up

  6. WordWolf

    My newe toy

    Who said I recommended Google Search? I use DuckDuckGo when StartPage isn't making it for me. But Microsoft and Google and Facebook attempt to track you and grab your data. So, I prefer not to use MS browsers (IE, Edge) nor Google browsers (Chrome) . I use others, and may add something to block Facebook and Google tracking.
  7. SHAME on you! How can you be in and not call yourself "A FOLLOWER OF THE WAY"? If they catch you doing that, there could be consequences.
  8. STANDARD response. "All of you focus your lives on the evils of twi". As if we spend all our lives here. Seriously, someone's feeding all of you the same handful of lines. It happened in twi- which is why your "we look only toward God" post looked rehearsed, and this response is equally standardized. Until you actually do the thinking for yourself, you're going to pretty much be subject to whomever's writing your scripts. At least become aware someone's feeding you lines and you're just repeating them here. "what do you mean standard response ? nobody is feeding me lines. i write my own scripts." I didn't mean that LITERALLY someone's handing you the contents of a post and saying "type this in." Every pro-twi or pro-vpw person comes out with IDENTICAL ERRORS OF FACT about the GSC. That's not a sign of people all doing their own thinking, it's the sign of people all quoting the same source without attribution. And that's down the DECADES. "we dont discuss the past in fellowship. " If I were running a scam of that type, I'd be doing everything I could to discourage people from digging up the disgraceful past as well. Exposing all the crimes, ruined lives, lies, and so on would not benefit the people running the scam. But things don't just "appear." The twi of today is the result of the twi of yesterday, which is the result of the older twi, and there's LOTS of things they'd be ashamed to stipulate to anywhere. "the Word is taught and i leave. I started going to wi fellowships in 1980. been wow and wd." I don't think you're aware of all the details of what you're being taught. We were all fooled in part, once. Sooner or later, we saw some things slipped past our radars. We were amazed what slipped our notice. If you're still on "nothing is slipping my notice", you have a long road to travel. And people who were in earlier than you, longer than you, and in higher positions than you have discovered things and left twi. "if dwbh had approached me like you he and i could have had a good conversation. but he called me names and stuff and slandered me on a public forum. calling me a racist and aryan is slander." Yet you react, often, like we're ALL doing that. You may not be aware of it. See, when you do that, you can more easily rationalize away the content of our posts, and go back to what you were doing before. It's like looking in a mirror and forgetting what your face looked like.
  9. We discussed whether Samson and/or Jesus was/were molested in "Were Samson and Jesus Molested?" We discussed the oath with the hand under thigh in "Oath- hand under thigh". https://www.greasespotcafe.com/ipb/topic/10317-oath-hand-under-thigh/
  10. WordWolf

    My newe toy

    Whenever humanly possible, I use someone else's free program rather than Microsoft's free program. So, I don't use IE or Edge, I use FireFox and other derivatives (PaleMoon, etc.) I'd trust Chrome before Edge on general principle- and I don't like Chrome because I don't like Google spying on me any more than I like MS spying on me. Frankly, I'd keep a few browsers along, just in case one works better than another for something (that's why I discovered PaleMoon in the first place.) If you want to add a Chromium-based browser, I'd add one instead of Chrome itself. Chrome has all the spyware slowing it down. https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Chromium_(web_browser)#Other_browsers_based_on_Chromium I know nothing about the cloud-based questions.
  11. WordWolf

    My newe toy

    LibreOffice and OpenOffice.org are good office suites. Mrs Wolf uses OOO, I use LO. Mrs W also uses Thunderbird, and has for a long time.
  12. WordWolf

    Movie Mash-Up

    I was going to come back and post the right answer. "West Side Story" is one of the movies based on the Romeo and Juliet theme- like "Underworld" and Baz Luhrman's "Romeo + Juliet." George is in a garage band? What instrument, or are you vocals?
  13. WordWolf

    Triple Movie Links Game

    Not a bad film to link to and from. *thinks* I'm not going to link back to Uma, so let's go Ben Stiller Starsky and Hutch Owen Wilson
  14. WordWolf

    Triple Movie Links Game

    (As an aside, that was Matthew Broderick, Uma Thurman, Will Farrell, and Mel Brooks.)