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  1. How about "Eternal Sunshine of the Spotless Mind????"
  2. That was Rush's "the Spirit of Radio." FREE POST!
  3. No dang? I'd vaguely heard of the third movie as a story where they play ghosts, but that was a long time ago.
  4. Was this the remake of "Total Recall"? They sound like things that MIGHT have been said in TR but weren't. at least not in the version with AS.
  5. It's hardly impossible to show how fake Pikes Peak/Burton was.
  6. So, ONE poster from dozens agrees with Mike on one thing, and it's a great victory. Furthermore, the ONE person MUST be correct, and the DOZENS of people MUST be wrong- because otherwise, Mike is wrong as usual.
  7. Research Geek had an extensive history at twi. Mike wasn't thrilled with that background, since RG could call Mike on things he knew, as an insider, that Mike did not. I think most people who arrived here didn't think there was any significant problem with vpw when they arrived, and learned otherwise over time. That certainly applied to me. There also have been a handful of people (a small handful trickling through over 2 decades) who were slow to accept the ideas of some things reported about what vpw did, what vpw said, etc. After all, it's almost fantastic to believe that vpw was a reputable Bible teacher, then hear that he was drugging women and raping them, plagiarizing all of his best work, etc, etc. So, when it comes to Research Geek, I think he was slow to accept the full depths of vpw's depravity. This affected what he was willing to see, and willing to say. It IS true that Princeton Theological Seminary is an actual school, and the Masters from there was accredited and legit. What is a problem from there was vpw phrasing himself- and getting others to do the same- to prevaricate and to insinuate he went to PRINCETON UNIVERSITY. Whenever anyone says they went to school at PRINCETON, it's automatic that anyone would think it was Princeton UNIVERSITY- unless they were a staffer at PTS or lived on-grounds or something. Across the US, around the world, Princeton UNIVERSITY has a reputation. So, when they said he had a Masters at "Princeton" and said nothing else, the implication was that it was the University- and anyone who claims otherwise is delusional. As for Pike's Peak, RG was slow to "call a spade a spade." Pike's Peak was one of many degree mills at the time. The degree was unaccredited. ("They have as much authority to grant a degree as Schlotski's Deli!" - Al Franken.) The campus was nonexistent, the library was virtually nonexistent, and students only showed up on campus once or twice total. Pike's Peak has never come up in discussions about what a great education it offered, how it built a good reputation, etc. All discussions are about how it was a degree mill. Research Geek was HONESTLY MISTAKEN, calling PP "experimental" and trying to grant it every benefit of every doubt. However, the facts are in, and Pike's Peak was a degree mill. vpw himself knew that, and he said freely that people kept saying he didn't get a degree. That's a half-truth- they said he didn't get a REAL doctorate, a doctorate from an ACCREDITED institution. Naturally,by saying only part of the truth, he framed the claims to put himself in the best light and pretend his detractors had no basis for criticizing him. BTW, RG once asked a good question, and it's time that question got answered. vpw went to a legit school for his Masters- PTS. He KNEW that PP was a degree mill. Why, then, would he go THERE for his degree, knowing it was a degree mill? (RG phrased it a bit more positively for PP, but he knew vpw knew PP had a bad rep, yet he went there anyway.) So, why did vpw go? Why go to a place to get an unaccredited doctorate instead of a place to get an accredited doctorate? To ask the question is to have the answer. We know all about vpw's behavior now, and this was not uncharacteristic of vpw. vpw was a very lazy student. Everybody said so. His father said so, even when leaning on a school and saying he'd be a good student there. He plagiarized his way through his sermons in his pastorate, finding it a chore to read the Bible every week to prepare a sermon. According to vpw, TWICE in his first year, he thought of giving up as a pastor. So, lazy vpw made it through a Bachelors. Lazy vpw went to a real school for his Masters, and even picking the softest option- Homiletics- worked far harder than he wished to get his Masters. When faced with a few more years of even harder work, vpw decided to go the lazy route and FAKE IT. He approached a fake school and got their fake degree, largely retyping his Masters thesis as his Doctoral dissertation. His check cleared, they had a paper as a pretext to granting the degree, and vpw got his "doctorate." That saved vpw time, work, and money, and got him a Doctorate. Ever notice how he HID the name of the place he got his Doctorate from? "He got his Masters from Princeton. He later went on to complete his Doctorate." That made it sound like he got both from Princeton. Why did he hide the name? He was well aware how it made him look that he got a "doctorate" from a degree mill.
  8. In case you're wondering how he managed to finish the sandwich in time, there's 2 answers, and I think both apply in part. 1) Pike's Peak wasn't exactly demanding with the requirements on the submitted doctoral thesis. 2) vpw submitted the same work to PTS for his Masters that he submitted to PP for his Doctorate. Both papers were about Peter as a preacher. It's been mentioned here before that a proper Doctoral dissertation can't be the same subject as the Masters thesis, they both have to be different subjects. (Both have to demonstrate a wide grasp of the studied material.) So, the paper that got him a legit Masters from PTS was largely the same paper that got him his unaccredited "Doctorate" from PP.
  9. So, the first time you heard that vpw went to "Princeton", you immediately said "Obviously that was Princeton Theological Seminary, not Princeton University." Sorry, I can't buy that. I'm calling that an outright lie. And hardly a surprise by now.
  10. Just applying Occam's Razor. It's possible, but less likely. I'd need something more concrete than opinions before going there. The current evidence was enough to support any one of the three. It's my OPINION it's not the second, but either the first, or the third, although both is certainly within the realm of possibility. I try not to jump to something because it's "possible" without something more solid to go on.
  11. That link had a second part..... https://www.harmonychurchofgod.org/spiritual-faqs/the-false-teaching-of-the-word-of-faith-movement-part-2 " THE FALSE TEACHING OF THE WORD OF FAITH MOVEMENT, Part 2 THE FALSE TEACHING OF THE WORD OF FAITH MOVEMENT, Part 2 By: Jack Guyler I covered two of the primary flaws and errors in this movement in Part 1. I want to cover two additional errors of this movement here in Part 2. FALSE TEACHING #3 POWER & COMFORT ARE SIGNS OF GOD’S BLESSINGS There is a teaching that is derived from the Old Testament that says “don’t touch God’s anointed.” This has become a catch-all phrase in many Charismatic and Pentecostal circles that insulates pastors, teachers and other leaders from even being asked to address anything they are doing that might not be in good character, let alone abusive. Even when people know their leaders are doing wrong, they have been indoctrinated to turn a blind eye and say “we can’t say or do anything to God’s anointed.” The real belief here is, if they say or do anything against their leaders, something worse will happen to them – like karma coming back to bite them! This allows many leaders to run free and do what they want with little to no accountability. This is one of the reasons why you see so many high profile pastors and teachers living such extravagant life-styles and getting away with perverse and abusive behavior for long periods of time. It is also why they get away with teaching false doctrines such as Word of Faith because no one would dare challenge them. The real issue with false doctrine and teaching (when persons stray from the basic core tenants of Christianity established by the early church and confirmed by various church councils and creeds) is not just that it is bad teaching. But bad teaching leads to bad thinking; and bad thinking leads to corrupt behaviors, patterns and habits. And over time, these become the norm or status quo. When these are established as such, no one much questions them anymore. And then they are passed around as “truth” and passed down from one generation to the next, no one thinks to look deeper into them anymore and they become an established way of both thinking and behavior. Unfortunately, these types of thoughts and behaviors don’t align with the righteous and holy teaching of scripture. And because of this, many Word of Faith teachers are telling the people in the pews and their online audiences that when they see power and comfort, it is a sign that these people are walking with God. This justifies their own self-centered life-styles and it encourages people to pursue wealth, power, prestige and comfort more than Jesus. So you can see how this teaching is the very antithesis of the true Gospel. What does the true Gospel teach? It isn’t all doom and gloom, but it is about sacrifice and surrendering to the Lord. In fact, the Apostle Paul said his greatest joy and peace came from knowing and even suffering for the Lord. He wouldn’t exchange his life style as a Pharisee with great power and prestige, for knowing Christ. He wouldn’t go back to this life if he could have. Paul learned the true power of the Gospel. Listen to what he says: “I consider everything a loss compared to the surpassing greatness of knowing Christ Jesus my Lord, for whose sake I have lost all things. I consider them rubbish that I may gain Christ…” Paul also learned that power was found in weakness because it was in this place where he really found connection with Christ, not in the pursuit of money, power, prestige and worldly things. Listen again to what he says: “Therefore, I will boast all the more gladly about my weaknesses, so that Christ’s power may rest on me. That is why, for Christ’s sake, I delight in weaknesses, in insults, in hardships, in persecutions, in difficulties. For when I am weak, then I am strong.” God’s real favor is not found in power and prestige as the Word of Faith lies to you about, but rather in weakness that leads to knowing Christ. Do you see the error of this teaching? FALSE TEACHING #4 YOU CAN CREATE REALITY WITH YOUR OWN WORDS This is derived from the early words in Genesis where it is written, “And God says…” and then He created all various aspects of our universe including humans. They then take a big leap and say, because God created and brought things into existence with words, because we have the capacity to speak words, we too can create new realities and bring new things into existence. While human words are powerful, and ideas are equally powerful in helping us see things in a new way and gain new perspectives and insights; only God can actually create things out of nothing and create new realities. This is really a mix of other religions with humanism. It is placing ourselves in the position of God. As I recall, the first humans tried to act and become like God. How did that work out for them? The truth is, this has been repeated by every human being that has ever lived. We all try to be god in their own lives and often in the lives of others. I can tell you it never works out well! There is a reason God is God and we are not. We don’t have the power, insight, knowledge or eternal substance to be God. We are dependent creatures on the Creator – but for some reason, this is a very difficult lesson for us to learn. And the Word of Faith movement continues to perpetuate this lie by telling you that you can create reality with your words. Yes, it is true that we can live out self-fulfilling prophecies to our detriment; and yes thinking positively can help us in many situations, but we can’t create new realities with our words. The one eternal change we can make using our words is found in Romans 10:9-10 “That if you confess with your mouth, ‘Jesus is Lord’ and believe in your heart that God raised Him form the dead, you will be saved. For it is with your heart that you believe and are justified, and it is with your mouth that you confess and are saved.” May we use our words wisely in prayer and in sharing the Word of God rather than trying to use them simply for our own purposes. The Word of Faith movement looks to use words to benefit themselves, not glorify God and build up others."
  12. Fourth link of the first post: https://www.harmonychurchofgod.org/spiritual-faqs/the-false-teaching-of-the-word-and-faith-movement-part-1 " THE FALSE TEACHING OF THE WORD AND FAITH MOVEMENT, Part 1 THE FALSE TEACHING OF THE WORD AND FAITH MOVEMENT, Part 1 By: Jack Guyler The Word of Faith false teaching is running like poison through the Body of Christ. It is propagated by some of the richest and most famous teachers in America such as Joel Osteen, Kenneth Copeland, Creflo Dollar, Joyce Meyer and Benny Hinn. There are many others as well. Many are found regularly on the Trinity Broadcast Network (TBN). They all teach a version of this very destructive false teaching that many people both inside and outside of the church look to as their source of Christian teaching. Some even call this faith teaching heresy or a “different gospel.” We aren’t here to judge these men and women as to the type of persons they are, but we do need to alert you to their teachings so you can distinguish between false and true Christian teaching. So what are these teachings and what is the truth according to the New Testament? FALSE TEACHING #1 GOD IS REQUIRED TO OBEY YOUR WORDS They will take a verse such as Mark 11:24 that says, “I tell you whatever you ask for in prayer, believe you have received it and it will be yours.” They take these words literally and out of context. They teach words have power. And we know that words do have power. We know our words can greatly affect other people for good or bad. We know the power that words have over children from parents for example. But they take it a step further and mix the contractual covenant of the Old Covenant between God and Israel into their teaching and say that God is contractually obligated to obey your words if you are living in alignment with God’s laws. And while it is true we always benefit from living by God’s laws, He is not under any obligation to hear our words and then act accordingly. Remember, this is God – the one who created you and the universe! We don’t get to say “frog” and then God says, “how high do you want me to jump?” DANGER IN THIS TEACHING 1. Our faith is built on faulty misconceptions. If we follow this line of thinking, we end up thinking we can control God through our words. This really puts us in the position of “god” rather than God in our thinking and faith. We can pray using words and ask God to meet our wants and needs, but we need to remember He is God and He knows what is best for us. Prayer should not be a way to strong-arm God or manipulate Him 2. It sets us up for disappointment. If we think we can always pray or say away anything bad coming our way, we aren’t living in the real world. People every day die from the coronavirus, cancer, accidents, murder and other things. People get sick…people get hurt…people get divorced…people lose their jobs… Jesus prayed in the Garden to have the cup of suffering pass from Him, but it didn’t. Paul prayed that his thorn would be removed three times, but it wasn’t. What is true according to Jesus and the New Testament is that we should pray, but we should also know we live in a broken world and we will experience pain and disappointment. But the even greater truth is that a compassionate God will experience it with us and one day provide a new heaven and a new earth for us to enjoy together for eternity FALSE TEACHING #2 HEALTH & WEALTH IS SIGN OF GOD’S FAVOR There is a reason why the Word of Faith Movement is also known as the “Prosperity Gospel” or the “Health and Wealth Gospel.” It is because they teach that if you are following God’s laws, then you will have favor with God and one of the signs of His favor is health and wealth. Much of what they teach is about giving to God – what this usually translates into is you with little money giving generous donations to their lavish ministries. Is it any wonder that many of the high profile teachers in this movement live in million dollar homes, own private jets and vacation in extravagant locations? DANGER IN THIS TEACHING 1. It leads to the pursuit of money and power. People who are living as if this teaching were true, pursue wealth and a self-absorbed life. While they are believing wealth is a sign of God’s favor, they are missing such passages as Matthew 6:19-21 and 1 Timothy 6:9-11 that talk about how deadly the pursuit of money can be for one’s soul 2. It keeps people from living out of grace. Because you have to pursue the image of wealth to portray God’s favor in your life, you are unable to live out the gift of salvation that God has graciously given you. You spend your whole life working and pursuing an image that you are favored by God rather than resting in the real thing 3. It causes people who follow this teaching as truth to look down on those who are poor or sick. Again, they forget that Jesus didn’t have much in terms of earthly possessions. They forget that Paul forsook earthly power, titles and riches to follow Christ. They forget that the disciples suffered much for the sake of Christ 4. And maybe worst of all, when this teaching gets into you it becomes toxic because you end up wanting what God gives you more than wanting God. This is the height of idolatry!
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