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  1. WordWolf

    TV Show Mash-Up

    "We have had, in the past, "drive-by" posters who would answer clues but never post any of their own. " "A pox on you and your ancestors!" - Ed Norton.
  2. WordWolf

    Super Hero TV

    Yes. Although "crisis" might refer to how we're running around this particular week. Classes are ending for the year, and parents and teachers all want to end with something. Naturally, they pile all of that on us poor parents, who now have a doubled agenda on our plate.
  3. https://www.greasespotcafe.com/ipb/topic/9013-outreach-beyond-vpws-congregation/ Here's the raw link for "Outreach Beyond vpw's congregation."
  4. We discussed the book somewhat in the thread, "Outreach Beyond vpw's congregation".
  5. WordWolf

    Super Hero TV

    We're going to power through the Flash episodes, then Crisis, THEN go back and watch the LoT episodes. I'm looking forward to the comment you mentioned. We've seen references to the "red skies" and the Crisis since Eobard Thawne's newspaper headlines were displayed, at least in "Flash."
  6. WordWolf

    Super Hero TV

    Yeah, in the comics, the only reason the Monitor appeared in Annuals and whatevers was to establish he'd been around, as a preparation for CoIE. Now there's a bunch of Monitors, which makes no sense if they're supposed to be anything like the original. So, we had Monitor cameos, and then CoIE where we saw a lot of him and his opponent.
  7. WordWolf

    Super Hero TV

    Ok, I caught up in "Arrow" and saw the teaser. I liked that the first 2 bodies I saw were recognizable- that was Stargirl and STRIPE. (Remember the Star-Spangled Kid and Stripesy? Well, Stargirl found the Kid's belt and went into action. Stripesy put on an exoskeletal armor to keep an eye on her. At least in the comics, where she how also carries Starman's cosmic rod/staff.)
  8. WordWolf

    Triple Movie Links Game

    David Spade PCU Jon Favreau
  9. WordWolf

    TV Show Mash-Up

    Ha! Thanks for posting so promptly! Ok let's see.... Although this show was technically before my time, that particular comedian- and that tagline- are still well-known (somewhat) to this day. Was this show "THE HONEYMOONERS"?
  10. WordWolf

    TV Show Mash-Up

    Yes, everything he said was true. It's your turn, Grace. Usually, we try to post some sort of clue about once a day, but that's not a rule, just a suggestion. ANYTHING that would help someone guess this show without THEM looking it up is fair as a clue. We have to guess based on what you post, and what we THINK- we can't look it up or we disqualify ourselves for the round. (We work on the Honor System, here.) It's a good idea for the giver of the clues (in this case, you) to look things up so you know the clue is accurate. The guessers must not look up anything. And yes, we prefer to go from the harder clues to the easy clues until someone gets it. (It adds to the fun of us guessing.)
  11. WordWolf

    Triple Movie Links Game

    *pictures famous fight scene* Oh, right! Kareem Abdul Jabbar Airplane! Leslie Nielsen
  12. WordWolf

    Revival and Restoration

    Ok, let's see. These people have said a lot of things that sound like sound teaching. Then again, so did vpw, and he was plagiarizing and considered the twi budget to be his own piggy bank. (And made merchandise of the people, and so on...) They set up the name and website for the ex-twi group while announcing they wanted to try to reform twi, and set up the new group while in twi. (Which is what vpw did- he had his twi original group going for years while he was on the church payroll before he resigned his pastorage.) What else do we have here, among all of the "talking a good game?" "There is not a single individual controlling the group, it is a handful of people controlling the group. And they are tightly knit." Welcome back to the us-and-them. The cadre runs the show, everyone else is second-tier or lower, and has neither voice nor vote on anything. "There is basically a handful of regulars that do the teachings, with the occasional cameo appearance of someone fairly close but not in the true inner circle. " There's a token presence of others, otherwise there's a tier of teachers and that's that.If that was all, it wouldn't be that bad. But it is NOT all... "They are following the teachings of VPW almost entirely, with some modifications here and there, and they all praise VPW almost without exception. " All hail the plagiarizing rapist! He claimed to hear from God while ripping all his material off other Christians- but surely he actually got it all from God. He claimed to have had a Special Connection to God, and he would never have lied about that- we have his assurances he was legit! Let's pretend he really heard from God in 1942 as he claimed almost 30 years later! " There hasn't been any interest expressed as to what we are interested in hearing more about, or topics of interest at all. " There are the insiders, and there's all you jerks. All you jerks need to listen, support the group, buy their stuff, and pay 10% of your income. In return, be thankful they are teaching and selling and keep your fool mouth shut! You have a subject you want to hear taught? Tough! They teach what they want and are not accountable to you as a whole. "While many of the teachings are well done, few have any real relevance to me, and some of them aren't good at all, wandering around a topic like the teacher has no real direction. My situation is unique, and they are just blowing their own horns, showing what they know about a particular topic because that's what they feel like teaching." Like tens of thousands of Christians in the US, they can do some good teachings. In the process, they're more concerned about showing off than someone getting something when they listen. Edification? No, self-aggrandizement. Congratulations! You had the nerve to look behind the curtain, and didn't ignore the man you saw there. You gave them a close look, and saw that they talked a good game, but have nothing to offer you but nostalgia for "the good old days" of twi- which weren't as "good" as we were led to believe. There's plenty of other Christians out there. Many are far better and healthier to associate with. The insular "ex-twi only" system is self-limiting, and can't go much beyond the best performances in old twi days. That's pretty much something they used to criticize churches for at the time- limiting Christians by locking the doctrine.
  13. Hey- vpw started twi to make money- as much as possible, as easily as possible. These are true offshoots- also looking to make money off of religion.
  14. WordWolf

    TV Show Mash-Up

    Someone described "Human Target" as a cross between those 2 shows because Quantum Leap had him dropped into people's lives to help them, and he had to function as them, and "Mission Impossible" had the realistic disguises.
  15. WordWolf

    TV Show Mash-Up

    Ok, for curiosity, here's the answers. George got A & B as iZombie and Preacher. C was "the Human Target"- Chris Chance impersonates people who are targets. D was "Swamp Thing." E was "Birds of Prey", a one-season show with Oracle/Barbara Gordon, Huntress (daughter of Batman and Catwoman), and Canary (Dinah.) George's turn.