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  1. Johnny Del Bravo Tucker Kerwin Neal Stryker Mitch Harris Sebastian Ballentine Henry Palaver
  2. There's a number of other threads that have similar content. Here's a few. https://www.greasespotcafe.com/ipb/topic/19172-more-blatant-pfal-errors/ https://www.greasespotcafe.com/ipb/topic/24071-when-is-it-a-person-when-is-it-alive/
  3. That thread is a good starting point. That thread is not all the verses wierwille used wrongly. My usual rule is that any doctrine vpw stated that had only one verse justifying it, or even less than one verse, was almost certainly error and needed to be studied carefully. By the way, what's your main language? If one of us knows it, you might find it easier to communicate with us in that, at least sometimes. If it's Spanish (for example), we do have a few posters who know some Spanish.
  4. Any chance in the world this was ELIZABETH TAYLOR????
  5. "Early in the evenin' just about supper time, over by the courthouse they're starting to unwind."
  6. He did seem the obvious choice to go first. BTW, the next clue was probably going to be that the local name for the show was "Black and White." (Subtle people, those marketers.)
  7. It had a cousin Oliver, not counting various friends of Arnold.
  8. "Teenage wasteland, it's only teenage wasteland. They're all wasted!"
  9. the Truth About Cats and Dogs Uma Thurman Pulp Fiction
  10. This show is less recent than "Beverly Hills 90210." However, both shows were big enough that they aired in syndication where I'm posting from now. I'll have to ask Mrs Wolf what the correct name for this show was here, in syndication, since the original name was an expression that didn't translate well here, despite being in the theme song. (Then again, if you're used to ignoring theme songs in another language and just wait for the episode to begin with dubbing or captions in your language, the lyrics of the theme song will be meaningless to you, and you won't care. Don't believe me? Try watching an episode of "Shaun the Sheep" in another language, like "Shaun Das Schaf".)
  11. Only one song mentions sidewalk hotter than a match head. "SUMMER IN THE CITY."
  12. Oh, hey, got one! JK Simmons was the dad in The Music Never Stopped Julia Ormond Sabrina
  13. Next show. This show aired for 8 seasons, not counting syndication. It ended abruptly, without a proper "final episode", so some of the regular cast weren't in the last episode and didn't find out until later that it WAS the last episode. It was used for back-door pilots of a few shows, almost all of which either were never picked up or went away fast. It had some celebrity guest-stars like Muhammad Ali and Mr. T. It also had a number of "very special" episodes, addressing serious topics like racism, hitchhiking, kidnapping, and child sexual abuse. Finally, after the show ended, some of the regulars really hit the skids in their personal lives. What was this show's name?
  14. "...Now…on the other hand - reflecting on my way corps training - it was a meagerly disguised clone factory. We had to eat, sleep, and breathe PFAL. So, what does that tell you? What was important to TWI was that I would become a little wierwille clone." Nobody ever seems to be able to remember ANYONE EVER being turned down for the corps. So long as you had your money, you were ok to proceed. In ministerial programs, that's not the case. In fact, some of the time, it sounds like they're trying to convince people NOT to join, reminding the responsibilities and duties involved, and checking that the candidate has indeed thought all of them through. Does the corps get professional training in counseling? No. Does the corps get professional training in anything? Some corps have reported that the Dale Carnegie SALES course was taught to them. That tells the priorities right there. The Corps is not trained to lead, not trained to counsel, they are trained to SELL- they are seen as revenue generating sources (by "selling" new recruits on twi, thus garnering 15% or more of their income.) vpw himself complained he thought that some corps were signing up JUST to get the Sales course taught. That's a rather roundabout way to get one sales course that's available commercially. BTW, twi wasn't/ isn't paying for the rights for the course, they're teaching it in-house and not telling the copyright holder they're using their material- just like vpw did with BG Leonard's class, which became all 3 levels of pfal when stretched out. This really shouldn't be a surprise at this point.
  15. Yes, the Ballad of the Green Berets, by Jimmy Dean (the breakfast sausage Jimmy Dean, yes.) So, your turn.
  16. That's magical thinking, AND the phrasing makes it clear that twi is putting God Almighty on the hook for meeting any needs of their participants. A) Is every corps grad ordained now? NO. vpw set up the corps as a pseudo- ministerial program (he lacked experience with ANY ministerial program) as a ripoff of existing leadership training from denominations. Corps not only are not ordained, they're kept on a TIGHTER LEASH than the rank-and-file because they've shown twi that twi can exploit them FURTHER than they can exploit Joe Sixpack. No, they won't "lead" anything, nor will they work independently nor in a manner not kow-towing to twi. B) Is the way corps program accredited? NO. The way corps receive a degree as follows: if they lacked ANY degree, they now have an Associate's in Biblical Studies, and if they already had a Bachelor's or higher, they now ALSO have a Bachelor's in Biblical Studies. In either case, the degree is worth the paper it's printed on because it's UNACCREDITED. "They have as much authority to issue a degree as Schlotski's Deli!" Yes, the corps is a degree mill, in this respect no better than Pike's Peak. The denominations that twi so freely mocks have MUCH more comprehensive programs for training their ministers. The vetting process for even STARTING is a lot more scrutinized-and selective- than twi's "you can stay as long as your money holds!"- vpw to lcm about whether he could remain in the corps.
  17. I always get this name wrong. It's not "Kate Smith." No, right show, wrong actress- George said she was a blonde. Is "Pamela Glover" the character whose name never gets used in " The Cannonball Run", because they keep calling her " Beauty"? If so, this was "Farrah Faucett", or " Farrah Faucett-Majors", depending on how you want her named.
  18. Add in different ethnicities but the show didn't make a big deal about it. That boxes in the show. It was "GIMME A BREAK". The leading actress was NELL CARTER. Her character helped with a single father raising some daughters- the father was an older policeman played by Dolph Swede who looked pretty old, and passed away during the show's run. (I figured he was old enough to have been named "Adolph" before Hitler rose to power, which means he could only be so young, since few people used the name "Adolph" after World War II. A friend of mine once made a passing comment back in high school about how that name pretty much got snuffed out due to World War II. One Marx Brother supposedly was "Adolph" in real life, but changed it and has maintained all along he was "Arthur" but has otherwise remained silent on the issue.) I used to watch the show. My favorite episode had a scene where Nell had to go to the bank and clear up some computer errors in her records. Among other things, they had her first and last name as "Nell FONG." She made a BIG deal about that; "DO I LOOK LIKE A 'FONG" to you?" "I can't tell. All you Chinese people look alike to me." She ranted about that a bit. I still use this scene as an example, however. If they weren't playing it for laughs, she could SO have been a "FONG." She could have gotten married to a Mr Fong. If she was single, she could have kept her married name. She could have been adopted as a child and have had a name change to match the family that raised her, even if her ethnicity didn't seem to match. Finally, in the US, you can change your name to most things if you feel like it and care enough to fill all the paperwork and pay the fees. So, yes, she could have been a "Fong." I have similar comments about the Seinfeld episode with "Donna Chang", formerly Donna Changstein. (Such a big shock that she wasn't ethnically Chinese. Why?)
  19. It narrows the field considerably. Large woman, famous performer, family sitcom, Joey Lawrence joined, 80s show.....
  20. The "cousin oliver" is a child actor who is added to a show after a few years, in an attempt to "freshen up" the cast, primarily because the kids in the show are getting older and the show runners want a small child in the show because they think that will bring in the ratings. Lots of long-running sitcoms have done it, with the Brady's "cousin Oliver" (Robbie Rist) being the most famous, and therefore the trope namer. The animated theatrical release where he may or may not have been a cousin but was Oliver was the eponymous role in "Oliver and Company", an animal take on "Oliver Twist." That makes this Joey Lawrence. I remember him mostly for his role in "Blossom", but he was in other stuff at the time. Let's see.....
  21. "You want my professional opinion? He's nuts!" "Who is this jerk? And who told him he could turn off my music?" "I am the beginning, the end, the one who is many." -If you look closely, this is one movie that includes The Millenium Falcon in some backgrounds. (No story reason, the FX people wanted to sneak it in, and succeeded.) -Several scenes were filmed at a museum- probably for practical reasons, as it had exactly the right look for exactly what they wanted it to be in the movie. (Dialogue suggests it becomes a museum after the movie.) -This film's director was chosen both for experience, and for knowing the film's setting. He was probably an obvious choice out of the list of possible directors. He was also in some scenes, and had a reputation for being able to nail his performances inside of 2 takes, which lead to a new nickname "Two-Takes." -Some of the performers' costumes had to be adjusted during filming. The sets were hot, and the suits were heavy, so they kept losing weight in costume (obviously a lot of water retention was sweated out.) "I gotta take a leak." -I wonder what's so notable about Roy Orbison and Steppenwolf.
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