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  1. WordWolf

    Triple Movie Links Game

    Adam Sandler Pixels Kevin James
  2. WordWolf

    Triple Movie Links Game

    Jamie Gertz. Selah. Ok, on to the next round. Corey Haim The Last Resort Zelda Rubenstein (aka "the munchkin")
  3. WordWolf

    Name that Tune

    Ok, I've heard that song. Amazing I'm so clueless about the lytics. BTW, my internet access for the next several days is going to be spotty, so don't be surprised if you don't hear much from me.
  4. WordWolf

    Countdown 2019

    I obviously did not see them.
  5. WordWolf

    Triple Movie Links Game

    How confident are you that Kurt Russell was in a movie called "Sally Field"? I think you had a movie in mind, but didn't type out the name. (In other news, congrats.)
  6. WordWolf

    Triple Movie Links Game

    Apollo 13 Clint Howard Tango & Cash
  7. WordWolf

    Name that Tune

    I've heard of the Temptations, at least. (But not that song.) Still trying to get a bead on the new song.
  8. WordWolf

    Countdown 2019

    You cannot catch a break! Every time a major crime goes to trial, you're stuck in court forced to try for a perfect attendance record.
  9. WordWolf

    Countdown 2019

    *checks* The relevant part of the page was quoted above. For the curious, the Pulitzer's page had more information.... https://www.pulitzer.org/winners/south-florida-sun-sentinel Or, if that link expires, use this one to reach that page: https://www.pulitzer.org/prize-winners-by-year/2019 In other news, obviously, very well done for all the staff of the Sun-Sentinel! You excelled and out-performed many worthy competitors.
  10. WordWolf

    Triple Movie Links Game

    Judge Reinhold Fast Times at Ridgemont High Ray Walston
  11. WordWolf

    Triple Movie Links Game

    I know the movie where he stands in front of the flag, but would have to do a search to match another actor to it. Steiger spoofed that sort of character in a different movie, but that was Steiger, not Scott.
  12. WordWolf

    Triple Movie Links Game

    *waits until Imdb'ing is allowed for this round*
  13. WordWolf

    Triple Movie Links Game

    Actually, Besides the ST2 and the one you mentioned, I'm familiar with at least 2 other movies that RM was in. Mexican comedian Paul Rodriguez: "Mexicans are loyal consumers. We buy Chevys. A few of us are buying Chryslers now. We're born-again Mexicans. We're buying them because Ricardo Montalban is selling them, and we want to keep him working. "Rich Corinthian leather." There is no such animal. The Corinthians used to be a people in the Bible. Last I heard, it wasn't cool to make seats out of people. 'WHAT ARE YOU DOING TO HIM???' 'He's a Corinthian!' 'Ok, never mind.' "
  14. WordWolf

    Name that Tune

    Boy bands don't have bass singers, so I doubt it's one. It does not sound like any Beatles song myself or Mrs Wolf recognize. She said the lyrics reminded her of "ABBA", but not the registers. The registry range reminds me of "the 4 Lads", but I only know one song of theirs, and this isn't it.
  15. WordWolf


    He said nothing about them "stopping." If the law changed in the mid 80s, none of us heard that twi changed to comply. In fact, it was only when lawyers were digging through twi due to lawsuits brought against twi that lawyers saw lots of practices that may have been illegal and were definitely questionable, and told twi to change. With them possibly having to go to court, their illegal and immoral practices would have offered a wealth of riches for the prosecuting attorney to turn over, and legal followups would probably have been the death knell to twi's finances- which would have been the end of twi entirely. The doubt was on when they started. I think it was a good decade after you think it started. Rocky might agree.