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  1. That's it. That's the scene where they fight, and instantly heal from the injuries. "We'll be at this ALL DAY."
  2. BTW, Anthony Quinn's ticket to stardom was playing Italian characters. However, he was secretly Latino, as were other actors like Michael Sheen (Estevez).
  3. That would be the next name. Just to make this official, Goerge, that means this is?
  4. I knew you'd know once I posted Alejandro's nickname was Sandy, but I wasn't sure if you'd know before. Or if you'd answer first.
  5. Gregory Robinson Rick Blaine Aristotle Onassis Franco Bertollini Michael Reisler Cottard Ulrich Sigmund Strom Vinnie Iacona Victor Frankenstein Aram Fingal Captain MacHeath Kalibanos Valentin Arregui Roberto Strausmann Oscar Romero Alejandro "Sandy" Stern Arturo Duran Stu Quinones Aram Fingal M. Bison Arturo Duran (That should more than do it. Otherwise, I'll have to post the most obvious of all his roles.)
  6. BTW, this actor has been onscreen at some point in the "Framed" thread.
  7. Sorry. Between both life and multiple threads, it can be hard to keep up, :)
  8. "I'm all out of hope. One more bad break Could bring a fall. When I'm far from home Don't call me on the phone To tell me you're alone. It's easy to deceive. It's easy to tease, But hard to get release." "I spend so much time Believing all the lies To keep the dream alive. Now it makes me sad, It makes me mad at truth For loving what was you."
  9. This is not an obscure song, so with more lyrics, you may get it.
  10. It IS "A Knight's Tale." The Canterbury Tales inspired part of the movie. "The Knight's Tale" obviously is part, and we met Chaucer, and the Pardoner during the story. The woman armorer was The Wife of Bath. Chaucer both writes, and acts as "Ulrich's" herald- as seen in the quote above.
  11. The record set was "most cars destroyed while filming a movie." The end of the movie has a memorable scene at Daley Center.
  12. Chaka Khan was a soloist in the chorus at the church. Joe Walsh was at the very end, the first convict to jump up and dance on a table. Steven Spielberg was at the end- he was the Cook County Assessor. Paul Reubens was a waiter at Chez Paul where Mr Fabulous worked (he recommended the Dom Perignon '72 for 100 bucks.) Frank Oz was at the very beginning- he handed over Jake's belongings when he was discharged. Steven Williams was one of the Highway Patrol ("Why not? They ain't going no place."- SW at the Palace Ballroom.) Steve Lawrence was Maury Sline, who got them the gig at the Pala
  13. I didn't mean by name. What does "Ulrich" do for a living?
  14. Some actors who appeared in this movie: Mr T Chaka Khan Joe Walsh Steven Spielberg Paul Reubens (aka Peewee Herman) Frank Oz Steven Williams Steve Lawrence Shirley Levine AFAIK, this is the only movie that includes a movie credit to an actor who was completely cut from the movie- Shirley Levine as "woman on the cutting room floor" This movie set a record that was broken in 2009 by "GI Joe-the Rise of Cobra." In an unrelated note, this movie was once recommended as having the best source for views of Daley Center.
  15. Andy Garcia Stand and Deliver Lou Diamond Phillips
  16. Not inaccurate. Who is it about?
  17. Robert Preston Music Man Ron Howard (Yes, we're doing MOVIE links, so his TV appearances don't count, but he did at least 1 other movie that should be memorable for his appearance.....)
  18. YES! When the script called for "seig heil" or something, they changed the phrase in German so it was the name of an herb that was pronounced almost the same way. The salute with the hand forward and up was coupled with "The grass grows this high!" Colonel Klink has never had a prisoner escape, He always has exactly the same number of prisoners, and they seem to be the same prisoners as near as anyone can tell.
  19. Catwoman Ben Bratt Demolition Man
  20. This TVland-era syndicated show has aired in different countries. When it aired (airs???) in Germany, the dubbing track has some added words. To be specific, all the time, the characters apparently say "The grass grows this high!" A common saying at the time of the story was commonly ALTERED- in Germany- and in English would have meant "medicinal herb", which had absolutely no relevance to what the characters actually said. (Why?) Of the main characters of the show, one had previously been a bookkeeper and the other the p
  21. Next song. "I'm all out of hope. One more bad break Could bring a fall. When I'm far from home Don't call me on the phone To tell me you're alone. It's easy to deceive. It's easy to tease, But hard to get release."
  22. Can you at least figure out what KIND of story this is about?
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