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  1. That's because JALvis never thought about what he was doing and why he was doing it. He was just plodding along, trying to redo the same things he did decades ago with young innies, when he was facing mature ex-twiers. Few people were foolish enough to go along just on his say-so, and had many concerns the kids didn't HAVE decades ago. Since it was about what HE wanted, he just blew all that off, and approached us all like a used-car salesman. To this day, he STILL doesn't get it!
  2. That's it. I was a little surprised it took a second line, but that's how it goes sometimes.
  3. Nick Rivers and Chris Knight are my favorite roles FOR this actor, especially Chris Knight. If this post will save this time, my answer will be VAL KILMER.
  4. Next song, if this will save tonight.... "It's a little bit funny, this feeling inside. I'm not one of those who can easily hide. I don't have much money, but boy if I did, I'd buy a big house where we both could live."
  5. It gets worse when you see the twisting involved to try to make this nonsense apply after that. In Genesis 3, Man has sinned and lost spirit. God communicates with him without any problems, making a voice (the first mention of the word "voice" in Genesis, the first time an audible sound is actually needed.) God can communicate any way He wants to -He is God. Makes the Universe, organizes the stars, fine-tunes details for the Earth, the biosphere, the plants, the animals, the humans. Communicate with something that isn't spirit? Sorry, too difficult! What is this nonsense? Anyway, then we get nonsense like Balaam's donkey had to have spirit upon him. Why can't God ALMIGHTY use a bit of that ALL MIGHT and make a miracle where a donkey briefly can talk and reason as a donkey? We also get the incident of "the writing on the wall". The Babylonian smart people couldn't make sense of it. So, according to vpw, it was "written in spirit" (WHAT? SINCE WHEN? ONLY HAPPENS HERE IN ALL OF SCRIPTURE) which is why they couldn't understand the writing. Couldn't possibly have another explanation, something more simple. FF Bruce had already explained that decades before. Somebody (like vpw) who was poor with languages couldn't even imagine it was a mundane TRANSLATION problem. The writing, if read in ONE language, was "weighed, numbered, divided"- and the specifics of what was weighed, numbered and divided was not provided- there you needed revelation. Read in Babylonian, and the writing- missing vowels like it did made it easy to mistake ONE language for the OTHER- and it read something like "a dollar, a quarter and change" (I'm paraphrasing, but it would have been a money denomination, a smaller one, and something like spare change.) Not terribly hard to understand the confusion when trying to make sense of something when reading it in the wrong language. Anybody who wants to discuss incidents of confusing language should probably start a new thread in Humor, or possibly Open. So, having to distort all sorts of incidents to try to make this silly explanation work is far too much work, and it's unproductive work because it makes one MORE confused, not less.
  6. "Cosmic Thing"s 2 big hits got a LOT of airtime when that album came out. (3 hits? "Roam", "Love Shack", "Deadbeat Club" is 3 hits if that's all 1 album.)
  7. If George drops a hint, I might think of something, and hopefully I can post after midnight my time this morning.
  8. I grew up knowing a Linda, and Julieta is actually not uncommon in Argentina.
  9. "Try, try, try to separate them, it's an illusion. Try and you will only come, to this conclusion." (Was unable to save this last night, sorry)
  10. Anyone notice that "The Great Principle" was based on something that CHANGED? "God is Spirit, and God can only give what He is- which is Spirit." "God is Spirit, and God can only communicate with Spirit." Wherever he plagiarized those from, it's obvious he didn't UNDERSTAND them since they contradict so obviously when he phrases them. "God gave manna. God is NOT manna." So, the first statement is BLATANTLY wrong. If the second is supposedly true because spirit only communicates with spirit, then eventually there is a disconnect. "God, who is Spirit, teaches His creation in you, which is now your spirit, and your spirit teaches your mind. Then it becomes manifested in the senses world as you act." Well, how did my spirit teach my mind? Spirit communicated with not-spirit there. Is my spirit more capable than God Almighty, who IS Spirit?
  11. You forgot Dean Martin was in that movie? He and Sammy Davis Jr were dressed as 2 priests driving a red Ferrari. "Pull over! We want to give you our blessing!" Terry Bradshaw was one of the drivers for the pick-up truck, the one that got re-painted to try to bypass roadblocks, and landed in a pool. The also prepped for the race by packing case after case of beer- and 1 bag of chips for food. Rick Aviles was the one who drove into the HOTEL LOBBY and did the Nixon imitation when asked about it. Also, he jumped the railroad cars and survived because he reached the moving train at a flatbed. "Evel Kneivel, you've got yourself some competition!" "I'm telling you, if the cameras had been there, we would have made CBS Sports Spectacular!" "What-you want to do it again?" He was also conspicuous in the fight with the bikers. "Man, you wouldn't last FIVE MINUTES in a New York Subway!" *smashes biker in shin with block of wood* *smashes back of biker's head, knocking him out* "That's how it's done!"
  12. Doctor Strange Rachel Mac Adams Sherlock Holmes- Game of Shadows
  13. I had posted the song in the wrong thread. By the time I'd re-posted it and deleted it from the wrong thread, you'd already replied. I left a note about it on the other thread. Meanwhile, I'm all set- I've brought my jukebox money!
  14. That's it. All 3 were drivers for different vehicles.
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