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  1. Ok, next movie. "What does this mean?" "Aw, just the man I want to see. Guttlieb, these are the worst cigars I ever smoked." "Yes, and your ice isn't cold enough either." "Friends...how we happened to come to America is a great story. But I don't tell that. When we first started out, we got-a no idea you give us this-a grand reception. We do not deserve it. And when I say we do not deserve it, believe me, I know what I'm a-talkin' about...So now I tell you how we fly to America. The first time we started, we get-a halfway across when we run out-a gasoline an
  2. Hello, Grace and Mercy! Sadly, releasing POP back then would have accomplished little of worth. The document, if true, details vpw complaining about how twi was tossing him aside the way he'd tossed aside so many before that. So, with lcm- vpw drone 1- neglecting vpw, vpw went to cg- vpw drone 2, who soaked up everything with fervent vpw worship. So, vpw ranted about how the leadership, in forsaking vpw, the broken cistern of twi's doctrine and practice, were destroying twi. He made a bunch of predictions that ALL failed to come to pass. (It shouldn't surprise anyon
  3. vpw was determined to make a profit on everything twi- related. If it cost something, he'd try to get it free, or try to get it on the cheap if that was impossible. When he filmed the pfal class, he "bought" the desk for the set, then returned it for a refund, lying and claiming something was wrong to get a refund. Run a class? It's always at someone's home, so we pay no rent, and twi peons supply all refreshments out-of-pocket. All books were charged full retail despite having been printed and bound in-house, all audio tapes were made of a truly inferior quality, a level you couldn't
  4. That longer quote is an obvious homage to Cyrano's complaint his detractors lacked wit and couldn't compose an interesting or original insult. With a modern setting, I can only think of one movie that would include that. "ROXANNE."
  5. Um, they parodied "It's a Wonderful Life" once. Was this it?
  6. I am all over the map with what I'm reading currently. It varies with what's close at hand and any passing whim. I finished the "Wheel of Time" saga a few months back. I'm currently alternating some Star Wars books (right now, the Black Fleet Crisis, which isn't bad but isn't great either), The Lone Wolf gamebook series, and the "Phule's Company" series. The Wheel of Time is an excellent read if very long. Robert Aspirin's "Phule's Company" is meant as light science fiction, and is a fun read. Here's the premise... in some future, The Space Legion is the least-respected of the m
  7. I only know Sam Jones for that role, but I didn't think you knew him for it. I was working my way up to Buster Crabbe. AFAIK, more people know him for that role. YES, this is "FLASH GORDON."
  8. Ok, here's some actors, please name the role. Sam Jones Steve Holland Robert Ridgely
  9. Morgan Freeman Lucy Scarlet Johanssen
  10. Another quote would be appreciated.
  11. I imagine that first role was a Med student. *wild swing* Steve Martin??
  12. Often, when I blow the trivia on this thread, the answer was "HALLOWEEN." is that this movie?
  13. I know SOME of that, but I'll have to consult with Mrs Wolf for the rest.
  14. This seems vaguely familiar, but nothing is springing to mind yet.
  15. Anchorman- the legend of Ron Burgundy Steve Carrell Bruce Almighty
  16. Correct! His preceding hit- and last round's song- was "Eyes Without A Face."
  17. Ok, changing songs. Same artist, different song. "Hey little sister, who is it you're with? Hey little sister, what's your vice and wish? Hey little sister shot gun (oh yeah) Hey little sister, who's your Superman? Hey little sister, shot gun!"
  18. That's him, in all sorts of roles. Most famous besides Gomez Addams was probably M. Bison of "Street Fighter." However, he's done live theater, so it wasn't a stretch to play Captain MacHeath/ Mack the Knife,.
  19. I'm all out of hope. One more bad break Could bring a fall. When I'm far from home Don't call me on the phone To tell me you're alone. It's easy to deceive. It's easy to tease, But hard to get release." "I spend so much time Believing all the lies To keep the dream alive. Now it makes me sad, It makes me mad at truth For loving what was you." "When you hear the music you make a dip Into someone else's pocket then make a slip. Steal a car and go to Las Vegas. Oh, the gigolo pool. Hanging out by the state line, Turning holy water
  20. That's it. That's the scene where they fight, and instantly heal from the injuries. "We'll be at this ALL DAY."
  21. BTW, Anthony Quinn's ticket to stardom was playing Italian characters. However, he was secretly Latino, as were other actors like Michael Sheen (Estevez).
  22. That would be the next name. Just to make this official, Goerge, that means this is?
  23. I knew you'd know once I posted Alejandro's nickname was Sandy, but I wasn't sure if you'd know before. Or if you'd answer first.
  24. Gregory Robinson Rick Blaine Aristotle Onassis Franco Bertollini Michael Reisler Cottard Ulrich Sigmund Strom Vinnie Iacona Victor Frankenstein Aram Fingal Captain MacHeath Kalibanos Valentin Arregui Roberto Strausmann Oscar Romero Alejandro "Sandy" Stern Arturo Duran Stu Quinones Aram Fingal M. Bison Arturo Duran (That should more than do it. Otherwise, I'll have to post the most obvious of all his roles.)
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