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  1. "Now I want you to remember that no bastard ever won a war by dying for his country. He won it by making the other poor dumb bastard die for HIS country."
  2. Next song. (Not the first line.) "STOP. Hammer time."
  3. "You Got It" was one of 2 Traveling Wilburys songs *checks* was one of the TW songs Roy Orbison sang on before he died. IIRC, he didn't make it through the whole album. However, he sang on more than 2 songs. "Handle With Care," "You Got It", "Last Night," "End of the Line", "Dirty World", "Rattled", and "Not Alone Any More." That's a lot more than 2 songs, which I misremembered from somewhere. IIRC, 2 were released as singles that charted in the US, which means they got airplay, maybe. Or something. Anyway, I think you're on the wrong thread.
  4. Cartoon Network late night pastiche..... Late at night, the Mystery Machine was rolling along. Inside, Shaggy and Droopy Dog were talking. They discussed how different cartoons were called different things in other countries. "In France, they don't call them 'the Pound Puppies' because they're on the metric system." "No? What do they call them?" "They call them, "Los Puppies Royale." "What about the Smurfs?" "Well, a Smurf is a Smurf. They just call them 'Les Smurfs." ============== For the curious, the Smurfs down here are "Los Pitufos." There's "Papa Pitufo" and "Pituferina" among them.
  5. This line was especially easy for me because I've had conversations about it- especially when the Quarter Pounder returned to the menus down here.
  6. In fairness, I can sing along for the entire song, but I'm not good with the title.....
  7. PULP FICTION. I don't know about France, but in South America, which is on the metric system, the burger is a Quarter Pounder (you don't have to specify "with cheese".
  8. That's Jeff Lynne, who joined the Traveling Wilburys after ELO. This song was off "Volume One". I remember that because it's the only song that mentions "trembling wilburys" in it. "He loves your trembling wilburys." The rest of the Wilburys are easier to remember- Roy Orbison (sang on 2 songs, then died), Bob Dylan, Tom Petty, and George Harrison. They released 2 albums. The first was called "Volume One" and the second was called "Volume Three." Some people wracked their brains trying to figure out what album qualified as the missing volume 2. "That was just George being George." Yeah, I got it instantly, some people didn't get it at all. Sheesh, didn't even get 24 hours to answer this one?
  9. That's "Super Freak" (Rick James.) I may not know the name "Johnny Rivers", but "Secret Agent Man" has appeared in movies in the past 30 years, so it's not impossible for me to guess. (It was in the second "Ace Ventura" movie, when Ace was tailing the cars out in the wild.) It's also been in a few commercials here and there. That's not airplay, but it's at least possible to name the song for me.)
  10. Somebody really important to 3 movies, who wasn't necessarily on-camera a lot in those movies...... In the 1970s and 1980s. Was this "THE TERMINATOR"???
  11. Thanks. The whole title here was "Star Trek 11-The Future Begins". Yes, they keep using the numbers on ST movies.
  12. That's it. Some of the lines suggest the Muppets, some seriously do not- which made them really memorable to me in the movie! (Like Janice explaining what she said to her mother.)
  13. "Good Morning, Vietnam", correct. This line was used once before in this thread, when there were more posters. It was gotten reasonably quickly. I'll keep that in mind if I'm ever tempted to use it again.
  14. "It's amusing that the roast beef is the same price as an Oldsmobile." "I love you too... Rosenthal." "A man should be treated better than his luggage." "Yeah, well, my luggage was sucked out the door. Luckily my radio is frozen to my wrist." "You're a phony. You're a phony. Yes, you are! And you know what, you can't even sing. Your voice was dubbed." "What are you doing here?" "A very brief cameo." "Me too." "I suggest we jump." "Are you crazy? That's at least a hundred feet!" "I didn't say it was a GOOD suggestion." "Maybe we could jump PARTWAY." "It pays to know a second language." "But I hate pepperoni!" "Frisbee?" "Lost." "Fake vomit?" "It's all in order!" "Good idea- here are those paper towels." "Hey, I've got some hot mustard. Maybe that will eat through the bars." "...so I said, ''Look, Mother. It's my life, okay? So if I want to live on a beach and walk around naked..." Oh." "You are all WEIRDOS." "Wake up. Here come the bikinis!" "All out for England!" "Oh, great! The plane is landing!" "The plane? No, the plane lands in Italy. YOU land in England."
  15. It wasn't Rush Hour. It WAS a white man. In fact, it was the kind of guy that sends in jokes to Reader's Digest.
  16. The Road to Wellville Matthew Broderick Ferris Buehler's Day Off
  17. I'm not sure we did it that recently. We have done it before.
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