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  1. WordWolf

    After midnight

    The post you quoted was both CIVIL and focused on the press. I would expect posts that did neither of those would inspire action on them.
  2. Dan Ackroyd was Elwood, John Goodman was MIghty Mac. John Popper of Blues Traveler seemed to play himself- he said he and his brother were inspired by Elwood and Jake to form a band, and asked Elwood to come listen. He agreed, and took off immediately. Paul Shaffer was from the original Blues Brothers band, but was unable to make the original movie. Here, he got to play alongside them at Queen Mousette's place. The battle of the bands included both the Blues Brothers and the Louisiana Gator Boys. If you look, that band includes Eric Clapton, BB King...... Sorry, if you'd seen the
  3. The image will be titled SOMETHING. Sometimes it's a bunch of letters and numbers. Other times, it's something that gives away the movie. If you don't make sure the title doesn't give away the movie (changing it if necessary), then someone wandering in might see the title with the image, or in this case, instead of the image. I didn't "cheat". I read the thread and what was posted. George has admitted he forgot to change the title so he accidentally left the answer up. Nobody's perfect- I was warning George of his mistake after you got the right answer.
  4. It's a LOT easier if you're logged off when you see the thread, and instead of the pic, the name of the movie and its year appear. But I would have remembered that scene between Spicoli, Mr Hand, and the class and pizza without trouble.
  5. WordWolf

    R.I.P. Sudo

    Aw. Condolences to Suda and the rest of his family.
  6. John Travolta Pulp Fiction Samuel L. Jackson
  7. Sounds a little like "Death Proof" but the details and year are different. I may never have heard of this movie.
  8. Who the heck else was in that movie? Oh, yeah, the coach was John Goodman 11 Cloverfield Lane Mary Elizabeth Winstead
  9. Whoops! I was sure nobody else remembered him!
  10. Bernie Casey Bill And Ted's Excellent Adventure Keanu Reeves
  11. (E) IS "The Price Is Right." Did you get it from the announcer's name or did you actually read and remember the splash page by number? What people guess on that show is PRICES.
  12. Paul Shaffer Dan Ackroyd John Goodman John Popper Eric Clapton BB King
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